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FIFA 15 Review

  • First Released Sep 23, 2014
  • Reviewed Sep 23, 2014
  • PS4

Welcome to the highlight reel.

Perhaps more than ever, this year's FIFA comes down to the little details. If you played last season's game, then the visuals, game modes, on-pitch action, and means of interaction will be immediately familiar. As a result, the learning curve in FIFA 15 is almost nonexistent. What's different is the degree of style and elegance with which everything is executed, giving the game a sense of refinement that was lacking last season. If last year's game was a skeleton of what FIFA wanted to achieve over the course of this console generation, then consider FIFA 15 the first layer of meat on top of that.

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Nowhere is this more obvious than with goalkeepers, whose new animations make them instantly more lifelike in terms of both look and behavior. Their movements are more diverse, allowing skilful players to perform a range of spectacular gymnastics in an effort to keep the ball out of the goal. More importantly, their movements hint at a keeper's basic thought processes, which does a great deal to humanise keepers and shake that feeling of playing against a pre-programmed machine.

If you're on goal and one-on-one with a keeper, it's not uncommon to see him initially rush out from between the posts and attack, only to decide that it's a bad idea and hightail it back to his line. Similarly, running out from the goal to punch or catch the ball from a corner results in lots of backtracking when a keeper realizes that either a friendly defender or opposition attacker is going to get to it first.

While these actions create a seemingly dynamic environment in which players act and interact with each other in absence of your direct input, they have little effect on the outcome of a match. There's a slight improvement in a keeper's ability to save long strikes, but they still tend to concede the same percentage of shots as last season; the overall impact on gameplay has been balanced in such a way so as not to disrupt the established difficulty of netting a goal.

That's no bad thing, though. FIFA has done a good job over the last half decade of avoiding regular instances of scorelines that look as though they belong to basketball or American football. To change such a thing now would be to change the nature of an incredibly popular series. Having said that, it's now somewhat easier to score the kind of goals that you'd expect to see in an end-of-season highlight reel. Goalkeepers might be that much better at stopping long shots, but truly outrageous efforts seem to find the twine more often than you'd reasonably expect.

Once the final whistle is blown, that's what FIFA 15 does: it makes you feel like a star.

On a number of occasions I scored goals from the edge of the centre circle, the ball zooming straight into the top corner with the precision of a guided missile or a Maradona handball. Arjen Robben and Yaya Toure seem to be especially adept at executing this kind of extravagance, with even missed shots coming back into play following a fumble by the keeper.

The formation and ideology of the team you're playing against makes a significant difference to whether you can score those ridiculous shots, though. On higher difficulty settings, AI teams drastically change their approach depending on the circumstances. If you're playing as Manchester City in a Premier League game against a Burnley side struggling to avoid relegation, then you're going to face a strategy designed to limit your time and space on the ball. In instances such as this, it becomes extremely difficult to get the likes of Yaya Toure into a position from which he can launch a deadly long-range strike, with Burnley's central midfielders working hard to fill the gaps and limit your options.

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Being aware of these differences in approach throughout the game is important, because teams frequently adapt to the scoreline and the clock. If you're a goal up in the last few minutes, rival managers often tell their players to push forward and grab that equalising goal. Should you not be ready for these changes, or fail to adapt to them, then it's easy to be caught out.

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Team management menus have been reworked so you can make these kinds of changes more quickly and easily, with big, bold icons being the design order of the day. It's much easier to assign different instructions to individual players, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to specifying which attacking players you want to drop back, or whether you want your striker to run in behind the defense.

You can also switch between basic counter-attacking, long-ball, and possession based schemes at the press of a button. The kinds of options available are in no way as exhaustive as in the likes of Football Manager, but they at least provide a simple means of having your players move in a way that suits your favoured style.

The goal is not to make you feel like a football manager or a central defender grinding out a tough one goal victory on a bitter winter night. That would be too realistic, and not exciting enough.

In truth, FIFA is such a mainstream proposition that tactical options of great depth and complexity would be counter-productive to what the series is trying to achieve. The goal with FIFA 15, as with almost every other FIFA game, is to replicate the most interesting parts of what you see on TV, hence the ability to score goals of sublime lavishness. The goal is not to make you feel like a football manager or a central defender grinding out a tough one-goal victory on a bitter winter night. That would be too realistic, and not exciting enough.

The supremely popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode shares this highlight reel feel, with star players now available on short loan periods for those times when you can't afford to purchase them outright. Rather than grind out those tough early victories using your team of journeyman footballers, you can now just loan the likes of Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, immediately making you feel like the manager of a credible team.

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If you're not interested in spending the time and money to build up a quality Ultimate Team squad, you can dive into Tournament Mode returns, which makes a welcome return in FIFA 15. There are a huge amount of tournaments on offer, with major competitions such as the English FA Cup and German Deutscher Pokal rubbing shoulders with comparative minnows like Mexico's Apertura and Norway's Braathens Cup. Licensing restrictions means international tournaments, such as the World Cup, European Championship, and Copa America are missing, which is a shame.

Career continues to be the deepest mode, allowing you to take on a role as a player or a manager. As manager your job revolves around winning trophies and building a working team, while as a player you need only worry about performing well enough to cement your place as a first-team regular. If you played career in FIFA 14 then you'll know what to expect here, with improved presentation and scouting options being the only real changes to the working formula.

Increasingly, however, FIFA is all about online play, and it's there that the focus on big shots and attacking football comes into its own. Scoring a sublime goal is all the more satisfying against a real human player, especially if that person is a friend you can taunt afterwards. The new consoles' video sharing ability means you can also share the moment with everyone else that you know online, whether they're interested or not. After all, nothing makes you feel more like a star than sharing your game winning goals on your parents' Facebook page.

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Once the final whistle is blown, that's what FIFA 15 does best: it makes you feel like a star. Goalkeepers may appear more skilful, but spectacular goals are frequent enough to make you believe that you're incredible at defeating them. Tactical options have just the right amount of depth to allow you to change the course of a game and call yourself a genius for doing so, but not so much that you're at risk of confusing yourself. Ultimate Team still requires you to grind (or pay real cash) to put together a top team, but loaning in great players lets you perform magic instantly.

Such an approach might not have an enormous amount of depth, but that's not so much of an issue for a series that sees one core release every year. If you're looking for football that is exciting, exaggerated, and immensely entertaining, FIFA 15 is the game to get.

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The Good
New goalkeeper animations add diversity and visual flair
Opposition AI is more adaptable, less predictable
Ultimate Team's 'loan' system reduces the mode's inherent grind
Tactics and formations are easier to implement and design
Focus on attacking play makes for great online matches
The Bad
Commentary remains awkward
Emphasis on exciting football could limit long-term depth
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John has been playing FIFA since FIFA '96, a time when hair was bad, Giggs was young and Man City were relegated. For this review John accumulated some 25 hours of match time, finishing fifth in the Premier League with Liverpool and getting fired in the process. He was subsequently offered the Torino job. He rejected it.
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Avatar image for fifacoinsco

you can get free fifa 15 coins from

Avatar image for vegas07

FIFA15 is not the great game ever like some people said, i wait 7 month to buy the game when it was out, and that was because i didn't believed that fifa 15 was going to be much better then fifa 14, i'm a great fifa player i can play the game very very well, and to be honest fifa14 is better the fifa 15 and the bad things about fifa 15 is that the game play is very poor, like a player can run through all the players to scored and not just ones but all the time, is very hard to defend on fifa15 which i believe make the game stupid and very annoying , also you get stupid penalties on the game but i think if the developers can work on the defending to be like fifa14 then the fifa 15 will be better and good to play, but for now i'm gonna sell back my fifa15 and get back fifa14 at list on fifa 14 the defending is great not stupid like fifa15.

Avatar image for mafoo909

i have been playing fifa seriously since fifa 13 (not too long I know) however this fifa has improved in many aspects such as the freedom with the ball, the shots style, the free kick system is better (yet still slightly overpowered). however I feel there are two MAIN aspects where this fifa has failed.
Firstly the 'slide shot' when a player lunges for the ball and gets a toe on it and from absolutely nowhere it gets so much power into the top corner.

No fifa.. this is not realistic..

and secondly the decision making. playing fifa regularly I have been slide tackled from behind in the penalty box and nothing given even when they have not won the ball, yet I shoulder barge a player on the edge of the box and its a red card and a free kick. how can you justify these awful decisions. alongside this is the "last man" rule. if I am correct, a player who performs a last man tackle (not winning the ball) and denies a goal scoring opportunity is a straight red card, which in previous fifas they have managed to perform adequately, but in this one its usually a yellow card or nothing at all. especially in the penalty box.
but to end on a positive, purely because I enjoy fifa and I think besides the slight (yet VERY IMPORTANT) errors, it's still an enjoyable game which can be enjoyed by all.

Avatar image for masterx2209

Not bad, every year a new fifa title, and still good review scores. Would grab this game if it's a bit cheaper, already found a good site to get it for around 15,- Gameplay was always a lot of fun on fifa games. The commentary was somehow a bit annoying sometimes, maybe because everthing was repeated to often XD However more modern fifa titles are of course more 'realistic' in those things.

Avatar image for davidgiannini

The reality of the FIFA Franchise is that in the course of the years it has simply shifted its focus on one goal; Profit Maximisation.

In the course of the last editions of the Fifa franchise, the game developers realised that in order to maintain a competitive environment and subsequently a popular and profitable game they had to level out and balance the difference in experience between players. This phenomenon is mostly if not only relevant to FUT (Ultimate team), aka EA's cash machine.

What the average dedicated Ultimate team player realises in the long-run is that at some point (if not at many) he will encounter something called Handicap (automated rigging) that decides to tamper with the game. The reason for which this (undeclared) system is implemented in the game revolves around two goals; The first being that the game becomes more "competitive" and it allows inexperienced players to have their say in the game to ultimately keep them hooked and entertained. On the other hand, their second goal, much in relation to the first one, is to milk out as much cash as possible from the players. The way that EA does this is by making players go on either winning or loosing streaks. In the circumstance of a loosing streak the average player will resort to buying packs in an attempt to increase its teams strength and redeem his/her losses. Now as you may know one single match will never provide you with enough money to buy loads of packs and win high rated players so essentially what happens is that many people resort to spending physical money in forms of Fifa coins (or online Fifa traders if smart) to increase their chance of getting a good team. Much like popular games in the past and present (Clash of Clans, Runescape etc), they as a company keep you hooked to maximise their profit.

The most common examples of tampering are the following: Players missing easy tap-ins, decrease in pace, players falling and tripping, randomly assigned penalties, excessive hits on posts and bars, players getting injured on an attack, 85 Physical rated players getting knocked down by garden gnomes and of course ridiculously easy goals between specific time frames (1-5, 40-45, 85-90, 90+).

Although everything above is the main reason why I have lost faith and interest in the Franchise there are another set of reasons why I think this game deserves a very low rating:

- I feel that beyond a slight refurbishment in the GUI, Career mode is still the same dysfunctional and bugged game mode

- The strategical environment of the game is flawed (Bad defence, excessive attack, etc.)

- Tournament on Ultimate team get stuck permanently

- Squads in Ultimate team get Stuck for days if not weeks

- EA servers go down way too much

- Over priced Fifa Coins

- Unrealistic ratings of players

- Fifa tax on FUT transfer market (Really?, a tax in a game?)

The reality is that EA is playing us for fools and have effectively been able to destroy something that old and young generations have craved as a culture. In true honesty my verdict on this game is a 2.

The only real solution to make EA come to terms with what being an ethical company is about is by not buying this game anymore. Next year its PES for me. Its about time that some sane competition puts EA back on track.

Avatar image for Van_Alfreyd

This game is the worst. You can't even play the world cup in the Pro Career mode ! A career mode wich isby the way SO poorly made. Since (in-game) money doesn't have an impact on gameplay you can't even bargain with your current club for an augmentation of salary or with the clubs interested in your services. No press conferences. No preoccupations over team alchemy. No real interactions with the player's environment. You can't neither really choose where you're going to be transfered nor see the roster and the level of the teamates you're likely going to play with. The A.I. of the coach is often beyond stupid benching Ronaldo or Messi at the profit of some random player from the reserve team... In Champion's League. World Class and Legendary difficulty level are monotonous.Every teams wether it's QPR or Bastia, play the most perfect Barcelona football. The CPU is always aggressive and never runs out of stamina, knows a couple of things about perfect tackles, perfect anticipations, perfect dribbles, perfect passes and perfect faults.

The "levolution" of the pitch doesn't even affect the gameplay so why is it in the game in the first place ? That game is so wrong in so many ways I bought PES 2015... And I should have bought NBA2K15.

Avatar image for aussiegamer86

I have just started my career and so far it's mostly enjoyable. I have noticed however, that if you get subbed with not long left in the match, and you simulate the remainder, the opposition seem to make some crazy comeback. So far the opposition has come from 3-1 down to win 4-3, and 3-1 down to draw 3-all

Avatar image for Van_Alfreyd

@aussiegamer86 It depends on the team you're playing with. At Barcelona or Real Madrid for example, it's been the contrary. I usually subb myself out of the game when I'm loosing 1-0 or 2-0 at the 86 min and the team frequently wins the game in those 4-9 last minutes. It doesn't work in Champions Cup though.

Avatar image for aaronmachale

this game should be called Fifa 14.5

Avatar image for nyran125tk

" The goal is not to make you feel like a football manager or a central defender grinding out a tough one goal victory on a bitter winter night. That would be too realistic, and not exciting enough."

"That would be too realistic, and not exciting enough."

I want the most realistic experience. I should be fighting for 1 goal.

^ its why im really looking forward to PES 15 this year. I really think PES 15 might actually take it this year. If they build on PES 2014 make it a bit more fluid and make it MORE realistic, I think it might be the year to finally go back to PES for me. I can change the names of the teams and colours pretty easy and quite frankly i havent been hugely into FIFA since FIFA 13. PES 2014 was going in an interesting direction.

I'm still waiting for the strategic hardcore 90 minute game from one of these franchises where you fight for 1 goal.

Avatar image for scodec

Here is the trick for FIfa 15, I'm going to share cos I love you guys lol... Change game speed from "Normal" to "Slow" and see the magic of the game, you get a real life match simulation, it will look like Fifa and play like Pes. Gives you time to think, dribble, make important decisions, like a pro. Let us know the results of this magic tweak if it worked for you, then I will give one more tweak :)

Avatar image for Dark_Master-k

just.. why EA why.. the goalies are the worst i have ever seen, ever! will they update it? people need to start making EA realise this is just ridiculous 45 quid for a poorly made version of fifa 14, granted the passing and players have improved, but defending? saving? i mean come on! feel like ive had my money stolen.

Avatar image for scodec

@Dark_Master-k Well if you are used to EA you know its a matter of some few weeks and the game bugs will be fixed, wait for update :)

Avatar image for oladipowilliams

Fifa15 is the worst fifa game ever made..why copy PES 13 gameplay. Fifa is supposed to be hardcore

Avatar image for m31r3

This is the same goddamn game like last year. Slightly faster gameplay, but same bugs.

I was really impressed by PES this year. I haven't played PES since 2009 or something, so i'm not really a fanboy. You guys should all give it a chance.

Avatar image for aaronmachale

@m31r3 yup, they should call it Fifa 14.5

Avatar image for asterio446

i donwload FIFA 15 with origin but i cant play!!!!!!! The game it has many ploblems!!!!!! :o(

my problem is, i click play and pop up "EA logo" and then nothing!!!!!!!! it want run!!!!!!

please eny hepl to fix this!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for rosen22

clubs is broken

Avatar image for kobrakommandant

some slight glitches..but overall a fun and interesting game.. one of the best FIFA games since FIFA 94. I love this game.

Avatar image for asterio446

the game has many problems ans lags!!!!!!!

Avatar image for obiken

Empty I never had that problem.

My problem is in acquiring new players is way too real and complex. Real life can sometimes ruin a simulator and a sports game. This has been a problem that I have had with FIFA for 3 years or more.

Come on the KISS principle should run abound here. Madden is good in this area but is headed in that direction.

NO, Newcastle will always be a middle table team until they get a sugar daddy or a really great player who wants just to play for them. The former is more likely. But this is a VIDEO game not real life.

As far as the game mechanics I am NOT a soccer purist. However their is still glitches like the defensive players just taking the ball and running out of bounds. I give it an B-. Good maybe but not great.

Avatar image for emptydesire3

@obiken The only thing I'm complaining about are basic things not working. I don't get why when I set a substitute list, the game changes it. I don't know why when I try to play in a cup tourney, it doesn't count the game. I'm just trying to enjoy the video game. I can adapt to the faults of the game, they're always there. I just want to be able to play it. But to join a tournament, win a match, then have the game act like I didn't even play is frustrating. I've enjoyed the actual in game play, just not some of the structure of the game around it.

Avatar image for emptydesire3

I've just finished my third attempt at a cup. I play the first game and win and nothing happens, like the cup isn't even real and the bracket doesn't fill in the information to advance to the next round. But, if I quit a match, the bracket fills in for me losing. Same old Fifa. Don't buy this garbage, even if the game play is way better, the glitches in the game mean you don't play for anything.

Avatar image for Keitha313

Whilst I think this game is a step in the right direction with regards of the change of the game-play mechanics i.e. making pace actually effective, getting rid of scripting on difficulty and physical presence feels more useful and somewhat improving the computer Ai.

I think its still criminally insane to ignore the fact that a game yearly released and charging the same retail price of £45-60 every single year doesn't offer any major change up in the game modes (depth added) that they have that for me is just insulting to the fans and customer purchasing this.

Put it this way aside from the game-play mechanic changing a bit what else has really changed to make the game a more enjoyable experience for you to get immersed into the game?

  1. More licensing power brought to it
  2. Emotions(animations) of the way a player react to an event/script
  3. More real in game faces
  4. A sort of different layout
  5. Slightly more customization of squads

Some new features to FUT but yet again the same manipulation of this game mode on offering micro-transactions for gamer's to pay to buy items that already exist in the game this is very well a negative point about Fifa being that it is not a free to play game and they're charging for this they're basically egging you on to do it with the happy hours and what not, this for me is a blatant manipulation of gamer's and should lead to a deduction of the overall score.

Put it this way If the GS reviewers are going to criticize games such as Destiny for lacking of a good story mode why can't the same be done in terms of Fifa 15 lack of immersing fans into this game?

So what is so different Gamespot, you clearly can't defend this.

Avatar image for emptydesire3

Has anyone else had problems with the game changing the subs you set for a game? I set a lineup and change the subs to the subs I want but when I pause the game, the subs are not the ones I put there. Anyone know whats happening? Its frustrating.

Avatar image for deion_sandals

@emptydesire3 I haven't played 15 but the same thing happened with the World Cup edition. It's such a basic issue that it's just astounding they didn't notice it before release. I'd like to say a patch will fix it but none of the World Cup patches did so don't get your hopes up.

Avatar image for Opus_Rea-333

Game seems crazy good already watched some smooth videos. Animations are life like at times.

I'm talking about the Xbox One version Videos here.

Avatar image for scodec

@Opus_Rea-333 I own fifa on both consoles, I'm an Xbox fan but I'm a man not a boy. Gues what cos of the poor quality of the xbox controller I will b returning the Xbox One. Graphics on PS4 is way way better than Xbox one in terms of Fifa and Pes, cheers!

Avatar image for ses_23

My two pence...

It's far too easy to score long range shots. My friends and I score 2/3 long range shots per game which is ridiculous in honesty, taking away that feeling of achievement when doing so. It also defeats the object of build up play in and around the box. Why bother when you can just hit it from 30 yards and 9 times out of 10 it will either go in or force a corner? In addition, the goalkeepers in the demo make a lot of mistakes, largely due to parrying it instead of easily catching it. I understand that they have filtered out a lot of mistakes, e.g. the first touch is much improved, however imo they really are going to the business end of the scale now. They want you to score more goals, like the review mentions. The fact that they are adding these features to enable you to score screamers and only making minor adjustments tells me they are continually aiming toward the mass market who just want to pick up and play. They don't need to take risks and that's due to the lack of competition with regards to sales, they hit the bullseye with their approach towards live updates and Ultimate Team.

If I was creating PES I wouldn't even attempt to target the same market as Fifa, I would attempt to target the Football Manager market. Not literally but by that I mean those who really place a lot of emphasis on the way to play football, e.g. making tactics in the game a really prominent feature. If you set your team up to play a short passing game with a low tempo, you would have to take your time with your build up and retain possession in order to really influence the match. Likewise, if you set up your team to play a fast counter attacking game you would have to sit deep then hit them on the break. I believe this is becoming a bigger feature in football with programmes like Match Of The Day and Sky Sports highlighting the way teams play in much more depth than 4/5 years ago. Now I know some of you will say that Fifa have introduced these features to the game but do they really make that much of a difference? I don't think so. If you're playing one style over another you can't see the difference and it doesn't really affect the way you play. In addition, as aforementioned, why bother when you can just hit it from 30 yards?

However, saying all this, Fifa does do a lot of things well, such as how the players feels when running with them, so I'd try and incorporate those aspects.

Obviously the problem with my concept is that I'd be targeting a niche market and that's not how a large corporation such as Konami wants to operate. In fact, I don't even know if it would be economically viable for them. However, what I do know is that there is a proportion of the football gaming market who want this type of game and by effectively splitting the market, then enhancing it year on year, they could really give Fifa something to worry about....

Avatar image for jknifeza

@ses_23 i totally agree,i have said previously that FIFA is and arcade game and PES is a simulation. that is the difference,i am one of the niche market that enjoys the gameplay of the game. Just wish PES would get official licences,then we would see who can make the most realistic Football game,which works out better for the gamers anyway!

Avatar image for Guimengo1

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 8/10, wow. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

That simulation tag under genres is very not fitting, it's like calling Call of Duty a simulation.

Avatar image for shanoobergloobe

give me back pro clubs on 360 and ps3 you wankers!!!

Avatar image for ideoteque81

Picked this game up yesterday for PS4. Was not able to play Seasons mode for some reason. But did play a couple Career Mode Games and thought it looked great. Add me on PSN ideoteque81

Avatar image for Zarkhaine

@ideoteque81 Just added you, although I won't get the game til Friday, cus that's when it's released in the UK.

Avatar image for scodec

@vackillers If you're buying Fifa for the first time in 6 years you do not qualify to leave a review or comment, Real fans buy this every year, so go sit down.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

I get FIFA every year. Each year I like them more than the last one. FIFA 15 feels like a big bump in animations and fluidity.

Avatar image for N-bellic

How does the ps3 version of the game compare to its next gen counterparts? In terms of visual, gameplay, features etc.

Avatar image for deactivated-58a78a043e9d4

@N-bellic It's not astounding, especially considering that you rarely see anything up close. It is a noticeable improvement but there are number of things that are still pretty unrefined. The grass for example is just made up of straight monochrome polygons with no variation. Compare that with PES 14 which has lower quality grass but it actually looks like grass rather than astroturf.
It's just lots of little things like that.
The animations are the same as always, just a bit more reactionary. They're still a bit like puppets though.

Avatar image for N-bellic

@pongley Thanks for the heads up. I think I'm still going to pick it up since I don't own a ps4 and my pc's video card just doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

Avatar image for dbmcgee3

Awkward Commentary??? This rivals NBA 2k for the best commentary in any sports game, ever. I'm not really sure what else you'd want in that regard. Otherwise, a pretty fair review from my perspective.

Avatar image for deactivated-58a78a043e9d4

@dbmcgee3 A lot of people get fed up with the commentary because they keep talking about the same 5 events from their own careers that have almost no relevance to what's happening on the pitch.

Avatar image for Zarkhaine

@dbmcgee3 That's what I thought. What the hell do they expect? Martin Tyler is one of the best commentators around.

Avatar image for The_Answer_1

Ive been playing Fifa / Pes since forever but i stopped at fifa 2010 lol , my thing is to just buy one every 4 years . If Pes was able too get the rights and add a few more stuff i would probably not even consider this . As for the score well it really has no bearing on me i know exactly what you get from EA i have no great expectations. lol

Avatar image for hieiwrath

@Monsterkillah yea you are right I care that you dont care but I dont really care about this game.

Avatar image for Monsterkillah

But the fact that you care that i dont care..shows you that u actually care ! I dont care that u dont care wether if i dont care about this game..but obviously you care that i dont care

Avatar image for mariotakeiteasy

@Monsterkillah Haha! The number of cares in that sentence made everyone go insane no doubt.. Not that I.. care or anything.. :)

Avatar image for Ezioprez9709

@mariotakeiteasy @Monsterkillah Nailed it.

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