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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

  • First Released Apr 3, 2013
  • Reviewed Apr 16, 2013
  • PS3
Aaron Sampson on Google+

Injustice provides a complex fighter with some unique twists, but is found wanting in features that have become commonplace in its contemporaries.

When it comes to superheroes-turned-street fighters, DC Comics' stable of superfriends have always received the short end of the stick. While Marvel enjoys the steady success of Capcom's legendary Vs. series, the likes of Justice League Task Force and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe have not done DC any favors. Injustice: Gods Among Us, the latest fighter from the house of Mortal Kombat, aims to break this combo with a fighting system that builds upon the lessons of MK, while also introducing a few new tricks. But for all its complexities, Injustice unfortunately falls short when compared to its contemporaries.

If you are familiar with Mortal Kombat, you will feel right at home in Injustice. Character movement has that same deliberate, staccato style that's distinct from the fighting genre's Japanese-developed counterparts. That style feeds into the satisfying weight and brutality of each attack, whether it's Bane breaking you over his knee or Hawkgirl taking her mace to your face. Controlling these characters feels powerful, and the destruction you bring upon your opponent and the environment add excitement to each fight.

While MK and Injustice have a similar feel, their underlying mechanics are very different. Injustice has three attack buttons and a special trait button. Whether it's flight, healing, or a simple strength boost, these traits are unique to each fighter and play into their particular abilities and histories. The distinctions are clearly apparent, and don't just boil down to slightly altered punches and kicks.

Clashes are another interesting mechanic. When activated, they instantly interrupt a combo, and then both players secretly spend an amount of their super meter. If the fighter who initiated the clash spends more, he regains health proportional to the amount spent; otherwise, he takes damage proportional to what his opponent spent. Clashes can be used only once per round, per character, and only if the initiator is down to his second health bar. The threat of a clash adds an interesting dynamic to the back half of a fight. It forces you to constantly reevaluate how much meter to save and spend based on what your opponent has stored.

Injustice does not have rounds. Instead, you have two health bars, and when they run out the match is over.
Injustice does not have rounds. Instead, you have two health bars, and when they run out the match is over.

While clashes are only a two-time threat, Injustice's interactive backgrounds are a constant hazard. Peppered throughout each stage are items--a missile here, a motorcycle there--for characters to use. Different characters use these items in different ways. Some use these objects as weapons to be smashed over an opponent's head, while others use them as springboards to quickly navigate the arena. These items are a fun way to augment your fighter's arsenal and take stage awareness to a new extreme. Knowing that a combo could put your opponent near a deadly item might make you think twice before launching your assault.

It's too bad that so many characters simply destroy these background objects. A stone tablet that Batman can spring off of to reach the other side of the screen, Superman just smashes. Superman--along with the game's other heavyweights--smashes almost everything he touches. In some stages, it is too easy to smash all of the interactive objects early on simply to deny your opponent their functions. This is especially troublesome for characters with limited mobility options who need these items to compensate for their shortcomings.

The story in Injustice--while grand in scope--is also full of shortcomings. This lengthy tale presents a world where Superman has reached his limit after being tricked into murdering his pregnant wife and unborn child, thereby triggering a nuclear bomb--which was linked to Lois' heartbeat--in the center of Metropolis. It is a premise so ridiculous it borders on parody, but it's presented in all seriousness. The cracks quickly begin to show as this narrative labors under the weight of finding new reasons for characters to stand around punching each other. By the end, you're left wondering how the game could treat this cornball story with such unblinking reverence.

The alternate control option changes the move inputs to a Street Fighter style.
The alternate control option changes the move inputs to a Street Fighter style.

If you're new to fighting games, you'll find Injustice's educational options disappointingly sparse. An extremely basic tutorial runs first-time fighters through the fundamentals, and that's it. There's a practice mode, but any information on fighting game theory or character-specific instructions is left to independent study. The S.T.A.R. Labs missions, Injustice's version of MK's challenge tower, offer some character-specific instruction, but are more of an enjoyable distraction than a way to prepare for real combat.

To further compound the confusion, other, lesser features are left completely unexplained. Tucked away in the controller settings menu are options for release check and alternate control. Both can significantly impact how you play, but you are on your own to figure out how. The largest omission lies in the frame data. This data provides useful insight into the properties of each move, but unless you know what startup frames and block advantage are, it's not going to do you much good. And, once again, the game offers zero insight.

Online, Injustice offers the basics of player and ranked matches, along with the option to practice online with a friend. Player match options let you fight one-on-one, in a king-of-the-hill style or a survival mode. Unfortunately, replay support is a glaring omission. While players in the same lobby can spectate matches, there is no way to record and replay other fights. Replays can offer fantastic insight for players of all skill levels on how to play their favorite fighters, but their absence further compounds Injustice's educational deficiencies. Matches against opponents within a three- or four-bar connection range run without serious delay. However, falling below this connection range can cause some noticeable lag between inputting a command and having it appear in the game.

Leveling up your account unlocks music, concept art, and costumes.
Leveling up your account unlocks music, concept art, and costumes.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a hard-hitting fighter that plays to the hardcore crowd. Its creative use of background objects coupled with satisfying fighting mechanics make it both fun and distinct from it contemporaries. But for newer players, the minimal instruction modes and disappointing story provide little incentive for your sustained interest. And the absence of replay support is a loss for everyone involved. Injustice is an enjoyable fighter but as a whole, the package is found wanting.

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The Good
Brutal presentation makes you feel powerful
New mechanics build upon Mortal Kombat's foundation in creative ways
STAR Labs missions are a fun distraction.
The Bad
Minimal educational tools
Disappointingly dull story
Lacks replay support.
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Avatar image for romeothebeast

Came here since I am excited for Injustice 2 and had no clue it received a 7 and bad criticism for replay value, story and tutorials. I hope this reviewer go his shit together since this review. The replay value in most fighting games is practice mode, VS and of course online. The tutorial doesn't need to be too detailed. I have a lot of fun discovering my own combos or of course YouTube. Now to the story. I never cared for story mode in any fighting game but this one was a lot of fun to play through. It actually felt like a story line you would find in an over the top comic series. I rated this game a 10 (I know it isn't perfect) mainly cause the amount of fun I was having with friends/online that I was blind to some of the flaws. All fighting game fans should give this or the upcoming sequel a chance.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Having watched someone's playthrough of this game, I will say here that the story is little more than an excuse to pit superheroes and supervillains against each other. There are so many wasted opportunities for more suspenseful moments. (That's not to say that there were none; there are some, such as Cyborg's attempt to pass himself off as the other Cyborg.)

Avatar image for lecarinhalol

cara esses da gs são féla

Avatar image for BarraKas

" Surprisingly strong story " - IGN

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat


IGN has very, very low bars of expectation.

Avatar image for eduardokratos

I don't like that game.

Avatar image for Linctaskin

It's a very bad game...

Avatar image for Smileyassasin

Now being a trophy hunter, trying to get 3 stars on the STAR labs missions are FRUSTRATING, I actually had to go take a walk I was so mad!! Does anyone agree with me that they make some of these stupid additional objectives crazy difficult!! Especially for a newcomer like me!

Avatar image for modernrow

@Smileyassasin I just finished it and ive got to say some of the challenges are absolute bullcrap like the fourth one versus batman or the missile dodging or shooting the arrows up with green arrow. Some of them feel forced

Avatar image for LAN7ERN

I need to get this game soon!

Avatar image for lordgoregore

Just because one game ( I think it was a transformer game ) had a dlc that would unlock every thing for you We've been screwed ! A bunch of little kids must have stolid daddy's credit card and bout this . Now we don't get to unlock stuff at the end of a game anymore we have to spend real money to unlock what is already on this game . WTF?
I don't do it , even now with the UNJustice league , they now have my favorite player LOBO ! But if you look at his dlc you'll see he's just a few kls Not MB . So that means they are charging you $5-6 for what you already have ! It's just BS . STOP BUYING THIS CRAP Sheeple !

Avatar image for LtReviews


I know this is late, but your comment fails so hard.

Lobo is not just a few MB's on the download.

All the data for Lobo is put into a compatibility pack. This way players who don't buy the DLC can play against those who do have the DLC.

Avatar image for greymon12345

A video game about anti-heroes. It is fascinating when bad guys are stars.

Avatar image for kcbandy

I was VERY disappointing...

Mortal Kombat is WAY better, so I play IT instead...

Avatar image for bioshockz

This guy also gave a 7.0 to ME3:Citadel. Dude just seems like a harsh reviewer.

Avatar image for eliaskull

mk is wayyyy better than this

Avatar image for Douille1666

I don't get it. I just finished the Story Mode and I had a great time. The story is kind of silly, indeed, but it's the kind of silly stories we find in most superhero comics (with interdimensionnal evil twins and all). Anyway, it has a substential story mode, wich is already more than most fighting games offer.

And the tutorial is OK. The basics are shown, no need to take us by the hand. And hey... Every single move and what it does is textualy explained in the move list... Isn't that enough?

Avatar image for Flamerdragon

@Douille1666 Agree tutorials are ok, and discovering your own combos is part of the joy of fighting games.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

For anyone that has not played the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, pick that game up instead, it's far better than this.

Avatar image for ELEMENTZERO707

All I can say is, it builds on MK9 amazingly, and its a major hit at party's :D

Avatar image for oflow

I'm a fan of MK so I'm enjoying this game. The environmental addition to the combat is pretty cool. I actually found the story to not be as bad as the reviewer it was better than MK's story.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@oflow better than MKS story? are you high? MK has the best story arch of any fighting game. The new Mortal Kombat youtube series is also amazing.

Avatar image for Coldpain

@Dredcrumb9 @oflow It's not really the story itself that is so amazing, it's how the story is fleshed out. It's highly immersive and 100% streamlined. This is what makes Injustice's story mode amazing.

Avatar image for Loshead

Im a huge fighter fan ranging from CvS2, soul calibur, tekken and virtua fighter. None of them have good stories. I thought the story from injusice was awesome and kept me coming back for more to find out what happened. I do agree that injustice doesn't match the depth of the fighters I listed above, but its still a great game in its own right, and the best story in fighting games.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@Loshead Mortal Kombat Games have the best stories and the only good stories in fighting games, this new injustice game is okay, but not even close to the awesomeness of Mortal Kombat. i think you people are all a bit too excited.

Avatar image for deathstroker


agree the story was great

Avatar image for Loshead

I think this game is great, is it perfect no. But its still awesome.

Avatar image for Nintyfan95

This review itself is Injustice....I'm sorry I had to.

Avatar image for Psychokillaz

Vote.. Is the reviewer a D-Bag or Tool? Vote now for his ridiculous review. This game is at least an 8.5 (like IGN gave it an 8.6) and his reasons for dropping the game are almost laughable if it wasn't so sad. What a moron!

Avatar image for snowblood1970

@Psychokillaz Hes a D-Bag!

Avatar image for deathstroker

he didint like the story is this guy serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ign loved the story someone else should have reviewd this game his given an awsome game a shit score which is obviously stupid compared to what its getting elsewere

Avatar image for Psychokillaz

lol at Gamespot. Just stopped by to see and yep still a dumpster fire over here. Terrible review like usual.

Avatar image for Arda_Daghan212

That review did not do Injustice justice... >:)

Avatar image for J-shark

Bad review.The game was great, maybe not perfect, but the story was definetly not a negative aspect of the game.

Avatar image for MrDokas

Solid review from Mitch Hedberg.

Avatar image for Psychokillaz

@MrDokas lol yeah right that guy is hot trash just like his reviews

Avatar image for MrKirios

This "review" sucks

Avatar image for daviz88

HAPPY PILLS !!!!!!! really? i know that story isn't a big criteria for most combat games but this a lame addition to the plot device.

Avatar image for NosadaAssasin

@daviz88 how else can you get all these different DC characters into the game and make it still feel atleast a little plausible that Harley Quinn can beat Superman?
Atleast they tried to explain it somehow instead of just ignoring the fact that normal human beings are as strong as Super beings.

Avatar image for sky-619

looks a good, when i saw the cover i thought it is an adventure game such like Batman games, but anyways I would got this game if it releases on PS Vita someday

Avatar image for samus_my_life

Lack Of Story huh....

give me a break " Sigh "

Avatar image for Nintyfan95

@samus_my_life Yeah since when do fighting games have a story/

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@Nintyfan95 @samus_my_life Mortal Kombat has story and a good one a that.

Avatar image for daviz88

apart from the bad texture whats the deal with their costume, is it suppose to be an armor or what. maybe they were trying to make it more stylish but in combination with bad texture it just looks nasty.e.g batman

Avatar image for sky-619

@daviz88 i agree on batman, but flash looks cool !

Avatar image for DeadMan1290

@daviz88 I totally agree, as soon as I saw those suits it immediately turned me off...

Avatar image for C_Mexico

Maxwell, I don't know you at all so please know that what I'm about to say isn't personal. I'm so disappointed that you say this game had a bad story line. The story made you try out other characters and had amazing twists. I'm surprised it didn't get the "OH SNAP" award...Can you honestly tell what other fighting game has a good story line? But honestly you lost my respect and I can't trust what you say anymore.

Avatar image for Thanos1960

Superman is suppose to be to able to smash virtually anything! Along with a few other heavyweights in the game! But overall I think the game is pretty darn good because it's designed do brings about "fair play" even among the most lethal of combatants if the DC World. Having said that, let's just enjoy it with milk and cookies of course! Or after a few hours a stiff drink or two....

Avatar image for MALMSTEEN4774

"Smashes everything" well yeah Gamespot whats wrong with that? $uck my nuts!

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