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Madden NFL 20 Review - Big Play

  • First Released Jul 30, 2019
  • Reviewed Jul 31, 2019
  • XONE
  • PS4
  • PC

The kick is good.

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Continuing the Madden franchise's recent tradition of story modes, Madden NFL 20 introduces a new narrative campaign. This new mode generally falls flat, but the pro football sim stands out on the field, with new additions that faithfully capture the essence of the NFL experience while making it fun to play again and again.

The new story mode, QB1: Face of the Franchise, replaces the Longshot story mode that was featured in Madden 18 and 19. Unlike those campaigns, which featured a pre-set character, Madden 20's QB1 mode lets you create an entirely unique football star and guide him through the final stages of his collegiate career with the hopes of making an NFL starting roster, and, on a longer timeline, complete a journey to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl.

QB1's story picks up as you decide which college to attend and play for. However, the college football elements within Madden 20 are not anything significant. You select a school from 10 options, including heavyweights like Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and Clemson. It's a treat to see fully licensed college football teams, complete with true-to-life jerseys, logos, stadiums, and marching band songs, but the gameplay experience in reality is limited to two games in the College Football Playoffs--and you can't play the college teams in quickplay later on.

After winning the National Championship against all odds, you're off to the NFL Combine where your performance in front of scouts and GMs determines how high you go in the draft. There are some genuinely funny moments here with your aloof agent Les Moore, and interactions with him are some of the best character moments in the story mode. After making it to the NFL, the game then disappointingly becomes the standard Franchise mode, except your character has more backstory that acts as fuel to drive you to succeed on the field. That's the idea, at least; in practice, it leaves much to be desired.

In part, that's because QB1's cinematic cutscenes and Telltale-style choices end once you get to the NFL. At that point, the narrative beats play out through text messages you receive from fans and other players from around the league. This delivery method makes conversations awkward and ultimately forgettable. There is one storyline in particular involving a sick child rooting for you that falls flat; it tries too hard to tug on your heartstrings, moody piano pieces and all, without earning any payoff. Without giving too much away, another major storyline in QB1 involves your college teammate and friend, and it ends abruptly, with the strong suggestion that the story will continue in Madden NFL 21. That's too bad, because this character, in the limited screen time he gets, is far more interesting than the cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill one you create.

In general, QB1 moves at such a fast pace that it doesn't allow for thoughtful character development. Not only that, but the story that QB1 does tell is hokey and clumsily unraveled. The story overall feels barebones and incomplete, with the entirety of the QB1 mode feeling like a half-baked idea in the end.

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Despite the lackluster story and the way it's delivered, QB1 succeeds in connecting you to your on-field performance and inspiring you to improve or play differently each week once you've made it to the NFL. The text message system, while not the best avenue for full conversation, is better utilized in delivering week-to-week objectives and challenges. You can complete these to earn XP, which you can then invest into your character in an RPG-lite-like system where you choose which aspects of your game you want to develop.

As an example, I responded with some trash talk against one of the league's best cornerbacks, Richard Sherman, and my Game Day Goal, as it's called, was to achieve 400 yards or more of offense and a 60-yard pass--not an easy task with Sherman in the backfield. The system is dynamic and responsive to what happens on the field week-to-week, and this is a nice touch that provides a further level of connection to your character and their status in the league.

Madden 20's standard Franchise mode, which is separate from the QB1 mode, gets a welcome update this year. Its implementation of the new Scenario Engine, which lets you interact with players and coaches through the aforementioned text-message system, is the best new feature for Franchise. Like with QB1, having weekly objectives that you decide on is a compelling way to keep you interested and engaged in a 16+ week season that can otherwise get monotonous and repetitive. However, Franchise mode overall doesn't get any other significant or meaningful updates this year, which might be a bummer for seasoned players wanting more.

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Perhaps the biggest and most exciting change for Madden 20 are the new X-Factor and Superstar abilities. 50 of the league's best players have been given these super abilities, and they revamp the fundamentals of Madden playmaking. X-Factor abilities are unlocked when you meet the qualifications to get "in the zone"--for some QBs, it's throwing for 5 or more yards in the air multiple times without making a mistake--while Superstar abilities are passive traits tied to your player that are always active.

The new X-Factor abilities are truly game-changers, and they further emphasize the distinction between the average NFL player and elite athletes. For example, the Gambler X-Factor ability--which only Aaron Rodgers has--makes it impossible for AI defenders to intercept his passes. Similarly powerful X-Factor abilities are available for defenders as well, and that helps balance things out. Not only that, but X-Factor abilities can be lost quickly; a QB who takes a sack is immediately out of the zone, while dropped passes and fumbles also cancel out these abilities.

These abilities, when combined with an elite player like Madden 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes (who has incredible baseline stats to begin with), become overly powerful in some instances. Mahomes' unique passive Superstar abilities give him immense speed and dexterity out of the pocket, on top of his already powerful and accurate arm. When teammate Travis Kelce unlocks his own X-Factor ability (which gives him a guaranteed aggressive catch on any single-man coverage), it becomes simply too easy to complete big plays down the field.

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Outside of that issue, the new X-Factor and Superstar abilities introduce a level of strategy that the Madden series has never seen. I found myself often weighing up whether I should pursue the X-Factor qualification conditions or choose lower-risk plays that are more likely to be successful. At pivotal stages, like in the fourth quarter or in a third-and-long situation, this level of risk/reward is heightened. Not only that, but with 50 X-Factor abilities spread across players on the 32 NFL teams, it encourages you to try new teams and strategies.

Importantly, X-Factor abilities do not feel gimmicky or too overpowerful for the most part as they're difficult to unlock and have numerous counters. Stephon Gilmore of the New England Patriots, for example, has an X-Factor ability called Acrobat that allows him to perform a diving move where he makes an incredible pass breakup. Some pass-rushers, too, including Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, can shred the defense and break the O-Line easily to sack the quarterback for a big loss. The saying "any given Sunday" is truer than ever in Madden 20 thanks to the X-Factor abilities.

Overall, the on-field action in Madden this year is better than ever. The game provides more on-screen info than last year's iteration, making it easier to see things like decision-making specifics (such as average yards-per-play or yards given up) and which elite offensive and defensive players have X-Factor and Superstar abilities. This makes for an easy way to help you see the odds of having success with a play before the snap. The playbook menus (and menus overall, for that matter) are cleaned up and brighter, which helps you see important information at a glance.

Also new this year are Run-Pass Options added to playbooks. These hybrid plays provide yet another way for play-callers to mix things up and keep defenders guessing. There are also numerous player-specific animations, including Aaron Rodgers' signature quick release and Patrick Mahomes' sidearm throw. This all works together to make Madden 20 closer than ever to replicating the look and feel of actual pro football. Nothing in the updated gameplay mechanics for Madden 20 is as substantial as the introduction of Real Player Motion from last year, but the controls in Madden are as good as they've ever been thanks to further refinement on last year's improvements and the introduction of some welcome tweaks and small changes. A subtle gameplay change for 2019 is that you can double press the receiver icon to pump fake; this small change makes it easier than ever to trick a defender into biting on a pass route, providing yet another level of depth and control.

The core fundamentals that underpin Madden 20's gameplay feel more solid and dependable than ever. Mistakes like poor passes, missed tackles, and bad decision-making are yours and yours alone to own because the controls rarely, if ever, let you down.

Also notable for Madden 20 is what's (generally) not there: bugs. After many hours with the game, I only experienced a handful of minor glitches, though your mileage may vary, and it's worth noting that you can continue to expect other oddities like out-of-place commentary and some sideline players executing the same animations all the time. I also experienced what felt like an unusually high number of facemask calls and injuries.

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Now in its third year using EA's Frostbite engine, Madden 20 also looks very good with its better-looking player models that have richer detail and more realistic flourishes (except for Greg Olsen; what happened there?). The Madden 20 game engine also provides gorgeous environmental effects like glistening sun rays peeking through the clouds and casting shadows on the field and snow effects that limit your vision and force you to suggest playing more conservatively to accommodate for the wintry conditions.

The commentary team composed of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis also return in Madden 20, and they are consistently a treat to listen to. Despite some lines being repeated from time to time (how many times do we have to hear that Julian Edelman was a quarterback in college or that Tom Brady was initially drafted to play baseball?), the pair deliver the right mixture of lines that keep you informed and engaged in equal measure. Madden 20's overall broadcast, presentation, and gameplay packages aim to replicate the real-life NFL experience, but it continues to be a shame that the voicelines--at least all the ones I heard in over 20 hours with Madden 20--do not comment on real-world NFL issues. As with previous years, the commentary will be updated regularly throughout the season.

Among Madden 20's other modes is the fantasy team-building card-based Ultimate Team, and this continues to be the game's richest when it comes to the sheer multitude of challenges to complete. It remains a thrill to build a fantasy team and compete either against other fantasy AI teams or the world at large through online play.

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A subtle yet enjoyable change for MUT this year is how you can move from one challenge to the next without returning to the menu screen, which is great considering how many there are to complete. There is also a new "Mission" system that helps you select the right challenges to complete in order to acquire items for your deck. In years past, MUT could feel like a hard-to-parse system that you slogged through waywardly, but the new system gives you more direction, and as such it is more respectful of your time.

Ultimate Team does have issues with microtransactions, however. At the very start, the tutorial instructs you to visit the store where you can make real-money purchases, which feels like an unnecessary nudge toward spending extra. As with past iterations of MUT, it can feel like a grind to get the cards you want, which in turn encourages you to consider spending money on microtransactions when you otherwise might not. That rubbed me the wrong way, but MUT overall is still an enjoyable and engaging mode that I expect to return to again and again.

Madden NFL 20 is an improved version of the annualized professional football series that excels in some areas and leaves something to be desired in others. The new QB1 career mode--which includes a barebones NCAA football experience--overall feels like a half-baked idea that doesn't deliver anything meaningful or interesting. When it comes to the on-the-field action, however, the new X-Factor and Superstar abilities shake up the familiar gameplay formula to give seasoned players and newcomers alike a fresh way to scheme plays and orchestrate strategy on both sides of the ball.

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The Good
X-Factor abilities introduce a new level of depth and strategy to play-calling.
Week-to-week challenges in QB1 and Franchise keep things fresh and interesting.
On-the-sticks gameplay is the best it's ever been.
MUT is easier to digest, understand, and enjoy thanks to the Missions structure.
The Bad
The story elements of QB1 feel half-baked and forgettable.
Minimal updates to Franchise mode may irk seasoned players looking for more.
MUT nudges you toward microtransactions.
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Eddie Makuch spent 25 hours playing Madden NFL 20 on Xbox One X. Review code was provided by Electronic Arts.
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Avatar image for milestails2019

Madden nfl series is garbage and they steal make this game worst because this gsame is alot worst then it shouldn't be and they continue making madden nfl more garbage each year be all the freaking money goes in ultimate team team and freaking mut every year and we get nothing but a bare bones lazy excuse for a fucking broken down franchise and madden nfl continues to get fucking worst then 20 years ago the game wasn't like that,look at fucking espn nfl 2k 5 and fucking compared Madden NFL 20 because espn nfl 2k 5 did alot of things better then what madden nfl 20 is because the madden nfl series is a broken down football game because if Madden nfl continues down this path,Madden NFL is not welcomed on the PlayStation 5 or xbox scarcett down this road because madden nfl 18,19 and 20 are the worst Maddens ever made with fucking frostbite and you fucking say this fucking career mode will continue in Madden NFL 21,this fucking worthless excuse for a fucking trashy no good sports game is the essence of failure because all freaking Madden NFL looks like a fucking ps 2 game on the xbox one,ea sports better fucking overhaul franchise and stop ultimate team and mut or they get forced to make a bug free madden nfl game without ultimate team and mut because i sick of this garbage lazy bare bones connected franschise and the sad excuse of worthless gameplay,is this even a fucking simulation football game because all madden nfl has turned to worthless shitty sports game that ea sports is a fucking coward and this trash continues to disappoint people because the freaking nfl liensce and exclusive rights should be taken away from ea sports and ea sports needs to stop making crappy NFL game or quit making Madden NFL series because ea sports needs it's plugged pulled on this one.

Avatar image for jergernice1

signed up for access premier mostly for this game.

beautiful. love some of the game changes. finally feels like you have more control of the players.

canceled premier cause so many bugs i could not play. kick meter wouldnt appear, route artwork wouldnt appear....just a buggy mess turned me off....

Avatar image for hleech10

All around a terrible Madden... the madden franchise has been on a steep decline since madden 13. Animations in this game make almost no sense, solo challenges are extremely bland, and dont even think about wasting your time playing head-to-head. Even if your internet connection is perfect you will still lag out and get credited for a loss!!

Avatar image for ahallen

Just look up madden 2005 review. The game was better then than now. You will also notice how the review is largely cut and paste even after all of these years.

Avatar image for ahallen

@Eddie Makuch How deep are EA into your pockets. Have you even followed the series? I have been playing football on console since sega genesis. I can undoubtedly tell anyone this is the worst madden in history.

Nothing but a huge cash grab. Gamespot should be shut down for the 100% bought reviews from EA. There is no denying it anymore. 100% bought , owned and operated by EA.

Avatar image for SJGSpook

@ahallen: it’s now indisputable. Palm greasing at its most vulgar.

Avatar image for hovast0rm

Would be interested to know in what ways gamespot benefits from giving probably the worst Madden to date such a positive review. I've been playing for a few days (PS4) and the plethora of glitches/terrible AI makes this seem more like a beta than anything. So far this is what I've seen in All-Pro simulation.

1. CBs will sometimes run away from receiver in man coverage (without any fakes or change of direction from the WR).

2. Kick meter disappears (usually in 3rd or 4th quarters)

3. CPU will go for it on 4th down in the 4th quarter in laughable blow outs (most recent was a 45 - 3 game with 4 mins left to play)

4. CPU will also attempt onside kicks during blowouts

5. AI defenders (even all pros like Kuechly) often watch the ball sail near them with no reaction.

6. CPU receivers (even average receivers) seem to always make highly contested spectacular catches.

7. When attempting press coverage with a safety blitz the safety(ies) will run back to their usual safety position upon adjusting coverage to press. While attempting to reposition the safety to be brought back to the line of scrimmage only to face the sideline (or sometimes even turn his back to the offense) after switching to another defender.

8. Man Coverage in this game is essentially useless on 3rd down(or when CPU begins 2 minute drill), even the best CBs in the game get burned regularly.

In the end if you were expecting a "polished" experience as has been advertised you will be quite disappointed, this game is more like 4-5 / 10 with all the bugs, if they cleaned it up it would definitely be an 8 because there are some interesting new mechanics (X-factor is my favorite). It is EA after all though and they have proven to be inept at creating a true NFL simulator so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to fix anything, also don't waste your money, buy something that does what it was meant to do.

Avatar image for stangm06degt

Just imagine if 2K still had a card in the NFL game, how much better Madden would have to be because of competition !! EA and Madden have nothing else to compete with. Still the greatest NFL football game ever made was NFL 2K5 !!!!

Avatar image for dmblum1799

People hate EA so much they're really unable to give a rational response to the quality of their games. They'll post hate about them even if they haven't played them. It's really childish and shallow, but I guess EA is ultimately to blame. It has done a ton of harm to its brand.

Avatar image for milestails2019

@dmblum1799: Madden nfl series is failing,,my chances of Madden NFL 21 of being on ps5 and Xbox scarcett are 30% out of a 100% being on next gen consoles because the previous three madden nfl games have been garbage

Avatar image for Oren76

@dmblum1799: No hate here, just wish I could pay $20 for a roster update....instead of waiting 4-5 months to buy the game on sale.

Can't justify paying the full price of a game for new rosters.

This X-Factor add-on is complete crap too. Makes the game feel more like an arcade game and less like a real world simulator.

I guess, my son loves it, bought it on opening night, and has already spent $20 on MUT. No real reason for EA to improve gameplay.

Avatar image for parapreston

@Oren76: You do realize you can get the roster updates for free on the player share files mode. Someone always has an updated roster too download. I was playing madden 18 with the updated roster until I bought the new game

Avatar image for Oren76

@parapreston: on PS4? Or is that just PC?

Avatar image for obiken

@dmblum1799: I don't agree! I think EA has tried to improve it over the years. Its hard to keep up with the rosters and do major improvements from one year to the next. A good EA snivel would be how they swallowed up so many good software companies and then killed their flagship programs. EG: Origin games.

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4c0b80dcd76

PC players w/ Nvidia cards... absolutely gorgeous looking football game with traditional Madden control. However, the Gamespot author, Eddie Makuch, failed to mention that EA has an unaddressed software quality deficiency in Madden 20, which by now actually is a known deficiency carryover issue from Madden 19. It’s even present in some of the other Frost engine games, like NFS Payback.

As a fact that wasn’t raised, Madden 20 (and 19) essentially has persistent sound stuttering and skipping on PC systems that are mid to high end, which have Nvidia graphics cards. Frame rate doesn't drop, but the sound skips and stutters to the point of deteriorating the overall game experience and causing unwanted distractions during gameplay. The ghetto workaround of setting a realtime processor priority doesn’t even avoid the issue.

Since Eddie Makuch and Gamespot weren’t capable of professionally raising this quality issue as part of their review which approved an 8 of 10 score, I figured I’d raise it for community awareness. I now have absolutely zero confidence in Gamespot’s reviewing and reporting. Zero. Gamespot needs frequent game releases like Madden to write about, and developers/publishers need Gamespot to provide soft’s a total conflict of interest and a total symbiotic relationship. I feel really bad for the young kids and teenagers who trust and rely Gamespot’s reviewing before making their game buying decisions. Not questioning a carryover software quality issue which would only take EA approximately 40 manhours (about $2k to $5k depending on assumptions) to fix permanently is just, as Jeff Gerstmann would put it, lazy. Just lazy.

Don’t be like me - if you only have a PC with Nvidia graphics - I recommend not to buy Madden 20 for PC and not to buy EA Access Premier just to play Madden 20. I’m not bashing EA- but questioning simply why EA hasn’t yet or isn’t going to fix it. BTW I’m screen shooting what I wrote and will repost as soon as it becomes deleted...

Avatar image for timthegem

@mbrogz3000: Thanks for the helpful info but at the same time, give your chainsaw a rest. The review synopsis clearly states that the game was played on Xbox, not a PC with a Nvidia graphics card. What do you want Gamespot to do? Review the game on every possible PC build?

Avatar image for halo1399

Game is utter trash, we all want NFL 2K back

Avatar image for obiken

@halo1399: Its not trash, every year we have to go through this with you gloomers! NFL2K will never be back, EA has the contract, get over it.

Avatar image for ahallen

@obiken: Not trash? PS2 version had better modes, better franchise, better stat tracking, contract negotiations and gameplay. Were the graphics as good, no, but the game was way better then this current gen garbage.

Avatar image for milestails2019

@ahallen: actually wrong answer,madden nfl 20 is garbage because ea sports is a trash company,i'm having doubts on next generation consoles because this maybe involves Madden NFL 21 being on the PlayStation 5 and next gen xbox which is called project scarett and the way madden nfl is,i don't think it will be releasing on next gen consoles because the the previous Madden NFL games have all been trash since Madden NFL 09 and the madden series has been dead since madden 07

Avatar image for zanarkand102

When will EA offer DLC for just the people want a roster update for like $9.99? It's like they come out with one really new one each generation and just release the same game year after year thereafter until the next generation of consoles come out.

Avatar image for parapreston

@zanarkand102: Just go to the share files mode and select roster. Someone always takes the time to create an updated roster for FREE. Jeez I was playing madden 18 just a few months ago with all the updated rosters

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@zanarkand102: Shareholders would revolt, as by having just one game over multiple years means you couldn't re-monetize the Madden Ultimate Team cards.

Avatar image for briguyb13

I'll buy Madden again only if ea puts it on the Switch. Until then, pass.

Avatar image for obiroid1

snow doesn't seem to cause any visual problems from what ive seen. be bad ass if you could barely see during a snow game.

Avatar image for Sound_Demon

8 for this hot garbage? Probably a paid review. Someone needs to start making sports games that are not EA. This monopoly is destroying customers backs with these microtransaction practices. We need another developer to make a nice clean sports series of games.

Avatar image for realguitarhero5

I don't understand why more time and effort keeps being poured into these story modes when people it's the actual gameplay people have been complaining about for years....

that doesn't only apply to Madden, but it is more true of Madden than any other sports series

Avatar image for returnofthebrotha

What's new - every site get's paid to give it a favorable score. I don't know about others, but I have never played Madden to play the game or some career crap, I only played against others or online. All I have ever wanted for at least the last ten years was for them to STOP making impossible things happen in the game so that the game directs the tone and outcome instead of player's skills or lack of skills! If we buy games to PLAY them, then we should not be playing against the game and the other player, online or in person.

I am talking about interceptions from players who are much further away from the ball that your receiver is while the ball is still too high to be caught by either. I'm talking about the game directing you to move into people to get tackled while running! I'm talking about getting tackled by a guy who is engaged with a lineman and you are at least 3 yards away! He is occupied with someone else, then he just goes from the lineman right to you for the tackle - no running - straight teleportation!

This is all ONLINE! They still just won't allow one player to have superior knowledge of the NFL teams, players, schemes and the rules in order to win the games, the game must ALWAYS interfere! There also needs to be stiffer penalties for quitters! I stay until the end no matter what (I mainly want people to earn their victory), but I could just score two TD's at the start of the game and they quit!

I also wanted to bring back the option to chose your own uniforms, longer game lengths and weather conditions! Either I am getting old or I never saw an option to add snow, rain or wind. I loved playing like that. They should also include icy conditions.

I have been begging for these changes for years, so I doubt if they listen at this point. I won't buy. I hate paranoid companies that spread their money around because they cannot compete with others.

Avatar image for kappamerc

Not buying another Madden game until MUT microtransactions are eliminated. That would hopefully let the devs create a fun experience. The current game should be called Madden PTSG (Pay to Skip Grind).

Avatar image for jsimmers21

At this point this game is what it is. It should be called Madden Ultimate Team. I been playing Madden for the last 20 years and I am just disgusted with what has happen to the franchise mode. I am not a MUT player not really interested in paying for players that are already in this game. But that is EA's cash cow and that is what they concentrate on. Franchise is a after thought, but this game will never change getting a "8" or better rating every year. This game is a 5 at best, the superstar X-factor is the new feature lol? All they did was lower the ratings on players to make the TRUE superstars stand out, I could have did that. The game play is what it is also, None of the Madden games in the last few years feel different to me they are all the same. The only thing I can say thanks to Madden for is it introduced me to NBA 2K, now that is a sports game and is fun to play. I was not a NBA fan, but after the 5 or so years of this game sucking I tried NBA 2K and it is a much better game and their franchise mode is how it should be done. If you buy this game I hope you are a Madden Ultimate team fan.

Avatar image for Oren76

@jsimmers21: Completely agree. I've played madden since the beginning....and probably have purchased a new madden every year for the first 20+ years, now, every other year, and only when it's on sale.

But, I have a 12 year old son now that also plays, and plays with his friends. They have a competition on who can have the best MUT team. And when he gets money, he spends it on MUT. So, I'm a "loyal" Madden customer, but I spend $30 every-other year. He spent probably $200 on the game just last year....of course at a pace of $20 a month.

And when he "plays" the game, it's mostly just challenges....or against other players, where he calls the same plays over and over.

I fear, there just isn't enough demand for great authentic EA puts their time elsewhere. And really, no competitor is going to go after the "football" genre because, other game companies are focused on microtransation games....and the barrier to get in the football realm is too great, nevermind the license thing.

Fortunately, game is still pretty fun to play, i just wish you could pay $10 or something for roster updates so could keep playing the old game with current rosters. At least 2019 added the ability for player made content and downloadable rookies (for at least 1 season).

Edit: Oh, I should add, he bought 2020 already, and I played it a little bit...I feel a slight difference in stick control with RBs....and tackling animations, but feels nearly identical. The X factor thing....I don't like. I can see the kids liking it, but, I've always felt the stars already performed quite well. Now, they're OP. No thanks....

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Once again, an EA sports game review that downplays microtrandactions.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@PETERAKO: It's beating a dead horse. And believe it or not, most customers like to buy MT's.

Avatar image for returnofthebrotha

@Bread_or_Decide: I don't. I prefer to earn them, not pay to cheat.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@returnofthebrotha: If companies are putting them in the game, they must be making major bank off them. Of course we're here, and the kind of people who come here don't buy MT.

The rest do and they greatly out number us.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@PETERAKO: Dude, that's baked in. Putting in a sentence or two about micros in Madden (or even having it affect the score) is like saying "and the sun came up today." If you know enough about Madden to click on the review, you know they're part of the game, you accept they're part of the game.

Edit: And dude, it's in the cons of the game. So.....

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@olddadgamer: yeah. but also the fact that they start to skim over it makes future more desentized to it

its like if all games were crap, in time the reviews would start to call the less crappy games good

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: iT is sad when the reality is that improved graphics over the years has just led to subpar games in general. There are exceptions such as Witcher 3 and Titan Fall 2 Single Player.

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