FIFA '98 - Road to the World Cup Review

This is a great conversion of the 16- and 32-bit franchise of the same name.

Good, but not as... oh, wait. This is a great conversion of the 16- and 32-bit franchise of the same name, keeping the old school viewpoint and controls and making a solid soccer game in the process. All the worlds teams have been given a dose of EA Sports' exclusive miniature ray and stuck inside your copy, complete with all the players and their respective skills. Smooth controls, nice speed, and a good sense of fun make this the best FIFA game available. The Super Game Boy support in particular is brilliant and ramps up the visuals to almost SNES quality.

Here's a tip: Choose Brazil, it's the best team around by far. Use B to pass the ball to your forward strikers, then hold A for a few seconds and release when you're approaching the goal box. If you put some spin on the ball (by pressing left or right after the shot has been made) you can usually get it past the keeper.

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FIFA: Road to World Cup 98

First Released Nov 30, 1997
  • Game Boy
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This year's FIFA will keep soccer fans returning to their N64s, season after season.


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