Mah Jong Tiles Deluxe Review

For the Mah Jong fiends out there, better options exist.

Mah Jong Tiles Deluxe is just like every single other Mah Jong game out there. We mean that quite literally, as there isn't really a single thing to separate it from the rest of the Mah Jong titles on MSN Games, let alone any of the roughly half-billion freeware Mah Jong games available across the Internet.

Sure, Mah Jong Tiles Deluxe features a nice-looking interface and plenty of different puzzle layouts to choose from, but that's really about it. You play the puzzles, it keeps your high score, and that's the extent of it. Games like Mah Jong Quest and Mah Jong Medley at least provide multiple game modes and more extensive puzzle modes; the former even has a crazy single-player quest mode that's hours long. By no means is Mah Jong Tiles Deluxe broken, but it's just not worth the money compared to what else is available.

The Good
Nice-looking graphical interface
The Bad
Not enough puzzle variety
Far deeper and better Mah Jong games are available elsewhere
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Mah Jong Tiles Deluxe

First Released Q4 2005
  • PC

Match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board in Mah Jong Tiles.


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