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EF2000 is a realistic air combat simulator designed for the die-hard computerpilot.

For all of you who have ever wanted to jump into the next millennium, here's your chance. In EF2000 you take command of the futuristic Eurofighter 2000, which won't see action until its inception into the Royal Air Force in the year 2000. With three different modes of play (training, campaign, and quickstart) and a random mission generator in its campaign mode, it offers variety and replay value not found in other simulators.

The graphics in EF2000 are sharp and richly detailed. Cities actually look like cities, and the natural scenery is smooth and textured. The impressive CD-quality music gets you in the mood to shower the enemy with your 27mm cannon.

Control can be jumpy on slower machines, but if the detail levels are adjusted, EF2000 moves smoothly enough to be enjoyable; on a Pentium 133, the game handles so well you'll bob your head when rolling. Other goodies include the ability to compete against seven other players and an option to listen to your own CD music while flying.

This title's only problems are minor and deal mainly with its steep learning curve. It is essential that you read the entire manual and memorize a number of keys before you'll be ready to fly a real mission, which adds to the realism of the experience.

Overall, EF2000 is a solid and overwhelmingly satisfying combat simulator. Not only do you get the chance to fly a futuristic battle plane before the real pilots do, but you also have beautiful scenery to view while you zoom to combat areas. If you have the time and patience to learn EF2000, you won't be disappointed.

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  • First Released Oct 31, 1995
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    EF2000 is a realistic air combat simulator designed for the die-hard computerpilot.
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