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Far Cry Primal Review

  • First Released Feb 23, 2016
  • Reviewed Mar 1, 2016
  • PS4
  • PC
  • XONE
Robert Handlery on Google+

Into the wild.

Far Cry Primal is a case study in how a game's setting can drive its every layer, from the tone of its story, to the dangers of its world, to the brutality of its combat.

That setting is the Stone Age. It's 10,000 BC, and our protagonist Takkar is searching for the lost members of his Wenja tribe. They're scattered across the Oros Valley, a dense wilderness of forests, swamps, and frozen caves, complete with mammoths and sabertooth tigers. As Takkar, you'll build up a new Wenja village with a multifarious cast of characters.

This reconstruction sets up Primal's progression system. By recruiting the aforementioned Wenja--such as the shaman Tensay or the warrior Karoosh--you'll unlock new items, weapons, and abilities. When you look past the facade, it's essentially a new skin for the franchise's traditional upgrade structure. But it lends character to what could be a lifeless system.

As you build up your tribe from within, you encounter members of other groups, the majority of whom have plans contrary to your own. The identity of each of the game's three tribes, and the political dynamic between them, sets up conflicts in a natural way.

Building your village grants you new upgrades, equipment, and tools.
Building your village grants you new upgrades, equipment, and tools.

So too does Primal's world. In fact, most of the game's conflicts arise from nature. Primal still uses the basic open-world framework of a traditional Far Cry game, with a cascading series of outposts to capture, weapons to unlock, and upgrades to craft. But the Stone Age setting is far more foreboding than those of past Far Cry games.

Here, vicious animals travel in packs, striking as a collective whole while you slink through the undergrowth toward enemy camps. A day/night cycle also adds more tension to the world: predators are more abundant and aggressive in the darkness. Even now, after dozens of hours in this valley, I still feel anxious as the sun goes down, hoping I have enough animal fat to ignite my club and ward off hulking carnivores.

This focus on survival permeates Far Cry Primal. In the northern wastes, the cold becomes a factor, making each bonfire a glowing beacon of safety as you fight to stay warm. In Primal's lush swampland, avoiding danger means avoiding the water, where underwater predators abound.

There's a fine balance between tension and fun that elevates the whole experience.

As a solitary hunter with simple tools, you're also less equipped to defend yourself than the protagonists of Far Cry 3 and 4. Gone are handguns and grenade launchers--here you have spears, clubs, and slingshots. They not only bring a slow, measured pace to combat, but also add to Primal's overall identity and tone. You're a lone wanderer here, not a walking armory. And although there are more ways to die in this Far Cry than any previous entry, Primal never feels too difficult--there's a fine balance between tension and fun that elevates the whole experience.

On one of Primal's nights, the valley's lurking threats coalesced into a challenge that tested all of my knowledge of the game's survival systems. I was out of wood for spears. I was low on meat for health. I was hundreds of meters from the warmth of the nearest campfire. So by sprinting toward the closest sanctuary on my map--collecting hardwood for torches along the way, and relying on stealth and my few remaining arrows for defense--I trekked through one of the more stressful scenarios the game had to offer. Yet it was thrilling. This was Primal at its best.

The Stone Age setting can also be a detriment, though. The simple toolset serves the game's themes well, but with enough time, it becomes clear how limited your loadout really is. In stealth scenarios, I rely on my silent bow. In open combat, I swing my club wildly. When hunting elk and grizzly bears, I use my spears. There are several more creative tools, but by and large, I find myself relying on the same simplistic options time after time. Primal's reliance on Stone Age combat detracts from the emergent scenarios that occur elsewhere.

Certain animals function better as stealth companions.
Certain animals function better as stealth companions.

There are also powerful enemies whose excessive armor chips away at the fun. I had the best spear upgrades possible, but even at this point in the game's late hours, these armored brutes can take almost 30 seconds to bring down. That's not fun--that's tedium.

But then there's the Beast Master skill tree, and it's the most impactful change to the Far Cry formula. It allows you to tame the creatures in this ancient setting, recruiting them to hunt, fight, and travel with you.

Jaguars kill enemies without alerting larger groups. Wolves pounce on distant archers while you close the gap. You can also ride bears and baby mammoths, clawing and bashing your way through groups of warriors with little resistance. You can use your owl to scout the land ahead of you, tagging more dangerous fighters and dropping makeshift grenades into groups of enemies.

Beast Master abilities are the embodiment of Far Cry Primal's strengths.

Learning the unique abilities of each animal, and taking the time to experiment with them, is essential for your survival. After a while, your predator allies become an extension of yourself. They become the powerful weapons otherwise absent in the the abrasive wilderness.

These abilities are the embodiment of Primal's strengths. When it uses the Stone Age setting to elevate the combat and reinforce the brutality of nature, it thrives. It fosters a give-and-take relationship with the wilderness, granting you the means to survive, but also the threats you have to overcome. That focus on primitive times can become a hindrance at certain points, with limited tools and repetitive combat, but in the end, Far Cry Primal stays true to its callous setting, fleshing out every layer of the captivating world it creates.

Editor's Note: Far Cry Primal is now available on PC, and after taming numerous wild animals, liberating defended enemy outposts, and recruiting several members of the Wenja tribe, it's clear that Primal's PC version not only matches the quality of its console cousins, but slightly outpaces them in several ways, too. 60fps makes the brutal combat smoother. Detailed textures lend a more natural look to the Stone Age environment. Far Cry Primal's setting is its greatest strength, and in its newest form on PC, it's still worth the many hours it takes to explore.

Mike Mahardy on Google+
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The Good
Cohesive, foreboding world
Tense focus on survival
Creative Beast Master abilities
The Bad
Repetitive combat
Limited weapon set
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Mike Mahardy spent about 30 hours riding mammoths, burning villages, and crafting spears in Far Cry Primal on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Both console copies were provided by Ubisoft.
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Avatar image for murekkep

This game deserves a 7 at best.

Avatar image for deactivated-58068e533d0c3

I bought Far Cry Primal on sale from Steam and I love it. Far Cry is a great game. The only thing I don't like is killing animals that don't attack me.

Avatar image for Purpledust

I just want to say: Great review Mike!

Avatar image for aspeckman

While I was skiing this winter here in Utah, I pretty much ignored this game. I was wrapped up in Destiny and getting ready for The Division. I had also bought Far Cry 4 on the PS4, it was on sale, cheap. I liked it but it wasn't that captivating, so I continue to play it occasionally.

I bought this game on Amazon Prime day for 25 bucks. Figured what the heck. I wanted the PS4 version, but it was quickly sold out. I was reading how the graphics were better on the PS4, but while I was reading, the deal went 100 pct used. So, I opted for the xbox version and like it.

I rarely write here, but felt compelled after today. I got the game yesterday, delivered. I had almost forgot I ordered it actually, then there it was in the package.

I put the disk in and started it up. I liked the 10000 BC setting. I had also read how they used the same basic map that Far Cry 4 had. Being familiar with the game mechanics of FC4, I quickly got up to speed.

But, what I wasn't expecting was how beautiful and captivating the environment was. Not since Turok Dinosaur Hunter have I felt such immersion in the time period, with all the ambient environmental effects and the almost constant prehistoric themed music. It really put me into the game, imagining I was a beast master 10000 years BC. WOW and the game play just kept me going, at the same time I felt relaxed like I have not been in a long time in a game. What I mean is I didn't feel like I couldn't handle anything, and unlike games such as Alien Isolation, I wasn't shocked by the gore and what was around the next corner.

What I enjoy the most in this game is hunting with my owl and companion. I enjoy unlocking taming of different beasts and going on the hunt to find the beasts.

I also enjoy the characters with their foreign language, reading the sub titles. It was a good decision to not use english as in FC4. I felt immersed in their culture and folklore. I felt like I was in another land, in another time on this old earth. Tired of guns and more guns, I like the simple weapons. They are balanced well.

That is what I wanted to say, I love this game and have not had an experience like this since Turok Dinosaur hunter on the N64. Good job! I've been playing it all day, getting up for drinks and a little food. I did manage to get my front light on my car replaced and folded some laundry. But other than that, I have been playing this game ALL DAY and last night.


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I picked this over The Divisions. Im glad I did.

As good a title this is in the FarCry series I feel they've repeated and played it too safe. Don't get me wrong I love the things that have been repeated but it just doesn't quite feel that much different from its previous titles.

The main campaign doesn't seem so interesting enough. Im more preoccupied with doing taming and wrestling with the occasional sabretooths and semi naked tribesmen.

Visually stunning as usual.

Avatar image for rocky_southpaw

I personally don't see why the game was rated this high or talked so highly of. It consist of 12 missions that are actually original then you have the special beast kill/tame missions that are glitched for a lot of players. Aside from the few original aspects, the game is filled with repetitiveness. You have the very limited side quest missions that make you feel like if you've done one of them, you've done them all. The game had a lot of potentional with the crafting menu but it fell short of its limits quit far. You can 100% the game in 25-30 hours and most people beat it in 17 hours. Simply not enough origional content that has lasting appeal. Once the game is beat, the likely hood you'll play it again is low. I give it a 6 simply because the graphics were spot on and the work they put into the language is outstanding.

Avatar image for bugzzy

I was one of the many who were bashing this game before it's release but bought it anyway. To my surprise it is an excellent game and somewhat addicting.

Avatar image for kennybee

I'm playing on the ps4 and love the graphics and game play. I have had nothing but fun playing. I have more then 60 hours of play and have explored the whole map and not found any glitchs or problems. I have enjoyed primal. I highly recommend it. And for those who are complaining that the pc version sucks, all I can say is "get a better pc" this game rocks. Period.

Avatar image for browland1

I'm about 15 hours into Far Cry Primal and I've been very impressed with it. I love Far Cry 3 and 4, and this feels very similar but with some notable (and in some cases, refreshing) changes. The lack of guns, vehicles and an interesting villain are going to turn some people off, but the focus on hunting, gathering and crating works well in Primal given the setting. While the variety of weapons is smaller, the ability to tame and summon animals, and even ride them in some cases, makes up for it. Despite the opinions of some people here (who have obviously not played it), the game doesn't feel like glorified DLC or a lackluster expansion. It's a unique experience in the Far Cry universe and one I would have no hesitation recommending to fans.

Avatar image for playstationzone

So 8 for copy and paste game Aslo game sold so be another ffar cry without guns . I hope next one set future again .

Avatar image for Itzsfo0

@playstationzone: yea id rather have it in a prehistoric enviroment i dont care what they call it - just make another game like this another Far Cry 3 and 4 I will pull my hair out, guns get boring. But to each their own

Avatar image for validifyed

Perhaps... ok, Im definitely cynical, but even so; I feel like the games industry has totally gone to sh*t and yet these games all seem to be getting the same high review scores, or even higher.

Avatar image for Itzsfo0

@validifyed: yea your just being cynical its why I rarely read comments sections I hear all this talk yet...the best platformers, open box sandbox enviroments, best visuals/sound tracks, and overall gameplay (from games like Super Meat Boy and puzzle/plat from Braid and modern day games of the same ilk) are some of the best I feel if anything the game industry is far better now (even WITH the issues DLC+microtransactions) bigger, billion-dollar industry with large AAA games that (I've actually enjoyed) from Witcher 3 to MGS V to great platformers like Shovel Knight and DK: Tropical Freeze, and the classic 2010/2011 Xenoblade CHronicles SHIT I'd put those titles up against ANYTHING from the Chrono Trigger (1994/1995 SNES so called "golden era") problem with nostalgia = this, its nostalgia its a drug keeps you remembering the "good times" but forgetting all the SHIT they had back then (and trust me there was tons of shit back then too, just different forms of shit) you know whats going to shit ? not the industry the gamers themselves = the cynical nothing is enjoyable attitude for you is my opinion (back to great game) see...point is, I've been a gamer for 28 years, I remember the 2nd gen console, up to present day (and PC gaming as well throw in handheld gaming equally as well) over nearly 30 years...I don't see the big deal everytime I read a comment like this I look around like ? whats so bad ? why spend what little time you have on earth (if you like gaming or say you like it but really just wanna bash it ) why even come here, read reviews, debate with other gamers back and fowarth...hell its something I rarely even do...but this time I felt the need to say the big issue (and I wrote something about this not long ago) after years of being silent I realized what I really need to just do is ignore comments sections COMPLETELY (read review and stop scrolling at the review score w/ the pros/cons stop there) cause everything below is a pissing contest, angry tirades, and overall cynicism for the sake of shock value or biased idealogies "blah blah im not happy with this, its not original enough, i dont like that score enough blah blah" lord cut your wrist already ? I'm enjoying more games more then ever, loads of them and everytime I buy a game that people say "man that didn't deserve a 9, no way stupid indie game, games are shit nowadays" I come back 20-30-40 hours later no it was good, I enjoyed it OH RIGHT ..I forgot ...ITS OPINION ...your OPINION is that the game industry is shit ? you want mine ? the game industry isnt shit THE GAMERS are , and their overly-cynical view of the industry complaining bout (pretty much every aspect) you can't please gamers nowadays even if something TRUELY amazing came out, still you'd get 6/10 comments bitching about 1 aspect or another, then you'd get that really annoying guy who posts about the industry as-awhole, complains about every aspect, ok so you call me "naive" or "gullible" or "easy to please" thats fine, cause those aren't really "insults" atleast I AM easy to please, i'm the guy who watches a TV show or documentary and I don't comment on "originality" or "realism" I enjoy, period, or...I dont enjoy theres things I dont like ...don't get me wrong but overall I don't sit and complain for the sake of I say again without being too redundant I think its the gamer[s] themselves that ruin it...nothing wrong with constructive criticism and debating opinion (long as people realize thats exactly what it is OPINION) but...overall the only time I feel negative or like I need a hot shower is when I come to comments sections on sites like gamespot, polygon, ign, youtube (my lord), and facebook (anything game related or social networking where people have groups/discuss diff topics) I realize its really not just games its all of arts & entertainment (1 show vs another show...GoT Vs TWD or the beatles vs led zeppelin, or this game console vs this one, or that platform to game on vs that one) or just overall arguing/debating (with no real fact, just opinion/subjectiveness being thrown around as "fact" when its not) and people complaining, yes I'm complaining right now but not about game dev's, games themselves, the software, sure we can discuss greed, microtransactions, dlc, broken day 1 releases...but um...I don't care about DLC (if you have a fast enough shouldnt' be a bother 600mg DLC's are done in seconds all jokes aside) and micro-transactions...out of all the games I play per year (x360, ps4, wii u, new 3ds xl, PC, tablet/smartphone) i've yet to come across any real "issue" or NEED to have to use those kind of services and 3 ? day 1 broken released, frame rate issues w/ certain titles ? don't buy it right away play other titles, down the road guaranteed there will be a "complete edition" or "GOTY edition" or (what have you) hell I have more then enough 7th gen titles to play before I even STEP into the 8th gen world (or current) gen world of really half the games that are out now, I won't get to for another year or two, when they are half off/discounted (etc, etc) go to gamestop, use my card, get Far Cry Primal for $17.99 w/ full DLC included in it, enjoy it - onto next whats so bad about the industry ? I guess its one of those "to each their own" but...I'm kind of glad I'm 36 years old, cause when you are older its sort of like music to a 20-year old "all deep and original, need that indie music man, the real underground stuff, I want to be original" oh shut up (says the 36 year old) just listen to music who gives a shit if its too "mainstream" too big, to pop, who cares ? you like the song enjoy it...thats my idealogy when it comes to music/games/literature/film/television....just watch, read, listen, play dont like it ? fine it wasn't suited for your tastes, or maybe its an acquired taste...but my lord no reason to bash the ENTIRE music industry even WITH all the shit thats out, theres quality to be found (the same could be said for all the other forms of entertainment as well) I find tons of great games, one after another...infact MORE then I did as a 12 year old playing SNES and N64 as a teenager, and PSX/PS2/PC as a I said I've been gaming since the mid to late 80s...everything from arcade's down the street from where I grew up to consoles and PC's and handhelds, grew up on Nintendo but also enjoyed Sony consoles from the first system, a dab of Sega, and over the last 15-16 years Microsoft as well (as well as PC gaming and MMO's and alot / majority of BLizzard's big 3 franchises d, d2, d3 - WC1, 2, 3 - WOW for a few years, and SC original) I agree classics like Final Fantasy VII are hard to top, and Chrono Trigger as mentioned way above in my (run on - paragraph) which I apologize for but, you get the point...I think its really the gamers themselves that make up the bulk of the negative aspects of gaming, I have a 13 year old nephew who loves gaming, he reminds me of ME when I was his age (he liked the outdoors, sports, but loves gaming as well gets a healthy dose of both) like me he's quick to respond, fast typer, fast talker, not a good abbreviator or good at using punctuation I don't think either of us will be writers say the least but we have the same passions/hobbies...gaming isn't my only one but its one of the big ones...and its one of the ones that I can rely on, I honestly can't go back though to the "Classic" games once I've spent alot of time with keyboard/mouse combos + high end headsets + wi-fi and gaming online w/ friends from work + full motion control + the 6-axis rotation of most thumb-sticks on most console controllers nowadays = when I go back to the classic 2-button w/ D-pad games from yester-year with 16bit graphics, while its cute and all I just don't get the same feeling as I did as a kid, I enjoy the modern games and I will stick with them, but I can "remember" the classic games for what they were, GOOD for the time...some of them don't hold up nearly as well as you may think in your head, some are just plain ol' ugly (considering) what we see ...I guess its to each their own...but thats my take after writing this I probably won't come back to this comments section or respond and I'll end up going back to what I always do...not commenting or not reading comments cause usually thats the worse part of gaming for me, not the games - or the people who make them, or the so-called greed invovled and technical issues either, its the gamers may have a different take on it, but...sorry to hear you feel that way. This wasn't meat to bash you, or say you are stupid or sling random insults...just an opinion...Good day.

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Avatar image for crazynotstupid

The games industry is better than ever. The stagnation you feel is probably because you play the same kind of games all the time. If you play games like Shadow of Mordor, Witcher 3, and then Far Cry Primal then what exactly do you expect ? Of course they will be more of less similar in nature. You can try fighting games which are at a pretty good time in their history. You can try racing games which are an absolute joy these days. Football games (both Fifa and PES, not to mention Rocket league) are excellent at the moment. Strategy is probably the only genre going through a tough period. FPS is as good as ever. So if anything the games industry looks in extremely good shape, thanks to rapid advances in AI, graphics, etc. And even if you're not impressed with all that and want something truly revolutionary, VR just arrived with Rift and HTC.

Avatar image for kenundrum7

@validifyed: Perhaps a solid 8, or more. I was a bit cynical, but bought it anyway, actually, partly because so many were complaining about it on Steam. I had to find out for myself, and I did not experience any of the problems they complained about. I do not believe the users reviews in general anymore, as they often complain about ridiculous things. You have to learn how to weed out the stupid ones from the reasonable ones.

Avatar image for validifyed

@kenundrum7: I often find myself not getting any of the performance problems many PC gamers' reportedly get. So I agree that such things should not put the game down. But I, in my cynical ways, like to say that games have gone down hill quite drastically. Ok, well maby not "downhill", but simply stagnant, nothing new is happening in the vast majority of the game development world. To me this should mean that games are slowly given lower and lower scores.

Take fallout 4 for example, compare it to skyrim and it undoubtedly is a better engine, and the storyline is not noticably worse. Yet by "The standard of the day", Skyrim was a masterpiece and Fallout 4 felt like a game built on a heavily dated engine. I liked fallout 4, but times move on and the rating should signify that idea - this is a good game, but it would have been amazing a few years back.

Avatar image for kenundrum7

@validifyed: I agree with most of what you said. I see the somewhat stagnation, as they think they found formulas that work, and just churn out more of the same often times. It is an unfortunate result of the natural order of things, and of capitalism. But some times the subtly changes make a better game. I think it is true in this case. Although I can understand why some may think it is more of the same, and may get bored too soon after getting it. Person preference I think. Got to do your homework.

I do not think innovation needs to be a major factor, to necessitate a higher score. A game should stand on its own merit. Just because it is different does not mean it is automatically better, or even good. And if it is similar does not mean it is bad, if it was done right. Personal preference I think.

Avatar image for Itzsfo0

@kenundrum7: I guess it is personal preference but (one of the points I was trying to make in my convuluted run on sentence was) - MORE of the same = not always a bad thing far cry 2, 3, 4, primal, next one, and the one after could all be relatively the same (well maybe take out 2, and just say 3, 4, primal, 5, 6 ) and I wouldn't complain paying $20, $25, even $30 for a 1 year old title that plays much like its "counterparts or siblings" I don't see as a bad thing, ...I mean Witcher 3 is a modern game, and you also have to do you seperate the line between modern and whats not modern ? cause 2011/2012 (the days of Skyrim's release and the DLC in 2012) ...that was only 48 months I mean I remember what I was doing in 2012/2013...technically Skyrim was just "last gen" when someone says modern gaming vs classic gaming I think more like PS1/PS2 (ps2 no higher then that cut off limit early 2000s) like 1990-2000 (the golden era of classic console gaming) and 2001>present is current (even though you may find it hard to say 2001/2002/2003 is current cause alot has changed since then not only in tech, but game design engines, animation, etc, etc) true but thats how alot of people break down modern vs classic....10-12 years of this, 10-12 years of that....and so ESPECIALLY the last 6-7 years...I'd put all the titles from BioShock: Infinite and Skyrim to present day The Division into the same "boat" personally I enjoyed SKyrim 440 hours on the real big issues, a few freeze's but over nearly 500 hours I really can't complain...I've had worse on the PC, have had worse in past years on older consoles know, but as much as I've enjoyed Skyrim (I'm bouncing from genre to genre here not comparing open world sandbox western rpgs to each other I'm comparing any game to any game) as much as I enjoy Skyrim (2011/2012) I didn't even get into Skyrim until well as you may know I play games long after they are first released (if you read my big post above) so I didn't even play Skyrim until 2013...literally just 3 years ago, its still semi-fresh in my mind, and I've played a few big multi-100 hour games since then (including just now finishing Witcher 3 + the 2 expansions included and all major updates) and personally I find Witcher 3 to be far better, but thats me ? not speaking for anyone else...personally the platformers of current (the retro indie titles of recent like Axiom Verge and XONE's Ori and the Blind Forest) I'm enjoying far more then the platformers of just 3, 4, 5 years ago...(though there was many good ones from that time period as well including 2011's Braid and 2010 Spelunky and Super Meat Boy as I mentioned in my big post above) I think its on the fence sort of thing, good then, theres good now...alot of carbon copy games ? sure...once something its and does well you see alot of clones...take a massive MMO like WoW - how many WoW spin-off's did we see post 2004-2006 IE the last so (and some of them were actually pretty good in their own right) so...I think some of what is an issue for you, really isn't an issue for me, but doesn't make you stupid or wrong, (or right) just diff said already good day.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

so when did i sleep long enough for DLC to become the price of a full release????????????????

Avatar image for playstationzone

@haze0986: Ubisoft try be next activevision since did same with destiny .

Avatar image for McGuirex3


Yep too funny and the dev's/pubs just keep putting "dlc" out because, you got it gamers keep on and keep on buying it over and over for years now. And their going to keep on DLCing gamers out of their money why you may ask is because these so called "pro" gaming sites get EVERY THIING from the devs/pubs for FREE so why would/should the gaming sites call them out on it and that's a fact! Happy gaming all!

Avatar image for Blurry85

Im surprised this is even close to rated this high..... The game is at best the epitome of average.

Avatar image for marrows

I'm sorry Gamespot, but how can you say:

"Far Cry Primal is now available on PC, and after taming numerous wild animals, liberating defended enemy outposts, and recruiting several members of the Wenja tribe, it's clear that Primal's PC version not only matches the quality of its console cousins, but slightly outpaces them in several ways, too. 60fps makes the brutal combat smoother. Detailed textures lend a more natural look to the Stone Age environment. Far Cry Primal's setting is its greatest strength, and in its newest form on PC, it's still worth the many hours it takes to explore."

I mean, just go to Steam and see the reviews ! C'mon ! Activation, Firewall, no sound, poor optimization and more ! Besides, not everyone have money to buy a super "PC gamer" like you must have (if you got 60 FPS you must have it). Get an avarage "PC gamer", run Far Cry Primal and then come here with a legit review, please.

Avatar image for kenundrum7

@marrows: I have a modest rig, and Far Cry Primal runs great on it. I saw the steam reviews before I bought it. A lot of people were complaining about some error code, others were saying it had terrible frames per second, and a few other complaints. Actually the bad reviews made me buy it. I wanted to see if my computer would run it, and for some reason I didn't necessarily believe them, and am very glad I got it. It runs great, and may be the best Far Cry Game to date, in my opinion.

Avatar image for nl_skipper

@kenundrum7: I think most people who complain about performance these days are people who have 980Ti's and dual-GPU setups, because they feel like they should be getting a flawless experience... but that's usually not how it works on PC, and they'll bitch to no end because they spent over $500 on their GPU and feel ripped off (rightfully so).

It usually doesn't bother people with more modest systems because they're willing to just turn some settings down and get an acceptable FPS. It's usually just a few of the higher end settings that cause all the issues, in my experience anyway. Though with PC there is always the risk of 100 random other issues that'll only affect specific people... like firewall issues and Uplay activation that kind of crap.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@nl_skipper: not rightfully so.... you mentioned dual gpu setups, if you spend a grand on 2 980s you deserve to struggle, because wtf are you spending that much money on gaming for if you as a pc gamer know its not that cut and dry??..dual is death , my single 970 is enough for years at 1080 why buy 3?????

Avatar image for uzbedead

@haze0986: agreed most people don't understand that there are bottlenecks, more power consumption, and issues in general with SLI. "More is always better" is probably the biggest misconception.

My rig is decently modest. I figured get a better cpu 32gigs of ram (overkill) and just update the Gpu later. 760 I can play majority of games at high. Some at ultra I'm very impressed. Company of heroes 2, ARMA3, Wreckfest and Carmageddon.

I learned Gpu's are always a moving target. Pay 2g's now or wait 8 months. Same card will be drastically lower.

Avatar image for fedor

@haze0986: What if they play at a higher resolution, or they have a 144hz monitor? I have dual 970's and I haven't regretted it at all.

Avatar image for kenundrum7

@nl_skipper: Right. Unrealistic expectations, or they are running a potato, or they got viruses from downloading questionable things, or they don't keep their comp up to date with the drivers, or a combination of any of the above.

While there are legitimate issues with some games, like the Batman Arkham Knight launch (even though it ran well for me), and minor issues with nearly all games that developers usually address right away, some people think it is cool to be negative with some titles.

The Uplay activation does stink.

Avatar image for tr4n3wreck

looks like another lack luster entry in the farcry series, its setting is a welcome change, but full price for a game that is extremely repetitive and short on innovation... lands its in my "get it on sale" category

Avatar image for julianboxe

U B I S O F T.

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@vackillers: Agree with you dude

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@vackillers: well... you could just get it for consoles,.. i mean all pc is, is a "shitty port of every game" :) says just about every PC player

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@vackillers: I'm getting between 47fps and 60fps maxed out at 3840x2160 with 2 980 TI's. My buddy has a 970 and is playing at 1080 and says he is getting 60fps. I don't know man. PC has lots of different hardware. Working ok for us.

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@vackillers: I do not see 60 fps as unreasonable for a 970. I have a 760, on high settings and 1080, and am getting 40 to 55 fps.

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@vackillers: I definitely think PC reviews should be handled separately, and on a normal powered gaming PC, not some mega PC with 3x 980 SLI (which is one of the setups GS here has, not sure if that's what they tested this game on though)... and they should at least give the specs of their test machine.

That being said I find Steam reviews, or user reviews of any kind are next to useless these days, worse than critical reviews in mot cases imo. People just bitch and complain about everything and the average person doesn't know how to score a game if you look at metacritic... it's all 0's and 10's lol. Steam only allows that kind of scoring too, wince you cna only give a thumbs up or down... it doesn't really help much in a lot of cases to simply look at the % of positive or negative reviews.

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@nl_skipper: I agree with user or steam reviews being mostly useless, less you find someone who is being reasonable.

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Next the should make Far Cry - SPAAAAAACEEEEEE

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@RogerioFM: starring MACHETE!!!!

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OOOH, the PC version came out. I was trying to figure out why the review was back at the top and thought I'd gone crazy. "Didn't I already read this?". Makes sense now


Far Cry Primal More Info

  • First Released Feb 23, 2016
    • PC
    • PlayStation 4
    • Xbox One
    Far Cry Primal takes you back to 10,000 BC to face the savage Stone Age.
    Average Rating285 Rating(s)
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    Developed by:
    Ubisoft Montreal
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    Shooter, 3D, Action, First-Person
    Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
    Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content