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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review

  • First Released May 15, 2012
  • Reviewed Mar 26, 2014
  • PC
Robert Handlery on Google+

Diabolical by design.

What motivates the heroes of Sanctuary to battle the forces that threaten humanity? Is it an unwavering desire to do what's right? Or is it a thirst for more power, more riches, and more stuff? Whatever it is, Reaper of Souls has it. This expansion adds a decent new character class, a great new campaign act, and most significantly, Adventure mode, a devious Blizzard concoction calculated to make Diablo III's existing content more rewarding--and more addictive--than it has been in the past.

The angel of death, Malthael, is the force threatening humanity in the new campaign chapter, and the impressive opening cutscene establishes him as a fearsome adversary indeed, showing us why he's called the reaper of souls. In a bid to end the conflict between angels and demons once and for all, Malthael is slaughtering humankind and adding the dead to his ever-growing armies. He's a terrific and terrifying villain, and it's just too bad that he doesn't show up a bit more between his show-stopping entrance and the challenging boss battle that concludes the act.

Your journey to confront Malthael takes you through the most grim and beautiful locations Diablo III has yet featured. Absent here is any hint of the life and color that sometimes clawed their way into the settings for the first four acts. Instead, you explore the gloomy city of Westmarch on one of the worst nights in its history. Later, in an impressive moment, you stand atop a massive battering ram as it smashes open the gates of the fortress of Pandemonium, and then venture into the eerie ethereal realm that lies beyond. If you like your Diablo dark, you'll be pleased to find that act five starts that way and stays that way. It's also noticeably a bit tougher than the acts that precede it, throwing more swarms of monsters at you more frequently. Malthael is determined to give your clicking finger a workout.

Urzael, one of act five's new bosses, is a fierce and fiery foe.
Urzael, one of act five's new bosses, is a fierce and fiery foe.

Reaper of Souls raises the level cap to 70, giving each class new active and passive skills to unlock. Playing through act five using my demon hunter, I made frequent use of her new vengeance skill, which tremendously increases the amount of damage you deal for 15 seconds. And the expansion introduces a new class, the crusader, a holy warrior who employs a mix of melee and ranged attacks. Crusaders feel weighty and formidable, able to bash foes with shields and cut a swath through enemies with flails, while also making use of defensive skills to manage the danger, like the ability to temporarily blind nearby enemies. They're a fine addition to Diablo III's existing pantheon of powerful heroes.

But the most significant addition Reaper of Souls brings to Diablo III is Adventure mode. Unlocked once you've defeated Malthael, Adventure mode gives you bite-size bounties to tackle in every region across Diablo III's five acts, making it a great way to accomplish something meaningful even if you can play for only 15 minutes or so. Bounties have goals like killing a specific boss or clearing a certain dungeon of monsters, and they reward you with gold, experience, and a new item called blood shards, usable at specific merchants. Completing all five bounties in an act earns you a Horadric cache, which might contain some sweet gear.

The best rewards, however, come once you collect five rift keystone fragments from doing bounties, and can then open a nephalem rift. These randomized dungeons are visually striking for the ways in which they combine tilesets from familiar locations with different lighting effects, and conquering one of these dungeons earns you some quality loot. Diablo III is, at its core, a game about addiction. It tries to keep you coming back by tempting you with increasingly alluring rewards. With Adventure mode, Diablo III now has a way to get bigger, better rewards to you faster than it has before.

Death maidens are maidens who come bearing death. Also, they're really tall.
Death maidens are maidens who come bearing death. Also, they're really tall.

And if you're not happy with a particular piece of loot you earn, there's now a new artisan, the mystic, who can replace one randomly generated property on a piece of gear for you; it's a bit of a gamble, but you might end up with something better. She can also change the appearance of your items, turning your armor into something that looks more stylish or making your helm look like a hood.

If you've played Diablo III before and found that it wasn't for you, the changes Reaper of Souls makes to the game won't be far-reaching enough to change your mind. Reaper gives those who already liked Diablo III more of what they already liked about it. Adventure mode leverages Diablo III's existing content in a clever way, and with its haunting settings and memorable villain, act five is the best chapter in the game's campaign. If you're looking for reasons to keep on clicking, Reaper of Souls has plenty.

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The Good
New story content features haunting locations and a great villain
The rewarding Adventure mode revitalizes Diablo III's existing content
Also adds a new class, cool new skills, and a new artisan to the game
The Bad
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About the Author

Carolyn spent some time playing as a crusader and exploring Adventure mode on a test realm set up by Blizzard prior to the expansion's release. She played through the new campaign content once the expansion went live. She prefers not to be reminded that she has now spent well over 100 hours playing Diablo III.
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Avatar image for nikontou

The game is broken and repetitive boring. (Conclusion after played over 1834 hours)
Top Critical Points:
Real Souleating game.
Human Energy devouring.
Photosensitive Epilepsy Colors
Impact less Rewarding System

Avatar image for RockmasteR-_-

@nikontou and after 1834 hours you started feeling that the game is repetitive!

ok I'm doomed!!

Avatar image for alkouras

I really love the Diablo series! Diablo 1 will always be a masterpiece for me until i die! I hope we see an HD remake of that game!

But i have some issues with Diablo 3.

First of all can somebody explain to me why its fun to play the game over and over and ooooover again? Just to get a better gear or even levels? It became so repetitive that i stopped playing the game even if my friends were playing it! And btw the gear you get is irrelevant beside to brag about them!

Was it too hard to make the game huge like Diablo 1? And also its pretty straight forward and everyone is playing the same levels and the same mobs! Make the game massive with different levels and randomize everyone of them! So when i play with a friend he will come and play my version of the game, my dungeons with my mobs!

The story is good but because you replay the game a million times it became irrelevant!

I know Diablo never had a character creation system and using one for some people it would ruin the game for them, but i believe if the game had one it would be perfect! Like i said if you mix this with random generated levels and dungeons this would be game of the year in my opinion! You would have your unique character with your unique world that a friend could visit to play together!

And last where is PvP? Its not like Blizzard has a server or money problem! Because there is no PvP everything you do in the game is a waste of time! Even if i have the best weapon in the world what is the point if iam using it to kill only mobs in the same levels over and over again?

Avatar image for eldritchdawn

End game.

Avatar image for Skarwolf

I recently purchased this for the xbox 360 (Ultimate Evil Edition) Since playing this game the xbox console has given me a red light 2 x now bottom right portion with an error message on the tv screen in various languages. After turning it on and off it seems to work.

Besides that when I'm playing the game the console seems to be really chugging along, making alot of noise and if too many enemies come on the screen the system crashes.

Don't get this game for the console... thats about it.

Avatar image for christiaan1996

Awesome game, got it on PS3 last week...still enjoying it!!! One of the better games made in recent console and pc game history...unlike some repetitive boring FPS genre Call of Duty games...

Avatar image for nicolasetespqr


please... It might be one of the best console games ever made in recent history, but don't drawn pc gaming down your console drain...

PC-gaming goes far beyond Call of Duty... (and far beyond Diablo, for that matter)

Avatar image for thebigfatkill

I used to give Caroyn the benefit of the doubt that she has worked hard enough to be a subjective reviewer on gamespot. After this review, she's lost significant credibility. Compared to other games she's given a 9 rating, I feel she lacks the depth and subjectivity to give a quality review. Most of all, she lacks the independence that some of the senior reviewers like Kevin and Tom bring. Reviewing the premiere hack and slash isometric RPG an 8?

I've followed her reviews for quite some time now and i'm convinced she has a bias toward independent games with unique perspective confusing the novel with true quality. Metacritic ranking further supports this case for Carolyn as a biased reviewer. Games she reviews have consistently been reviewed several points higher and lower than her average. She puts her own infatuation with story and drama before rating a game for its true merits.

Graphics, sound, fun factor, and game play, most of all, should be reviewed with professionalism. Gamespot management, please speak with Carolyn and monitor her reviewing methodology more closely. Her peculiar taste for the novel is destroying the core and perception of what a quality review should be. It's clear she is intelligent and has an opinion on games, but she has a bias and it's eroding the core of GA reviews.

Avatar image for churdo


I have to agree, you just put in words all my thoughts.

Avatar image for komuchen

20-40$/euro for this expansion is justified.

"the changes Reaper of Souls makes to the game won't be far-reaching enough to change your mind"


The game is much more rewarding. I still remember in 2012 when people were pissed by 3 inf act run and getting lvl 30 worthless shit or barb items with int and dexterity. Now at least there are items 65 and up and all of them are useful, because...

You can make your own legendary/set items with smith and not only that, but if you will find item which has one stat wrong, you can fix it, because now there is an option. Legends are tropping more often too. In the last 3 weeks I was playing this and took short breaks for Child of Light and Spelunky, and from 40k dmg (which was not that bad for inferno back then) to 500k.

Crusader is another story - he's fucking awesome.

Problem is, it won't sell that well, because people burned on D3 - this expansion makes everything right and awesome, which should be from the beginning. Better now then never

Avatar image for tigerija

@komuchen Yeah, maybe for US. Not for many other countries. In some countries 20$ feels like 60$. Triple everything. So it gets quite expensive. Prices of games are same through all countries. Salaries aren't... Its just not fair. And to me Diablo III expansion feels like rip off. No way I can pay double the price to get proper experience. When I was quite disappointed with original D3.
To me its like; let me give you crappy product. Don't like it? Well you can buy better version for same price. So double the price and you will forgive us? -.-'

Avatar image for churdo

Carolyn Petit has a noisy voice and i do not get much useful info from her reviews.

I like the ones from VanOrd and Chris Watters. Would be amazing if there were reviews from two editors, different points of view and distinct ways of analysis. But i know its not possible .. :(

Avatar image for john83xxx

i wanna replay diablo 3 when i get my new mouse which seems to be amazing.

here the link;

Avatar image for sankohuy

I hated the original, quit after I finished Act 4. But I can't stop playing this. I find it a lot better and much improved.

Avatar image for energy1983

I'm sure I'm not the only one to ask this OVER AND OVER again but have been getting little to no information on this question; as a PS3 player who bought it as soon as it was released, are they even planning on releasing ROS for the PS3 or did am I living a pipe-dream? If so, this is shoddy business practice and will never deal with Blizzard again. Anyone with information, please do share:)

Avatar image for Dark_Rage

Well same again, everything on Gamespot gets 6, 7, 8 or 9 these days. But that's not the reason that i have almost stopped coming to Gamespot.

The reason that i don't come to Gamespot is their exceedingly confusing website layout / design. They keep making weird unnecessary changes to it. Sometimes they're changing the score meter, sometimes they're coloring it different, the latest change, the Top Games section on the right side at the homepage, they added whole game art behind the game score panel. I mean it's seriously annoying and confusing and just unprofessional for a website as Gamespot. Then comes the font, a seriously dumb looking font for page headings, you're a gaming website, a lot of which involves state of the art technology in terms of software and hardware, at least try to keep your fonts smart looking, pleasing to the eye. I've been a user / viewer of this website for 11 years now. And this is the first time where i don't even come twice in a week to Gamespot.

Avatar image for nirvana_2

@Dark_Rage I stopped coming here because they stop offering downloads of demos and patches. For me that was very important.

Avatar image for Epicurus-Reborn

I think the patches since launch for the standard game are worth noting too in the review. Paragon points, and the new way the enemies scale, aren't 'new' to reaper of souls, but they carry over, and are relevant to all the folks who haven't played in a year or since launch.

Avatar image for Epicurus-Reborn

oh and the death of the auction house... Pretty big detail >.>

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

no bad and still 8? wtf , should have been 10 then

how can you trust a review like that?

the bad is the price among others bads that were left out due to incompetence of GS reviewers

Avatar image for cavs25

@EddyG0RD0 Because games don't start at a 10 and get points reduced based on negatives. Game start at a zero and gain points by the things they do right.

Avatar image for Jedi4ce28

a decent expansion, however I don't like that trading between players has been all but eliminated. This really makes gearing up a pain, I may have an item someone else is looking for and they may have one I want. It's pretty much tough luck though since almost EVERYTHING is BoA I upgrade out of my gear and a friend may have a less geared character of the same class, but that doesnt matter, can't give my stuff to them. Sure this eliminates the pay to win atmosphere, but at the same time it eliminates one of the more fun aspects of previous diablo games.

Avatar image for Stesilaus

Perhaps the next expansion will bring the game up to the level of Torchlight II.

Avatar image for Ash2X

40€ for 15€ Content?No thanks.I really liked Diablo 3,but this is too much Money for a Mode which should be there in the first place,the Level Cap rising,a Character class and only one Act more.
Sorry Blizzard,you made a great game but you´re ripping of your Customers.

Avatar image for robarino

@Ash2X Let me're the same kind of person that complains about not being paid enough at work, right? In fact, you know that day you go into work and tell your boss to cut your pay?... that will be the day the people who work to make these video games will cut theirs.

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

@Ash2X indeed but the only way we can do against this kind of addon milking is not to buy them

Avatar image for komuchen

@Ash2X if you will search, you will find it cheaper already, from what I see, you didn't bother at all. You can find it for half that price.

Avatar image for Ash2X

@komuchen @Ash2X Yeah...half Price of the full game...:D

Avatar image for janlappalainen

good review thanks

Avatar image for Frosty192

Started playing this on Friday.....stopped playing when my alarm was going off for work today. Seriously when you play this the hours just fly. I am enjoying this more than I did when the game first came out.

Avatar image for Gbullet

The bad :

40 bucks for an expansion;

40 euros in Europe - 55 bucks !

FU Blizzard.

Avatar image for flexy456

@Gbullet The good: RoS for free since I simply sold 500M I made in D3 which netted me $40 on my and allowed me to get RoS for free :) I agree tho, their policy charging significantly more for those with an European account is bad.

Avatar image for flexy456

RoS has truly revived this game. Thinking this expansion would "only be one additional act" for Diablo could not be more wrong. It's so much more than just "one more new act". The changes are significant, the amount of content is crazy. Of course, the most obvious thing to start with is Act V itself, the campaign. Its' AMAZINGLY designed and without a question the best (and longest, and coolest) Act in the entire game. Then there is a new class and better, new loot. But this is not even the tip of the iceberg. It adds adventure mode where you can play solo or with others to hunt four bounties or even cooler, open nephalem rifts. This is the coolest thing ever. What it does it gets you get different sorts of rewards for killing bosses etc. and gets you into new zones but also the "old" ones, however ALL the zones are re-done with a little more dark "flair" and some zones now have insane monster density and Elites/packs on every corner.

Several/Many zones have many sub-levels, you find dungeons/caves, rifts etc. going 10 levels can play until you're blue in the face and probably still have not seen all those new zones.

Before RoS, for many of the more "advanced" players, Diablo 3 has become really nothing more than farming Keep and Heart of the Sin..but now you can have the same, no, much better and even re-visiting the old locations now as part of a rift etc. is a lot of fun since EVERY Act/level really got spiced-up and is now interesting.

Loot 2.0, while not "perfect" is still a big, big change compared to RoS especially with many legendaries now having amazing "special" abilities where some of them can just be entirely amazing which can allow to make special builds taking advantage of such abilities. For example, there may be a wizard OH which allows lighting spells to chain, a piece which makes magic missile fire 2 more missiles, just to name a couple examples. This opens up new possibilities to play characters with spells that can take advantage of such abilities, depending what interesting pieces you find.

And then of course there is the new class, crusader which I myself didn't even try yet.

I also at first was hesitant since I thought $40 for an "expansion" is a little silly but you DO get a ton of content (seriously, a TON) for your money making this really an entire new game. It's basically ALL the best things about D3 combined.

Avatar image for splinterteal

looking forward to playing this with @splinterteal

Avatar image for ueberdan

I enjoyed D3 a bit the first time around - I'm trying it again with the Crusader class and having much more fun this time. Maybe I just didn't give it a fair try the first time - though, we'll see as I progress through the game!

Avatar image for komuchen

I love the change of the photo, because Carolyn looked exactly like that Maxwell guy. Also, no bad, of course, it spells lazy as always with this reviewer or site in general.

"Reaper gives those who already liked Diablo III"

This is so wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start. It got annihilated by the fans, because of it's lenght, bullshit item drops, server problems, constant nerfing, etc. Also " She prefers not to be reminded that she has now spent well over 100 hours playing Diablo III." why not? You are ashamed of it, even though "it is liked"? Or you only did that because you were payed for it?

3 was a disaster, that's why they are not even expecting the money they wanted for 3. The sales are worse too. You had to wait 2 weeks at best or a month to get the vanilla, it was selling that crazy, because of the hype. Now? I already saw it for something below 30$, and it just got released. That show how much vanilla was liked.

Avatar image for abcdefgabcdefgz

I made mistake of buying D3 full price. I dont care if this is best game in history I might get it from the bargain bin in a few years on steam

D3 had so many more problems then the loot system

Avatar image for komuchen

@abcdefgabcdefgz few years? Wait 6 months max, it will get axed by half.

Pandaria got price drop after 3 months

Avatar image for mariocerame

"If you've played Diablo III before and found that it wasn't for you, the changes Reaper of Souls makes to the game won't be far-reaching enough to change your mind."

Thanks for saving me from a timesink.

Avatar image for mpirooz

@mariocerame Definitely a time sink. But it's a fun one, and the new changes would probably change your mind if you even bought the first, to be honest. I'd say the reviewer is generally wrong on that count.

Avatar image for maxbb1

@mariocerame She's wrong, it's a badly written review and i have no idea how she got the job, written like an 8th grader, i give it a 2.5/10

there was no mention of the patch 2.0.2 tied to reaper, which totally changed the loot sytem, among other things. Diablo 3 2.0.2 is 99% as good as Diablo 2 LOD WITHOUT even having reaper. That's the best compliment anyone could give it.

Before you put down the money though, just boot up vanilla with the latest patch, you'll find i'm right.

Avatar image for DFA1

@maxbb1 @mariocerame She is right, D3 was a big disappointment for me. Got the Expansion, and still its not a game worth paying full price for. Torch Light 1-2 is a MUCH better value! D3.5 still sucks.

Look at the animations for the Crusader... when he swings, he warps back to his standing/default stance. Poor and LAZY animation development. IGN gave the original a 9.5 and it sucked, then gave the expansion a 9.1 and it's awesome now? At least Gamespot was smart enough to give it an 8, which it's more like a 7 which is what you see from the average user rating.

This game is a 7, that is it, and definitely not anymore than that.

Avatar image for abcdefgabcdefgz

@maxbb1 @mariocerame In your opinion. I found lots of things with D3 inferior to D2 besides just the loot. Lets start with dialogue and story or maybe a girl diablo? The randomization in D3 was not very random, less monsters on the screen at once and so on

Avatar image for POMEGRENADE451

I can see how it might score an eight by virtue of being an expansion.

Tom McShea played with an interesting idea in the form of updated reviews or, more accurately, second opinions. He went back, and re-reviewed BioShock Infinite, famously giving it a 4 out of 10.

Perhaps similar practice can be used for game expansions? Rather than simply reviewing the expansion, we review the game as a new product with the objective of determining what, if anything, the expansion contributes to it?

This is hardly my entire opinion on reviews (for example, giving a game a "score" when such is based off the reviewer's opinions is odd; in my life, I've typically found scores to be based on mastery of a particular subject or skill), but after giving this issue with the "THE BAD" column some thought, I believe it proper to propose an alternative to reviewing expansion sets.

Avatar image for VAMPYREANGELUS

Too bad its still an online game or i would have bought it.

Avatar image for kozzy1234

7.5/10 for D3 and 9/10 for me for the expansion pack/latest update, it finally is where I was hoping the game would be. The new additions from this REALLY add to the replay value and end game aspects. As a longtime D2 fan, I can finally say this is a really GOOD game.

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