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This is a good Zuma clone, but most players will probably prefer the original.

Luxor is basically an Egyptian-themed Zuma/Arkanoid hybrid that appears to have been designed for more action-oriented players. You still shoot colored balls at lines of other balls to destroy them (via color-matching) before they reach your pyramid. However, in Luxor's case, your ball turret can move along the bottom of the screen like an Arkanoid paddle, and all of the action takes place above you. Although Luxor's a fun game with a nice pyramids-and-hieroglyphs theme, its moving turret keeps aiming from being as intuitive as it is in Zuma, and it doesn't make many other meaningful additions to the original. If you've beaten Zuma back-to-front and are looking for a similar challenge, Luxor's a safe bet... But new players should start with Zuma's stone frog, rather than Luxor's scarab.

The Good
Nice Zuma clone
New power-ups
Egyptian theme done well
The Bad
Harder to aim
Not very original
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  • First Released Mar 17, 2005
    • 3DS
    • Amiga
    • + 3 more
    • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    • Macintosh
    • PC
    Luxor is a ball-shooting arcade puzzle game that features power ups and an Egyptian theme.
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    Developed by:
    Engine Software, Software Horizons, MumboJumbo
    Published by:
    Tulip Games, MSL, Paradox, MumboJumbo, Mac Play, Activision Value
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