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Eat your heart out in this undersea action game, in which you guide a fish around as it swallows up anything smaller. Fun, simple gameplay makes this one a fine if brief diversion.

Feeding Frenzy is a fun little arcade action game about undersea Darwinism. What you do in it is eat any fish that's smaller than you are, simply by guiding your fish around a small 2D area teeming with undersea life--and occasional explosive mines as well as pearl-bearing oysters, for good measure. Power-ups temporarily speed you up and freeze all other fish in place, helping to keep things interesting. The two modes of play let you munch through several dozen stages either against the clock or not. The game's slippery feel fits the setting well, and your fish has a couple of abilities: It can lunge forward or vacuum up anything in front of it at the touch of a button.

There's always fresh fish on the menu in Feeding Frenzy, a short-lived but compelling little action game.
There's always fresh fish on the menu in Feeding Frenzy, a short-lived but compelling little action game.

The game's graphics are simple, crisp, and colorful, especially in HD, and it's satisfying to watch your fish grow bigger and bigger during the course of one of Feeding Frenzy's brief levels. The chomping noises and upbeat soundtrack fit the game well, and the cartoony look makes this one suitable for Finding Nemo fans of all ages.

Feeding Frenzy might not have what it takes to keep you coming back for more, but it provides simple, addictive fun for an hour or two. A dozen unlockable achievements and online leaderboards entice you to play through the main modes and then to stick around for a while to accomplish some tougher challenges. One achievement is automatically unlocked after you've played the game for 10 hours, but you probably wouldn't stick with Feeding Frenzy for nearly that long without the carrot-on-a-stick, which is 20 additional gamer points. At about $10, the price of admission is a little steep for this one, but you'll find it to be a nice, mindless diversion if you give it a shot.

The Good
Simple, instantly intuitive gameplay
Gratifying sound
Fast-paced and fairly addictive
The Bad
Lacks depth (in spite of the setting)
Not much long-term value
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  • First Released 2005
    • Mobile
    • PC
    • Xbox 360
    Feeding Frenzy is an Xbox Live Arcade game in which you control a fish attempting to eat everything in your path, eventually taking on the Shark King.
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    Developed by:
    Sprout Games
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    In-Fusio, Oberon Media, MumboJumbo, Microsoft Game Studios
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