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Farm Frenzy doesn't produce wool, eggs, or milk, but it does offer some low-key farming strategy.

You might not think about using your high-tech mobile handset to take a trip back to the good old days of living on a farm, tending ducks and sheep, but that's exactly what Farm Frenzy has to offer. It's a sleepy and slow-paced game at first, but it offers enough challenge at the later levels to keep you interested.

In Farm Frenzy, you have to protect your livestock from bears.
In Farm Frenzy, you have to protect your livestock from bears.

In Farm Frenzy, you buy livestock and feed them grass so they'll be healthy and active producers. Their byproducts are sent off to market every so often by a truck, which returns with gold that you can use to buy more animals. You can also use the money to buy machines that will turn eggs into cupcakes, or wool into cloth. These refined products earn more money on the market and will help you achieve your goals for each level.

You have two main enemies in the game. The first is a ticking time limit that you have to beat for the best ranking. The second is: Bears that fall from the sky to disrupt your operations. The bears are especially annoying, because they can land right on top of your prized cow and set your progress back far enough that you have to restart the entire level. Fortunately, you can combat the bears by caging them and shipping them off to sell them by tapping them onscreen repeatedly, which gives the gameplay a very minor action element.

Most of your time is spent making money-management decisions, like whether to spend your gold on a faster truck or a bigger warehouse, or which livestock should fill out your pens. After playing through several missions that incorporate the same few animals and objectives, you'll almost certainly wish that Farm Frenzy offered more variety. Considering the game's cheery, upbeat atmosphere, some sort of story mode might have made a fun addition.

You can buy mills to turn your animal’s byproducts into refined goods.
You can buy mills to turn your animal’s byproducts into refined goods.

While Farm Frenzy looks nice, it has sound problems on the Motorola Droid--specifically, there are no sound effects or music on this device. Also on the Droid, the onscreen "buttons" are very small and often unresponsive, and that's on a handheld with a generous-sized screen. Farm Frenzy is a better-than-average simulation with a down-home country aesthetic, but while the gameplay is fun, it ultimately seems like a missed opportunity.

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    The Good
    Requires a good deal of strategy
    Gold and silver awards for each level
    Cheery atmosphere.
    The Bad
    Tiny buttons
    No audio on Motorola Droid.
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