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Grand Theft Auto V Review

  • First Released Sep 17, 2013
  • Reviewed Sep 16, 2013
  • PS3

City of Angels and Demons

Where do you begin talking about Grand Theft Auto V? Do you start with the vast, varied, beautiful open world? Do you start with the innovative structure that gives you three independent protagonists you can switch between on the fly? Maybe you talk about the assortment of side activities you can engage in, or the tremendous number of ways in which you can go about making your own fun. Or perhaps you dive right into the game’s story problems, or its serious issues with women. GTA V is a complicated and fascinating game, one that fumbles here and there and has an unnecessary strain of misogynistic nastiness running through it. But it also does amazing things no other open-world game has attempted before, using multiple perspectives to put you in the thick of cinematic heist sequences and other exhilarating, multi-layered missions like no open-world game before.

Those perspectives come courtesy of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Michael’s a former criminal who’s dissatisfied with his current life of privilege and relaxation. His marriage is on the rocks and he struggles to connect with his shallow daughter Tracey, who dreams of making it big in reality TV, and with his lazy, entitled son Jimmy, who spends most of his time spouting hate-filled trash talk while playing video games online. Franklin’s a talented young driver and repo man who doesn’t seem to have too many opportunities to move up in the world, until he has a chance meeting with Michael. Michael finds Franklin easier to connect with than his own children, and he promptly takes him under his wing and ushers him into a life of big-time crime.

Moments of hypocrisy and inconsistency diminish the otherwise strong characters.

And then there’s Trevor, a former friend and business associate of Michael’s who is now a methamphetamine entrepreneur living in a desert town north of Los Santos. Trevor’s a truly horrible, terrifying, psychotic human being--and a terrific character. He possesses a chilling combination of intelligence and insanity, and he’s so monstrously violent and frightening at times that he almost makes the other two protagonists seem well-adjusted by comparison. Exceptional voice acting and animation help make Trevor a character you will never, ever forget, even though you might want to.

When circumstances reunite the long-estranged Trevor and Michael, the tensions between them complicate the entire group dynamic; Michael, Trevor and Franklin may work together, but they don’t always get along. Their dialogue is sharp and snappy and it’s usually a joy to watch them interacting with each other, but unfortunately, the characters sometimes behave in ways that don’t feel consistent. For instance, Franklin takes the moral high ground in an argument with a paparazzo, then casts his reservations aside to help him take degrading photos of a female celebrity. And when Trevor shows up in Michael’s life after an extended absence, the speed with which the two start working together again is at odds with their deep-seated reservations about each other.

Trevor is all about the selfies.
Trevor is all about the selfies.

Perhaps most troubling is a mission in which you’re instructed to torture a man. Trevor states that torture doesn’t work, and the person ordering the torture is an arrogant and corrupt government official, suggesting that the scene is meant to be a critical commentary on the United States’ use of waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation” methods. But the fact that Trevor (and you, if you want to progress through the story) tortures the man regardless, and that he does end up spilling more information as a result, sends a very different message. These moments of hypocrisy and inconsistency diminish the otherwise strong characters; it feels like they are leaping into situations not because it's what they would actually want to do, but because the mission design demands that they must.

Thankfully, the missions are frequently incredible, which makes it a bit easier to overlook the occasional contradictions in character behavior, if not the mixed political messages. The high points of the game are the heists, big jobs planned by Michael and the gang. These jobs usually give you a few different options for how you want to approach a situation, and your choice completely changes how the heist plays out. On one job, for instance, one option has you posing as a janitor to infiltrate a building and plant bombs, then triggering the bombs and entering the building with your crew disguised as firefighters. The other, more direct option involves parachuting onto the building and busting in, armed to the teeth.

It’s exhilarating, swapping between these roles and these perspectives, and it’s part of what makes GTA V the current pinnacle of open-world mission design.

These are elaborate, multi-stage sequences that involve prep work. You might need to acquire equipment ahead of time, find a good place to hide a getaway car, and make other arrangements before you’re ready to pull off the job. You also need to select supporting members for your crew, as some jobs may require a hacker, an additional getaway driver, or another gunman. More skilled crew members typically take a bigger cut, but if you hire cheap, inexperienced people, they may end up failing at their tasks and compromising the operation. Of course, not every step of this process is thrilling, but these early steps make you feel more invested in the job when it does go down, and they evoke the feeling of films like Heat in which the slow buildup to the crimes makes the payoff in the action-packed scenes more intense.

Apparently law enforcement officials frown on this kind of behavior.
Apparently law enforcement officials frown on this kind of behavior.

There’s a terrific contrast between the urban lives of Michael and Franklin and Trevor’s existence in a poor, secluded town in the desert.

These missions and many others have you switching between characters. You might rappel down a building as Michael, provide sniper cover for him as Franklin, and fly a getaway helicopter as Trevor, all on one mission. In another exciting mission, you take out a plane’s engines from a great distance as Michael, then pursue the doomed, burning aircraft over land as Trevor. It’s exhilarating, swapping between these roles and these perspectives, and it’s part of what makes GTA V the current pinnacle of open-world mission design. Even putting the three-protagonist structure aside, the mission design is frequently surprising and sometimes stupendous. You don scuba gear to infiltrate a heavily guarded laboratory via the ocean, recklessly fly a small aircraft into the bay of a large cargo plane, and get thrust into all sorts of other memorable situations.

Even when not on missions, you can switch between the three protagonists, and the transition is handled via a stylish satellite view sequence that zooms out from one character’s location and then zooms in on another’s, building up anticipation as you wonder what the character you’re swapping to might be doing at this particular moment. Sometimes you find them in relatively ordinary situations; you might happen upon Michael relaxing at home in front of the TV screen, indulging his love of classic movies. At other times, the circumstances you find them in are more dramatic. Trevor might be on the beach in his underwear, surrounded by dead bodies, with no explanation offered for how they got there. Each character has his own contacts and his own missions, and because the characters have such different vibes, the freedom to switch between them at will makes the game feel more multifaceted than it would otherwise. There’s a terrific contrast between the urban lives of Michael and Franklin and Trevor’s existence in a poor, secluded town in the desert.

The three-protagonist structure also means that you can be engaged in street races in Los Santos one minute, and hunting elk in the forest the next. In fact, the number of activities available to you throughout GTA V’s world is almost staggering. You can play golf or tennis or darts, or participate in races on streets, offroad or on the water. You can take in movies, buy businesses, and play the stock market, which is designed to respond to player transactions, creating an opportunity for collusion and insider trading. You also stumble upon random occurrences in the world from time to time, creating a sense that this is a place with a life of its own. You might go into a salon for a haircut, only to find that the place is being robbed. You might rescue a woman from a burning car wreck who then becomes a potential getaway driver for you on future heists.

It's good to get out of the city every once in a while.
It's good to get out of the city every once in a while.

And of course, there’s no end to the ways that you can make your own unstructured fun. Maybe you want to use a truck to block lanes of traffic, pour gasoline from a gerry can all around the stopped cars, ignite the fuel and watch the spectacular explosion that occurs. Or perhaps you prefer to see if you can fly under bridges in a jumbo jet. Maybe you want to parachute onto the roof of the tallest building in Los Santos, or climb to the peak of Mount Chiliad. Or you can blow up a gas station and then run into the hills, where you might be safe from the cops but find yourself being pounced on by a bobcat. Whatever kind of freeform mayhem you cause, you’re sure to get the authorities on your case from time to time. Police pursuits here can be tense on city streets, where you might try to find secluded back alleys to hide in until the cops give up the chase. They can also be silly at times; you might shake off some police pursuers just by driving offroad up a hill in plain sight of the cops.

Whether you’re evading the police in a rickety junker or a road-hugging sports car, the handling in GTA V is great, and the fact that vehicles feel so different from each other means there’s a real reason to store the cars you like in the garages at your characters’ homes or in ones you can purchase in the city. Driving is so much fun that you’ll likely enjoy crossing even great distances in the game’s large world, taking in everything from the artwork on buildings along Vespucci Beach to the setting sun reflecting on the Alamo Sea. Should you tire of commuting across Los Santos, however, you can call a cab and warp to your destination.

GTA V has little room for women except to portray them as strippers, prostitutes, long-suffering wives, humorless girlfriends and goofy, new-age feminists we’re meant to laugh at.

When shooting breaks out, as it often does in the lives of these criminals, you have a terrific variety of weapons at your disposal that you can customize with suppressors, scopes, flashlights and other doodads. By default, your aim snaps to enemies. This makes picking them off quite easy, but gunplay is a lot of fun despite the ease of aiming, because you’re regularly fending off so many attackers and you still need to make good use of cover to stay alive. If you’re looking for more challenging shooting, you can switch to an aim assist option or to free aim at any time.

Not every vehicle is designed to be driven offroad.
Not every vehicle is designed to be driven offroad.

There’s so much more to say about GTA V. In series tradition, it has an eclectic assortment of radio stations featuring great songs from numerous genres and eras. In a break with series tradition, it also has an excellent ambient score of its own that lends missions more cinematic flavor. On a less positive note, it’s deeply frustrating that, while its central and supporting male characters are flawed and complex characters, with a few extremely minor exceptions (such as the aforementioned optional getaway driver), GTA V has little room for women except to portray them as strippers, prostitutes, long-suffering wives, humorless girlfriends and goofy, new-age feminists we’re meant to laugh at.

Characters constantly spout lines that glorify male sexuality while demeaning women, and the billboards and radio stations of the world reinforce this misogyny, with ads that equate manhood with sleek sports cars while encouraging women to purchase a fragrance that will make them “smell like a bitch.” Yes, these are exaggerations of misogynistic undercurrents in our own society, but not satirical ones. With nothing in the narrative to underscore how insane and wrong this is, all the game does is reinforce and celebrate sexism. The beauty of cruising in the sun-kissed Los Santos hills while listening to “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood turns sour really quick when a voice comes on the radio that talks about using a woman as a urinal.

So Los Santos is a place of contrasts, of luxury and poverty, tranquility and violence, beauty and ugliness. GTA V is an imperfect yet astounding game that has great characters and an innovative and exciting narrative structure, even if the story it uses that structure to tell is hobbled at times by inconsistent character behavior, muddled political messages and rampant misogyny. It also raises the bar for open-world mission design in a big way and has one of the most beautiful, lively, diverse and stimulating worlds ever seen in a game. Your time in Los Santos may leave you with a few psychological scars, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from visiting.

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The Good
Innovative three-protagonist structure leads to loads of amazing moments
Outstanding, multilayered heists and other missions
Huge, gorgeous, varied open world packed with things to see and do
Trevor is an unforgettable character
Great vehicle handling makes traveling the world a joy
The Bad
Politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic
Character behavior is sometimes inconsistent
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Carolyn has been a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto games ever since she hit the streets of Liberty City in GTA III. She is definitely not currently wanted by police in 17 states.

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Avatar image for srfilk86

All these years later, looking at this comments section People need to relax. She gave it a 9/10 which is way higher than what I'd give it. And not because it has a naughty sense of humor, but because the game is just not very fun to play. It gets old really fast. GTA is the gaming equivalent of a toddler smashing two Hot Wheels together. It's repetitious, dull, shallow, and boring.

Avatar image for joesguy

Reviewer can't satire. GTA is and always has been a satirical series that makes fun of overblown American tropes, not glorifying them. You failed, go back to middle school.

Avatar image for Gib501

@joesguy: E x a c t l y.

Avatar image for masterx2209

Nice, and it's finally coming to pc! But it was delayed again t_T. Anyways, i saw the 60fps trailer, you guys really should check it out, awesome. Just like an action movie. I am also curious how much improvement there will be compared to the console versions. Anyways, the game is out soon, found a great site to pre-order this bad boy:

Avatar image for Dissentioncc

I like how the featured comments are people white knighting the site. No agenda there at all.

Avatar image for skyrer_loupawra

What a joke review. Can you you please not hire reviewers from tumblr?

Avatar image for Oozyrat

It's kind of funny. There are so many characters in this game that make fun of exactly what she wrote. The irony...

Avatar image for Gib501

@Oozyrat: she must not get what ironic humor and satire are, I think her review is pretty ignorant if you ask me.

Avatar image for Black_Knight_00

Premising that I find the way people reacted against Carolyn to be absolutely awful and ignorant, I have to say I get annoyed when political agendas seep into reviews: if there is one thing that Grand Theft Auto has done (and done for about 15 years now), is misrepresenting and caricaturizing *everyone*, not just women: everyone.

White men are depicted as neurotic, violent assholes, black men are depicted as gangsta thugs, asians are given 1940s stereotypes and, yes, women are depicted as vapid nagging bimbos. Complaining about women being misrepresented in a game where *every single group or minority* is intentionally misrepresented for social satire is like calling the rain sexist because it's getting women damp.

Avatar image for Pondelicious

Why are gamers so defensive and bitchy all the time? If you disagree with a review then do it in a civil manner and don't just crack the shits and start insulting the reviewer or site. Or, if you don't like website'sreviews then don't read them anymore.

Avatar image for alexidol

Why interject your personal agenda into your " professional " review?

Will this Gamer Gate bull**** please go away already.

Avatar image for hanke

Funny I'm a 30+ year old male wich have been playing games for very long and I find myself questioning why some games nowdays are as male oriented as back when. I would love a girl protagonist in a GTA game...even as dlc.

Carolyns review here is maybe not deep enough but her head is on her shoulders. I question funnily enough things as an RPG in this action my family hates me I spend more time with them and yet the sh*t hits the fan..why bother..?

Avatar image for Etagloc

@hanke A GTA game with a female protagonist would never sell aswell, as one with a male protagonist.
However, since GTA 5 made it possible to have three I dont see why one of them couldn't be female in the next game.
but if they only have 1 leadrole, it would be financial

Avatar image for rationalranter

@Etagloc @hanke Why?

Avatar image for leov26

Overall this review is actually quite good, however the parts about women and torture are just wrong. First off the about torture, the whole thing about that scene was K would have told them anything without the torture, in fact he would have told them faster. The whole thing was one big joke, oh he's not speaking fast enough HURT HIM.

Now the about the women thing, yes this game made fun of various types of women, the women as urinal thing mentioned makes fun of sexless middle age women who read 50 shades of gray (aka chains of intimacy), Mary ann makes fun of insane feminist (by insane I mean the crazy man hating ones that you just wanna slap). The list goes on, however various types of men are made fun of as well, a few commercials make fun of the typical 40 year old male stereotype (lack of sex drive, jealous of younger men, midlife crisis). Throughout the city and game poking fun of every sort of person, hell rockstar even made fun of itself with the whole I'm in the cloud radio commercial lol big irony there.

Simply put making fun of women is not misogynistic, it's funny just like everyone else getting made fun of in the game.

Avatar image for waredati

women like you with so much feeling instead of brain processing for writing a technical & professional review, that's why male gamers never serious female gamers..

you didn't use you brain Carolyn Petit for this one.

Avatar image for zenfoldorvgi

Oh FFS, can you get a grip and review the game already. If I want to hear your politics, I'll kill myself because something terrible has happened. I made this account to post this. This review is a travesty. Gamespot, you need to straighten up and fix your review standards because promoting personal agendas in a gaming review makes this a second class website and makes the industry look like a joke.

Avatar image for ecurl143

I must have had my head buried under a rock because I didn't realise the *hitstorm this review caused.

I actually only realised what was going on when I saw Johnny's Feedbakula video on this review.

My god, I couldn't believe what was happening. Absolutely disgraceful.

I understand Johnny was either fired or left shortly after this - a damned shame, he was the best reporter on the site as far as I'm concerned and I loved Feedbakula.

No idea what happened to Caroline after this though?

Avatar image for The_Last_Ride

@ecurl143 Johnny quit, Carolyn got let go because of cutdowns on the site

Avatar image for Itchyback

Carolyn, don't let the door hit you on your way out. Good riddance that is. Failure to differentiate misanthrope, misandric and misogynist and how they manifest in a sandbox game is fact check 101 failure.

Side note: She could have done some proper reviews but obviously she was seduced by Sarkeesian to create issues out of non issues and supporting Anita's money making scheme in the process.

Carolyn, if you read this, please take the bloody blinders off and do some fact checking on this drama queen Anita Sarkeesian.

Avatar image for Shielder7

" goofy, new-age feminists we’re meant to laugh at."

New-age feminists are meant to be laughed at.

Avatar image for wilson_diabetes

When is GTA VI coming out???

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

Does anyone know if they patched in an option to turn off the strobe flashing kill effect and X markers yet? I bought this game on release day, and sold it because the screen kept flashing with an x marker over your target, every time you kill somebody with a gun, which kinda cheapened the experience for me when shooting people. That and the campaign was incredibly short. I may give this another chance if you can turn off the kill effect this time. I know Red dead redemption has an option to turn it off.

Avatar image for kdavenport88

I've only played this game for about an hour with a buddy of mine and now I know what game I want for my PS4/X1 (which ever one we decide to get)

Avatar image for WillyWynn

GTA V is sexist, that is one of the most stupid arguments i ever read lol! GTA is unpolite game since the first game -.-... That is what GTA is all about, i mean controversial and exaggerating all crime and dramas. That is the exacly same thing she complain about mortal kombat have to much blood lolol... Pls! Really!

Avatar image for WillyWynn

GTA V is one of the best games ever made! The problem is you have so many small stuff to do! Someones they can get bored, others not, and who only play the game only for the story will finish the game quiet fast. And its True the campain is the smaller one since GTA 3... Rockstar focus mainly the game in free will you can have in that big open world and the stuff you can do on it. The fact is many people get bored from the game because of that, like san andreas, GTA 5 have so many stuff to do you will get bored after some time. But the game still a masterpiece!!! Rockstar always make great games ;).

Avatar image for ramtracker42

I loved this game, was the best yet! ... Have not played much side missions and nothing online. A lot of people complaining about small things, I guess we just expect sooo much these days that nothing satisfies us anymore.

This game is a 9.5 ... I think I will buy it for PS4, I dont like how choppy the framerate is on PS3, this game is too much for the last gen hardware.

Avatar image for watchdogsrules

I finished GTA V today, and the game is pretty short. I'm sure that even GTA IV is even longer than this game.

Avatar image for watchdogsrules

if only everybody who has a GS account read this....

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

I hate how the screen flashes with an X over your target every time you kill somebody. If we could turn this off(like in RDR), combat would feel much better. I also am shocked at how short the story mode is, and how little character development they gave to Franklin. This game has potential to be amazing, but it feels like it was rushed out the door for madden fans and casual gamers.

Avatar image for gruber23

While I think that GTA 5's story is good, I think its style isn't focused on the right aspects. It focuses on the modern society in general, when really it should focus on crime more than anything else. For the next Gta, I want a character who either is top of the food chain, runs a gang and is a well known criminal or I want someone who has never before commited a crime before and must make their first steps in this new world.

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

I would not give this game a 9 at all tbh. here are my reasons:

1. the story mode is a lot shorter in comparison to the older gta games, and the rewards are not as great either

2. if you don't do the stock market side mission stuff (a lot of people like me could not be bothered with it), then you will be spending a very long time till you can afford all the properties. The importance of the stock market could have been made a lot more clear. I actually 100 percent completed the game before I even got the golf course lol.

3. the only good parts of the story were the heists, breaking into the fib from underwater and a FEW other missions.

4. the random events felt pointless and repetitive

5. the bail bonds didn't do anything for me

6. I was bored of the game after 2 weeks, then I had to put up with not being able to get online after spending 2 weeks waiting because rockstar delayed them and when they finally released they didn't even work and when they did work you would lose your character hours later.

7. When rockstar finally manage to get the online working, I find out its a bug infested piece of crap which sole intention is to make you so bored you have no choice but to spend money on their shark cards in order to make the game fun (which I didn't do, because I have more pride than that). Also to top this off, they delayed heists which they advertised to be part of the actual game in the trailer for the record which is illegal (False Advertising).

8. They constantly release updates which fix parts of the game but then break other parts of the game. They also constantly wind up their fans by removing "problems" which actually were never a problem and people liked them.

9. The game is not far off being released a whole year ago, and still the heists have not been released. A feature/co-op game mode or whatever you want to call it which was advertised as part of the game on its trailer STILL has not been released. It has constantly been delayed, and then delayed again until finally they said sometime during spring we can expect the heist. We are now only a couple of days away from summer, and we get a crappy update with more jobs nobody cares about (seriously we have 100s of races, captures, deathmatches etc and only been given 4 new contact missions since the game released....). I am not even going to bother detailing the other content because it consists of clothes and vehicles and the vehicles cost more than most fans are even willing to pay.

10. Good luck getting 1 million dollars in the online game if you are a casual gamer, unless you don't mind spending money on top of what you already paid for the game of course.

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

oh yeah and while I am on the subject of gta 5 sucking big time I might as well say this.

I don't appreciate how rockstar did not acknowledge that they were working on next gen version of the game. Think about this right, its coming out this fall on next gen so they have to have been working on the next gen versions for at least a year (since every gta game in the past has took longer than a year after console releases to reach pc, and obviously gta 5 is a lot larger in scale than the others). Therefore they have been planning for next gen all along but did not comment. That is because they wanted to make as much money as possible off the ps3, xbox 360 fanboys before they release ps4 and xbox one versions. They trick us into buying the inferior version of the game, then when its starting to look like there won't be a next gen version (a couple of months back) they finally announce it is coming to next gen this month when pretty much every gaming man and his gaming dog owns a copy of gta v for last gen. So now there are 2 possibilities.

1. They get an extra $15 or £10 off us to upgrade our copies to ps4 (for digital owners).

2. They are even more greedy and make us purchase the ps4 version seperately despite already owning the digital version for ps3 and not being able to trade it.

I also wouldn't put it past them to announce the heists are coming to ps4 first, but that wouldn't effect me since I have one.

But yeah, if they go with option 2 then as far as I am concerned they lose a customer. If they go with option 1 then the heists better be good, because if the heists suck then I will have lost all incentive to play the game.

Avatar image for watchdogsrules

dont know gta 5 or watch dogs

Avatar image for kingcrimson24

I would also give this game a 9 , but for another reason and that was because I thought the world wasn't as big and varied as San andreas ( which is the best GTA ever. period ) .

I think Carolyn missed the point here . she's mad because women are treated badly in criminal world . Carolyn , thats how it is . and I think the game WANTED to show that ! and it shouldn't be a minus .

besides that i totally agree with the review and the Score . this game wasn't a 10/10 /

Avatar image for Hurvl

Even though I don't see Watchdogs and GTA as rivals I still came here to compare these two reviews since so many many are making a fuss about it. GTA got a 9 and Watchdogs got an 8, so GTA wins there. This review has 22526 comments (f-ing unbelieveable!) and Watchdogs has almost 1100, so GTA wins again. So I guess GTA is better if you look at those two things which don't say much after all :P.

Avatar image for The_Last_Ride

@Hurvl It's because it's a bad review

Avatar image for advocacy

The Watch Dogs review came out, and GTA V is still better.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@advocacy GTAV is better, but it still sucks ass with the screen flash, x markers and super short campaign. RDR is much better than GTAV. At least in RDR, you could shoot enemies without annoying hit markers and screen flashes, they just fall over with blood stains on them.

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

still no heists. I stopped playing this game in november. Seriously, 2 months and I am not playing it anymore. What a huge flop this turned out to be. I want my money back, they falsely advertised their product saying we had tons of things to do in the online when there simply isn't. Races, death matches, team death matches, capture mode free-roam and missions which are all the same (fetch this coke for me, kill this guy for me, steal this car for me, rob this money for me). And no heists, even though they were advertised as part of a game and not an add-on which would come later.

Honestly, that is the last time I buy a gta game.

Avatar image for live_experiment

Thanks for the review, Carolyn. You were more thorough in both your discussions of the gameplay and the social/psychological aspect than most reviews, and the latter aspect made it more interesting than the dozens of reviews on what the X button does alone. We gamers are not as stupid as some people think, including gamers.

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

I have played games which are more fun and have more replay value than this game which have scored a 7/10.

Honestly, the story mode was way too short (much shorter than gta 4 or san andreas). GTA online missions are pathetic, they just repeat over and over again and there is still no new missions after nearly half a year of the online being released (and released 2 weeks late I will add, and then not working properly for another 2 weeks after that).

AND.....the heists are STILL not out yet. Sorry but this game is a huge joke, anyone who says differently either has no taste or just won't admit that their beloved rockstar has screwed them. Yeah sure the story mode was good, and the online was good before we had to start repeating everything over and over. But longevity is important, especially for games like gta. A gta game without longevity is the equivalent to elder scrolls without an open-world.

Don't believe the hype people, get this game in a bargain bin 2 years from now.

Avatar image for udubdawgz1

@Aaronp2k can't agree with you more. this is now the most overrated game of all time.

Avatar image for Mokov

Carolyn should maybe look at Gamespots reviews of games like Dead or Alive 4, given an 8.8; .2 away from GTA V's 9, where women are constantly portrayed as sex symbols. I don't think she'd be to happy, and maybe she'll leave Gamespot for their misogynistic views...

Avatar image for rockoman100

Well CaroIyn, in regards to your criticisms of the game's misogyny, I can definitely see how you feel that way. However, for me and so many others, this is one of the reasons GTA, as a franchise, is so damn entertaining. Sometimes it crosses some uncomfortable boundaries, but nonetheless It IS satirical, it IS joke. How can you hear a line about using woman as a urinal and NOT conclude that it's a joke? Nobody actually endorses using women as urinals, at least I god damn hope not. GTA serves to exaggerate all things wrong with society and turn it into one big ridiculous joke. That's a staple of the series, that's part of what makes it so well known and so well loved.

That's how I feel, at least. I'm not one to tell anyone else that their feelings are wrong, but I just wanted to offer my perspective.

Avatar image for Sweendrix

@dmblum1799 @Sweendrix I'm sure that there are many people who enjoyed it, however, you happen to be the first person that I have run into that has commented that they enjoyed it better this new way than with the traditional way of enjoying the experience through the eyes of a single character. All of the thing that you have mentioned are conflicts that could have been realized without forcing me to switch between characters. The general consensus among players I have talked to about Grand Theft Auto 5 is that the "switching" took the player out of the story rather than get them more deeply involved in it.

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@Sweendrix I enjoyed it switching between the 3 characters more as well, I felt it the brought the game to new heights of gameplay and story telling as a result of that but I do like playing has just one character as well but I felt like this really worked with with GTA but with a game like Read dead redemption it wouldn't work well.

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This game got really good reviews, however, I am really not that pleased with the character-switching mechanic. This game is technically superior to Grand Theft Auto 4 but it fails to immerse me in the story of the characters as well as Grand Theft Auto 4 did. I hope that Rockstar doesn't do this again. I would have much rather played the entire game as one of the the characters than constantly switch between the three. The game is awesome to behold on the technical level, however, compared to Grand Theft Auto 4 the immersion level leaves a lot to be desired. I hope that Rockstar games reads this and takes note. When I play Grand Theft Auto, I want to get lost in a single character. It's much better that way. I can't believe that gaming sites actually gave this game a 10. The graphics are a 10. The game is an 8.

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Guys, this game is not perfect. No where near perfect, it has so many little problems that are overthrown by the gameplay, but they still are there! GTA V is an amazing game, but it still has problems

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