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FIFA 2014 Review

  • First Released Sep 23, 2013
  • Reviewed Nov 20, 2013
  • XONE
  • PS4

The 12th man.

A rash challenge from Per Mertesacker sees my Arsenal side concede a last-minute penalty. Bitter rivals Manchester United have one final chance to draw the game, and who else but Robin Van Persie steps up to take it. A television camera zooms in to watch him place the ball on the spot, while Arsenal's goalkeeper stands steadfast on his line. But he's not alone. Behind him a wall of red and white shirts take to their feet as the walls of the Emirates Stadium shake to the boos of 50,000 vengeful Gooners. This raw, angry tension is something I've never experienced in a football game before, but in a swipe of a boot, it's over, replaced by a cacophonous roar as Szczesny dives to his right and palms the ball away to safety. When the final whistle blows a moment later, I can barely hear it over the screaming torrent of fans. I recently left London after four years of attending Arsenal games. For a brief moment, I was back.

While the next-gen versions of FIFA 14 retain most of the features of their current-generation siblings, the gulf in technology is immediately apparent once the teams take to the pitch. Dozens of subtle additions to the way players and fans react to each other make it a much more authentic experience. For instance, whenever a ball goes out of play, players and ball boys scurry to fetch it. Every now and again a second ball is accidentally thrown onto the pitch and must be returned before the referee will allow play to continue. The gormless doppelgangers that littered the stands in previous games have been replaced with detailed and varied fans that sway to the beat of the on-pitch action. Supporters at local derbies become embroiled in bitter chanting battles, and cup game underdogs shriek for the full time whistle. Stadium seats may lie empty if the opposition isn't worth the ticket price, while away team goals will silence any cheering home fans. This isn't the first time a football game has attempted to capture the magic of the stadium experience, but FIFA 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the first where I've genuinely felt the presence of a 12th man.

The 11 on the pitch have been given new life, too. Though the game controls similarly to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, there's a noticeable increase in the variety of animations and fluidity of motion. The entire experience is a lot less mechanical. The ball no longer sticks to your feet, so jostling for control and shielding possession are far more interesting. This freedom of movement also allows you to intercept passes and put pressure on individual players more effectively, so changes in possession occur more often. An interesting by-product of this increased jostling is that referees are more lenient. The familiar whistle blows after blocking off players or roughing them out of possession aren't here. And though sometimes it can seem the referees have thrown away the rulebook, the pace of the match benefits overall. While past games in the series have more accurately mimicked the offensive back-and-forth of a game of basketball, possession in FIFA 14 is a lot less predictable.

The PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14 comes with a multitude of other improvements. Impressively fast load times mean you barely have enough time to complete the loading screen skill games. The increase in resolution and graphical fidelity is apparent throughout. Better detail allows you to notice player balance and ball spin like never before, while jerseys ruffle and grass clippings are kicked up when players strike at goal. You can also press in the DualShock 4's touchpad, or the Xbox One's back button to switch control to the goalkeeper. It's not a very useful addition, but at the very least, it serves as an alternative to hammering Y to rush the goalie out in one-on-one situations.

Whether you're scoring in front of a screaming Kop or eking out an unlikely cup victory, FIFA 14 produces special moments that will live in your memory.

The crowds are more believable than ever before.
The crowds are more believable than ever before.

Off the pitch, FIFA 14 has a variety of modes which will be familiar to anyone who has played the series recently, but sadly, several of them have not made the cut between console generations. You can still play friendlies or take control of an individual player in Be a Pro. Career mode lets you manage a variety of teams or start a career as a player. Ultimate Team returns for fans of building their very own fantasy sides. Skill games and the practise mode are back, Pro Clubs allows you to create an online team with friends, and single-player or co-op seasons are available via Seasons mode.

However, there are some disappointing omissions. Tournament mode is nowhere to be seen, which means the many leagues and cups that make up world football are not playable independently. So if you want to enter the World Cup, take your team to the top of the Premier League, or compete in the Copa del Rey, your only choice is to invest hours into Career mode.

Latin American soccer fans will be disappointed to hear that Mario Kempes and Fernando Palomo's commentary is not in the next-gen version either. Unranked online friendlies have also been taken out, as has the ability to allow guests to play online with you. All in all, this means the local co-op play experience has been rather handicapped. It's a disappointing blot on an otherwise outstanding product.

Player models and animation have been given an upgrade too.
Player models and animation have been given an upgrade too.

Regardless, this is the quintessential version of FIFA 14. It brings a level of authenticity never before seen in the genre and sets new standards for player control and stadium atmosphere. Too often have we seen football games flounder in the transition to new consoles, but FIFA 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is a step above it's peers. Whether you're scoring in front of a screaming Kop or eking out an unlikely cup victory, FIFA 14 produces special moments that will live in your memory long after you've put the controller down.

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The Good
Improved player movement makes for more enjoyable, less predicable matches
The most realistic crowds and stadium details ever seen in a football game
Fantastic animations and graphics
A more emotionally engaging football experience
The Bad
No Tournament mode
Fewer options for local co-op
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About the Author

Danny's passion for football games started with Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga 600. He supported Pro Evolution during its glory days but made the switch to FIFA in 2009. He now uses the FIFA series to imagine a world where Arsenal actually win trophies.
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Hi how I get free packg or coins

Avatar image for Mr_Mark_Legion

poor mans sport

Avatar image for R3FURBISHED

@Mr_Mark_Legion The beautiful game

Avatar image for Gixzr

LOL: FIFA 14 " The most realistic crowds and stadium details ever seen in a football game" 8.o

FIFA WCB (14 v2.0) "Crowd animations are still awful" 8.o

Not that it matters much to me but,____ Come on GS pick one! heheh

Avatar image for gruber23

i think fifa 14 is good but could of been better, i found the defense to be much smarter then the previous fifa games, but passing to your team mates not so much i found my self waiting for a team mate to pass too. the graphics are getting dated but there still good. i found the menus easier to navigate and they look crisp and sharp. fifa 14 is a good football game but ea need to work on graphics and passing and pay attention to customer feedback. if you want a good football/soccer game with lots of leagues from around the world fifa 14 is what you want(i have never played pes 14) 8.5/10

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Have smashed PS3 FIFA14 career mode loads since its release and all being well should be upgrading to a PS4 next week with FIFA14. So excited to get it after seeing these videos of the graphics and crowd atmosphere! Amazing!

Avatar image for Mimster24

So many problems with Fifa 14 thats not even fumy any more.

First thing is why is there manger career in there, unless they dont think to bring Fifa Manager 14 I dont see a point.

Second player career its too boring, theres need to be some personal life staff plus maybe introduce training for skills with the game ones.

Third refereeing needs to be improved to be as in FIFA rules.

Fourth why arent there any Serbian teams an last few Fifa instalment or even national team? There are some national teams there that are like at least 20 places below Serbian and all this drives me to conclusion that someone working for them is racist!

Avatar image for skippert

If you played FIFA countless hours for years and years and you still dont see the amount of bugs that EA makes us pay $60 for each year to fix (and most dont even get fixed) and missed opportunities / potential of this game you should have realised that FIFA really... Isnt that great of a game at all. Yet I still bought it. Me and my mates cant decide if we should laugh at the silly situations that arise during a game or get frustrated.

I think most FIFA players who have played a long time would agree with me. Thing that is keeping us with FIFA is that we just dont have a alternative. There is no competition for FIFA and there hasnt been for quite some years now. So each year we put up with the silly graphical and gameplay bugs and we laugh when something stupid happens in game...

Avatar image for Mimster24

@skippert 100% im with u mate plus refereeing every years is worse and worse

Avatar image for John1017_rm

No tournament mode means they want to milk as much money out of FIFA 14 on xbox 360 which has tournament mode, and is all I play with friends and family. And of course they will charge 60 dollars for FIFA 14 World Cup edition which will be the only way you can play a tournament. I love FIFA but I wish they would get some new animations instead of using the same animations, and intros they have been using for the past several years. If they were honest they would charge 10 dollars each year to download upgrades to the game.

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Better ridicules than a nobody ;)

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@tooitchy @mark_unix You have a Microsoft stamp tattoo, i smell it... i'd much rather get a wii-u, than be property of Microsoft... "you have no rights, beyond getting fucked"

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yup you do -___-

Avatar image for Mantan911

@mark_unix @tooitchy Seriously get your head out of your ass, This is Fifa review not x1 article. Btw Nice looking 12 Y/o mindset you got there

Avatar image for positive_potato

I just would like to say FIFA 14 KEEPS FREEZING FOR ME CAN GAME STOP TRY TO CONVINCE EA TO SORT THS OUT sorry barden me got a bit over excited

Avatar image for mark_unix

who plays fifa on an xbox anyways, Nobody in europe that's who "the nr1 location for yes, FIFA..."

the xbone isn't a console it's TV, TV, TV, TV, Xshaft...

Avatar image for tooitchy

@mark_unix This review has nothing to do with specific consoles, grow up or take your ridiculous fanboy behavior elsewhere.

Avatar image for slowion

So glad the Sim-like animations were left in the previous gen. I'd really like to play this on PC though EA!!

Avatar image for mystic_knight

Danny there is a tournament mode in Ultimate team!

Not sure if that is counted though.

Avatar image for eze_sl89

get a real football game, get PES

Avatar image for tooitchy

@eze_sl89 PES sucks...

Avatar image for DaWarthog

So this game is an 8.0 because of the crowd? LMFAO!

Avatar image for tooitchy

@DaWarthog Uh, no, that's just a significant change from the ps3/360 versions, the game is an 8.0 because it's a fantastic game.

Avatar image for Poidad

@DaWarthog the crowd is pretty impressive, it was the first thing i noticed.

Avatar image for rogerpenna

@Erik Rodriguez bohoo, I wonder why did you feel the need to come to this review to write that you think football is stupid.

Avatar image for rogerpenna

if the crowd for an Arsenal match is so good, I can only imagine it in a Boca vs River game, or a Fla-Flu in Rio, Gre-Nal in Porto Alegre, or a Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray in Istambul!!!

Avatar image for danyjr

I don't understand why no earth they've removed Online Unranked friendlies and co-ops. Can somebody explain please?

Avatar image for bo156

@Naved Khan there is actually a pretty big change between them. in 14 you can't just run on the sides, cross the ball and score, you have to build your attack through the middle and then continue. if you're used to running on the sides the game will be harder at first, but after a while you'll improve.

anyway this is a much better way to play fifa if you ask me

Avatar image for MooncalfReviews

No tournament mode? Why is it they insist of taking something AWAY with every iteration? It's so they can bring it back next year and make us want to buy it, isn't it?

What a crock of EA.

Avatar image for DaWarthog

It's a unwritten rule FIFA always gets an 8.0 or more. This game should be held to the next gen standard instead of being compared to it PS3/XBOX 360 counterpart. Sorry Danny you're wrong. Your affection for Football has made your opinion a bit bias.

Avatar image for MooncalfReviews


FIFA has always been an amazing sports game. Of course you have to appreciate the sport to enjoy it, but it's still crazy fun.

Avatar image for Xero1246

brilliant review by @dannyodwyer actually goes into details about the improvement and tweaks, however the absence of the tournament mode and unranked friendly is actually disappointing(i hope the online season mode is still present)...good game overall but i still feel the game doesn't make full use of the power of the next gen consoles (don't get me wrong jerseys moving and the crowd reaction is amazing) ..hopefully FIFA 15 does use the next gen power more. For your sake i hope Ireland actually gets to win a world cup in your life time.

Avatar image for giedrius1001

gameplay and graphics made slight improvement from current gen, but my-oh-my crowd looks stunning, and acts like real life counterpart, amazing job done for stadium atmosphere, crowd realistic reactions following pitch action is another beautiful improvement, is it worth to get nextgen if you have current gen fifa 14, in my opinion no, wait for fifa 15, which will be more optimized for next gen

Avatar image for binderdundat

This does actually good, i would probly buy this....if i had a next gen console...

Avatar image for MigGui

@Naved Khan one is on x1/ps4, the other isnt

Avatar image for dynamq

Had my copy of fifa14 free but not what I was interested in... considering selling, but its a digital download copy only... Anyone knows if selling digital copy is possible lol.

Avatar image for mattcake

Last time I played Fifa was on the Megadrive I think, but may actually try this :)

Avatar image for pezus

"but FIFA 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is a step above it's peers"


Avatar image for kareem306

WAIT they have removed the abilty to play with your mates if they come over to your house with another control?????????

Avatar image for loafofgame

@kareem306 No. "Unranked online friendlies have also been taken out, as has the ability to allow guests to play online with you."

Avatar image for wizardboyus

so is it true that gamers in the US can't upgrade our ps3 versions of Fifa 14 to the ps4 version for $10? i really want to get this, and was looking forward to upgrading! i guess i'll have to shell out an extra $20...

Avatar image for liketheriver7

Alright time to start my Wycombe career over again on X1 and go from League2 to Prem glory.

Nice that the Ultimate team transfers over from old gen to new gen. Wonder what the chances are of getting a legends player in a pack on the X1.

Avatar image for elbauto

Finally, a good review!

Avatar image for snaketus

Great review! Made me really consider to get this at some point. I'm not the biggest football fan, but next summer is world cup summer once again and every time it makes want to pick up a football game and play some matches. Just have to wait and see if they make another official world cup game with improved features.

Avatar image for Dr_takapotku

@elegantspock Ofc it doesn't since "the PCs aren't powerful enough for EA sports Ignite" - says EA...

Avatar image for SJGSpook

@Dr_takapotku @elegantspock That made me chuckle when they said that.

Avatar image for C-THREE

@elegantspock Yeah I wonder if they are going to make a next gen pc version of FIFA or NBA 2k14 this year? Probably not that is to much like the right thing to do. I believe they should release a next gen "patch" for people that bought the game. Or at least sell it for 10 bucks.

Avatar image for Praeceps86UK

@C-THREE @elegantspock If you mean trading in PS3 games for PS4 games? They're already doing that.

Actually had that done on amazon and somehow got Fifa 14 PS4 for complete swap without paying anything.

Also a day later Amazon told me about promo credit in an email after the FIFA 14 PS4 was bought. With that error I was somehow able to buy Battlefield 4 PS4 for £3. lol

Avatar image for hiphops_savior

@elegantspock Otherwise, the next gen versions would've flopped. EA has to give some reason for people to splurge over 500 bucks to buy FIFA 14.

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