Devil's Third Review

Ivan the Terrible.

Devil's Third opens boldly with your hero--a Russian Vin Diesel lookalike called Ivan who is permanently topless and covered in Japanese tattoos--playing a drum solo in his cell in Guantanamo Bay while a riot ensues throughout the rest of the camp. Why has he been locked up in Gitmo? "TERRORISM", says his on-screen bio.

Despite this, he's apparently good friends with some guy in charge of the facility who sets him free to quell the riot. He does this by murdering everyone in sight with his fists, or a pipe, while occasionally getting attacked by swarms of vampire bats.

Devil's Third is an action game that combines elements of melee combat--as per director Itagaki's previous work on the critically-acclaimed post-reboot Ninja Gaiden franchise--and cover-based shooting from both third- and first-person perspectives.

Unfortunately, while the freedom and precision of movement in 2004’s Ninja Gaiden was wondrous, Devil’s Third's melee combat feels unresponsive and clunky by comparison. There’s none of the careful consideration of your use of space and movement, no moveset to learn inside-out to ensure you cut everyone down with breathtaking efficiency. Instead, Devil’s Third invites you to just wade in and mash the attack buttons until everyone is dead, with action occasionally punctuated by a comically violent execution animation. The ability to dodge and block incoming attacks is available, but seldom used due to most of the enemies offering no tells of their next move.

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As you might expect from a man who runs around waging war with no shirt on, Ivan can't absorb a huge amount of punishment. Often it only takes one or two enemies to get the drop on you and it's do svidaniya, comrade. This isn't an issue in and of itself, of course--the likes of Dark Souls or God Hand succeed, and indeed thrived, by using a more vulnerable protagonist--but unfortunately it doesn't work so well when enemies are capable of literally dropping in out of thin air.

At times, you are punished because the game does not understand its own rules. While Ivan can snap to nearby cover with some degree of reliability, enemies will often land shots at him even when you'd swear blind that they shouldn't be able to. Worse still, you'll occasionally see enemies shooting at you through their cover, never mind your own, and the controls occasionally become unresponsive as if you're dealing with some kind of simulation of online lag.

Because Devil's Third throws both gun-toting and melee enemies at you at the same time, so much hinges on a seamless transition between the two combat styles, theoretically creating interesting situations where the player is constantly forced to adapt. In reality, there is a slight but absolutely crucial delay when switching between your gun and melee weapon, leading to poor Ivan getting repeatedly shot or stabbed while he fumbles around with the various instruments of death magically stuck to his entirely nude back. Indeed, you'll frequently find yourself trying to gun down sword-wielding foes, or sprint at someone with a hammer while he fills you with bullets, purely because it often feels like the delay when switching weapons is more likely to get you killed than using the wrong style of combat.

"Control issues, combined with Ivan's frailty, often make combat a joyless and frustrating experience."

While Devil's Third may raise a smile with its self-aware sense of humour, the control issues--combined with Ivan's frailty--often make combat a joyless and frustrating experience.

The game also tries to alter the pace occasionally, including one section where you have to use Ivan's infra-red sunglasses to detect anti-personnel mines. This section, though brief, is tedious in the extreme as it simply involves creeping through a warehouse at a snail's pace while shooting the occasional mine. Worse still, the mines are reintroduced with no warning at all after a few battles, implying that the player is expected to keep the sunglasses activated and patiently crawl through the rest of the level, just in case.

Devil's Third does offer some welcome respite with its inventive multiplayer modes. As well as shooting at each other or hitting each other with hammers, players can also find themselves herding brightly-coloured chickens or collecting fruit and hurling it into a giant blender. And yet, because of the control issues shared with the main campaign, it's difficult to envisage players taking the game seriously in the long term, despite the multiplayer modes' initial charm.

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Worse still, as the multiplayer component of the game is being released for free on PC, the microtransactions and currency system of a free-to-play game are entirely present in the Wii U version. This allows players to buy their way to the more expensive weapons with real money if they so wish, which will surely infuriate players who are quite reasonably unwilling to do so.

Despite the occasional laughs and wonderfully weird multiplayer modes, Devil's Third is near-impossible to recommend. The numerous issues with the controls as well as crucial elements of the game's combat systems soon mount up to provide an experience that frustrates far more often than it entertains, resulting in a missed opportunity for what could've been a cult hit.

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The Good
Occasionally funny, intentionally or otherwise
Comical and inventive multiplayer modes
The Bad
Clunky, frustrating action
Plenty of bugs--some funny, some infuriating
Free-to-play elements in a full-price game
Utterly laughable main character
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Sean Bell has plenty in common with the hero of Devil's Third--he's going bald, and only a 12 year-old could ever think he's cool.
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Avatar image for harlemstruggle

How do Nintendo fans justify this? Its just as painful as with the Wii but now it has became down right pathetic. NINTENDO WII U IS DOUBLE THE PRICE OF PS4/XBOX1!! I don't believe anything i say here will change anyones mind BUT here we go... I wonder how old some of you are honestly/how hard you work for your money but it is mostly irrelevant.

I'll try to make this concise. Firstly, Nintendo has been saying one thing to their demographic and doing the opposite for 3 generations now. Which is; 1. Attempting to gain large quality third party support and 2. Upping their output of first party games. In both cases they have either stayed about the same or became worse/less. Now, First Party Titles do not see significant sales, rounding out to about $48 for each game, so it doesn't matter much when you buy the game. With that said there is roughly 12 essential Wii U titles that fit the $48-60 spectrum that will not see sales. The others will drop in price - Toad, Wonderful 101, Kirby, Wind Waker(I've seen lately for cheaper) etc to about $30. So here is where it gets good, A Nintendo Wii U costs minimum $250(refurbished) to $300+ with two free games included. So $250 + the 12 essential games is what?12 x $48... Thats right $826!(on the low end) I can go to the store and buy a PS4 with Bloodborne, MLB'15, and Helldivers AND a Xbox1 with Halo, Sunset Drive, Rare Replay WITH XboxLIve, PS Plus, with a new plethora of games coming every month for each respective console for roughly the SAME PRICE as the Nintendo with its essential games.

Nintendo has thrived off of fanaticism that is not sustainable. The value of the other systems is so lopsided for what you get for your money comparatively. If it is worth it to you personally then by all means and enjoy the games, they are great no one is arguing the quality. But its ridiculous to say Nintendo justifies the price of admission, coming in at almost exactly half the value or double the overall cost(however you want to look at it) to play "Nintendo"? Nah, it doesn't come close.

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Gawd what a stupid comment this is.

How do people justify buying a Wii U? Because we fucking enjoy the games, PERIOD, most Nintendo fans already understand that you're not going to get the same amount of quality titles as you do on the other systems, but clearly most of us either don't give a **** and will just the other system if we so please, plus there's Nintendo's handhelds which are always supported extremely well. On the flip side, if you have a PS4 and/or XBoxOne and you like what you see on the Wii U, guess what? You're going to have to buy one since majority of the Wii U's best titles are completely exclusive to the console. At least with Nintendo games, I'm guaranteed a great deal of fun and quality game time as well as an experience I can always go back and replay and still have loads of fun with it, that alone makes their games worth the full price. One Nintendo game (to me) is worth more than 3 Western AAA titles (like how Xenoblade Chronicles was far more enjoyable, clocked in more hours, and had an amazing ending to me than the entire Mass Effect Trilogy). I've been playing Splatoon longer than I played all 5 Assassin's Creed games I played combined.

Most people buy Playstations and XBoxs simply for FPS/sports games and are completely content with that, who the **** cares aside from some pissy gamers who have to whine/bitch about everything.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@abHS4L88: Most AAA Western Games suck and most sports games are redundant. IMO. But OK, You changed my mind and convinced me, I am going to buy a Nintendo Friday after work. How many times has that happened on the internet? I hope Xenoblades is everything I want it to be.

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@harlemstruggle: Majority of Nintendo games suck apart from 10 games. Watch your words buddy cause Nintendo isnt that great

Avatar image for Shadowmax889

@gawthy: did oyu actually see all the games made by Nintendo?? most of their AAA games are the best it hast to offer so far this generation. Just because it have some bad games you instantly say that most sucks?? no Most of Nintendo games have being very well recived and prised fron AAA games to minigames and even DLCs.

Avatar image for abHS4L88


Just wait until the game is out, and play the original first if you do decide to get a Wii U. Not here to convince anyone of anything.

Avatar image for electricocarina

@harlemstruggle: Like a review of a bad game justifies bashing on Nintendo. Maybe I should bash on ps4 just because The order 1886 is exclusive to it

Avatar image for gawthy

@electricocarina: Xbone fanboys did every second comment.

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

This game is obviously not great, but nearly every reviewer is still enjoying parts of the multiplayer. Also it wasn't even developed by Nintendo and did you just say that having a great console and at least 12 'essential' exclusives is worse than having 2 consoles with 1 baseball game, 2 compilations of past games, 1 indie digital title, and only 2 original exclusives? Let me put some perspective on the Wii U that you are missing out on.

Wii U has a great online community.

Wii U online is FREE. If you have it for 3 years, which it is turning this holiday season. You already didn't spend $150 that you would have with either of the other consoles.

Wii U has backwards compatibility for FREE on all Wii games, which has many classics on it that people like yourself tend to forget about.

Wii U can play many of its games using controllers you already had from the Wii, so you are not required to pay $60 per controller to play with your friends or family.

Nothing compares to Wii U for couch-coop games.

Wii U allows you to use an External Hard Drive unlike the PS4.

You aren't required to pay for space on the Wii U because all the games play off the disc instead of requiring an install unless you want to play digital but again, you are not required.

Wii U offers Virtual Console titles that includes games from NES, SNES, GBA, N64, DS, Wii. Being able to play most of these on the gamepad is very nice.

Wii U offers off-TV gameplay, very helpful if you are not the only one using your TV or live in the same room with another person.

The most energy efficient console of this gen by a landslide. Also, if you play off-TV you don't even need to turn on your Tv.

There is diversity in every exclusive title put out. Every exclusive is completely different than another on the Wii U even if it has the same characters it's a completely different game.

Nintendo exclusives have a much longer shelf-life span than any other console can provide.

If you want to play great third party games like GTAV, MGSV, Witcher, Fallout 4, etc. You probably have a PC to do it on already.

List of new exclusives from other current-gen consoles that are currently out and aren't 'remasters' or ports:

PS4: Bloodborne, Driveclub, Knack, Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Falls, The Order 1886, Until Dawn (7 games)

Xbox One: Forza Motorsport 5, Sunset Overdrive (2 games)

Wii U: Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Game & Wario, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, LEGO City Undercover, Mario Kart 8, New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Splatoon, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, The Wonderful 101, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Yoshi's Woolly World, Mario Party 10, Fatal Frame 5, I didn't count all the Wii U games and I didn't count any digital exclusives.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@ballashotcaller: i am not unaware of anything. I have owned every Nintendo up until the Wii U. you Nintendo fans keep going with your lists LOL.

Nintendo has great online community- let me first LOL then Cool Story Bro

Nintendo online is free- Like $40 a year is past anyones price point plus you get roughly $80-100+ in video games per month EVERY month. Thats $3.33 a month.

Don't have to buy Controllers- basically that is false, you need the Pro Controller which retails for $50 no one wants to hold a Wii-mote so GTFOH with that noise.

Backwards Compatibility- Awesome feature Still use my Wii to play Gamecube games, love it. and yes Nintendo has unrivaled Couch Co-op if people actually come to your house often and play and don't mind getting raped using wii-motes while you murk them with the gamepad or pro controller which are better in every way.

Eshop- we all know about Nintendos over priced Eshop. Most get a PS4/PC release unless they were previously a nintendo exclusive.

Off TV gameplay- yes kinda cool but when you say other people what you really mean is when your parents want to use the TV and kick you off.

Most energy Efficient- LOL way to grasp at straws and I would freaking hope so..

If you have all the Nintendo Games you listed(thats impossible because they all havent even been released yet) you have spent about $1500 not including the Eshop games you love so much.(PC emulators play all older Nintendo games for free) adding to my original and main point that Nintendo is gouging compared to the others. I love knocking Xbox1, but saying it only has 2 games is a out right lie(they have like 6 lol) on the PS4 front you guys like to mention Knack about as much as you mention Bayonetta 2 yet you can Rocket League deez nuts. I'm done with this. Check and mate

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX


Checkmate? From a someone trying to go hard? PS4 and xb0ne are for ret*rds incapable of operating a PC that has all the same games and more at a better price.

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@harlemstruggle: Check and mate on what? Dude you are arguing. I am merely stating facts as to why the Wii U offers value. Just because I compared its exclusives doesn't mean I am saying the Wii U is the almighty console. I have Xbox One and PS4 and love my Xbox One, even though yes Xbox One only has about 2 original exclusives that are not on any other console or PC.You started counting up the money so I did too. Then you say that $50 per year is not a big deal just because you said so and because you get some lousy 'free' games that you lose if you stop subbing on PS4 and Xbox One offers games nobody really plays or already has. Here is the bottom line if you want to keep playing the price-it-up game, but if we do you can't be cutting corners on the other consoles and start finding ways to cheat the Wii U calculations so we will do the basic math:

Xbox One 350 + One year online 50 + New Game 60 = $460

PS4 400 + One year online 50 + New game 60 = $510

Wii U 300 + One year online 0 + New game 60 = $360

I would rather have a Wii U + Splatoon + Super Smash Bros + Mario Kart 8 + Bayonetta 2 than a PS4 with one new game and some rented digital-only titles.

Since my opinion is the only one that matters because I am the only paying for my games, then this is checkmate, goobye.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@ballashotcaller: ah, so you did read my comment after all...

I like this comment better than your emotional other one it was all over the place(I can't find it on the forum but I read it in notifications).

Here I completely agree with you, but your point is extremely short sided, that is essentially the initial entry fee per console you listed. I just cannot go into the specifics of PS4/Xbox1 but heres the thing, the $60 game you mentioned, doesn't exist for Sony&MS, you don't have to buy it! I haven't bought a $60 game yet and I have tons of games. I'm sure I will at some point but You gotta get Nintendos $60 games! and get them soon because they could up in price(for no other reason than Nintendo keeps it that way). The reason I can speak on the Wii U in this manner is because the entire library is at least announced(minus a few unknown surprises) thats why you can add it all up.

here's the thing, I love Nintendo, I bought Pikmin3 because it went out of print. I know Wii U has THE best titles in all of this next generation. But like I said you add it all up and it's just not cost effective. I'll get it on the cheap eventually, I want a Nintendo and all but I also want a SeaDoo Jetski

Avatar image for coreyr84

@harlemstruggle: You know for someone silly enough to waste their time ranting on the internet, I'm surprised I actually agree with you. Unless you're a die hard Nintendo fan, owning a Wii U is the least cost effective of the 3 when it comes to getting value for content. This is coming from someone who used to own a Wii U.

In my opinion, the only games that were worth owning on it were Mario 3d World and Mario Kart 8. Most of the other games are similar enough to past games that I could play them on the dolphin emulator on PC... like Smash and Wind Waker. Splatoon looks like it could be worth owning but I unfortunately sold my Wii U before I got a chance to play it. Nintendo's E3 showing this year pissed me off so much I sold it the same day and went out and bought an Xbox One. Wii U games never come down in price, never go on sale, are graphically inferior (not that big of a deal, but original Wii games on PC look as good if not better), and the virtual console was a constant disappointment week after week along with a lack of epic games announced coming in the future.

I was gonna hold out for Zelda, but I'm convinced it'll be cross platform with their next system. I got out now before the inevitable price drop this fall to try and get maximum value. I'll miss Bayonetta and off tv play, but my Vita has been picking up the slack in that regard. Playing PC or Playstation is just more financially responsible if you're into video games. Unless you only own a Wii U, and are a die hard Nintendo fan, there is no point in owning one (WIi U).

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@coreyr84: YES, this is just my opinion of course but there has to be millions like me who think critically and are not manipulated so much by marketing and the next new thing.

Avatar image for juancho

@harlemstruggle: where can I sign up for your magazine/newsletter my good sir?

Nintendo was great. Having their icons lay dormant is a crime to all. Lease them out!!! MS takes Metroid, Starfox. Sony DK, Zelda. Nintendo keeps all Mario.

Avatar image for abHS4L88


LOL, you want Micorsoft to take Nintendo's franchises after what they did to Rare? And last I checked, none of the mentioned franchises are dormant and I highly doubt Sony nor Microsoft would do them justice.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@abHS4L88: Yeah @juancho I don't agree with you at all. As much as I lust for an open world Metroid, Nintendo doesn't need to change its games, keep the games as is. The game are great but we want more of them but their problem isn't the games.

Avatar image for Shadowmax889

@harlemstruggle: open world Metrioid????? that game do not fit the genere. Metroid it's and adventure game that relies havely on exploration. Zelda is the only tru open world experience that Nintendo, by the way, is already making. No, only Nintnedo can give justice to their own franchises. Give me one example when a game changed their main developers after the IP is sold to another company and is still good and truly to their origins (do not count when a publisher buys an studio with the original developers still working or when those developers are changed over a long period of time)

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@Shadowmax889: dude, I said I disagreed with the man. lol

Obviously if Nintendo made an open world Metroid it would kick ass just like Metroid Prime because it was developed by Nintendo. Open world would be fun because Samus is awesome and powerful, amazing long range weaponry. basically put Samus in a Halo game, have her kill master chief with ease than save the planet herself. sounds cool to me. never gonna happen though, and i just say this because we're not getting a Metroid game this decade.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@harlemstruggle: Cry us a river.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@mesome713: He says while weeping on a overpriced Amiibo that does nothing

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@harlemstruggle: My Amiibo unlocks DLC in 5+ games, plus i can level them up and have them battle in Smash Bros, whats your Barbie do beach?

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@mesome713: wow! your Amiibo is so cool. 5+ games? thats like so much DLC I might buy all, no wait I still don't care. the entire immature Amiibo industry can kiss my ass. I might be able to tolerate it if they were sort of like action figures but they aren't.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@harlemstruggle: They are cooler then action figures, you can pretend fight with them, or have them fight in Smash Bros by themselves. Or can be used as a paper weight since they can stand well on their own. Its the ultimate desk figure.

Avatar image for Random_Matt

@harlemstruggle: Nintendo fans will take a bullet for the anti-consumer company. And yes, the Wii U is a complete rip-off.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@Random_Matt: Anticonsumer? Ya because charging for p2p(AKA garbage) online gaming isn't anti-consumer...

Avatar image for abHS4L88


So many people who can't seem to differentiate between an opinion and fact.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

Nintendo hate is strong in these comments, so sad.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@mesome713: what sucks is Nintendo made diehard Nintendo fans hate Nintendo.

Avatar image for coreyr84

@harlemstruggle: so true. i defended them all through the gamecube and wii days. no more. I'm truly pissed I wasted my money on a wii u.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@coreyr84: YUP ME TOO. I promised myself i wouldn't buy a Wii U after all the PR lying they did about upping the amount of first party titles releases and getting large quality third party support on the gamecube and then the Wii, they just continued to promise and do the opposite for 3 generations now...., I felt kinda burned on the Wii, so much lacking of quality games AND multiplayer games, that it forced me to buy a PS3 late in its lifespan just have games to play. on PS3 I never bought a game over $30 and bought many for $10-$15.

Avatar image for mrjoeyyaya

@harlemstruggle: how?

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@harlemstruggle: For what? Hate is not cool.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@mesome713: Just a bad game not a reflection on Nintendo as a whole . Strange they would bother with a PC release when it is this bad though.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@deviltaz35: it may not be a reflection of Nintendo as a whole but it certainly is a running theme.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@deviltaz35: Its just the normal Nintendo haters as expected. Were use to it now. They are practically family.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@mesome713: I don't even have a nintendo past an N64 but i just picked up Zombie on PC for $16 and it's pretty cool. Would have obviously been better with the special controller though.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@deviltaz35: Yeah, its a neat innovative concept. Good price on the PC version, cant really beat that.

Avatar image for jcrame10

@mesome713: if this game is incredibly bad because of how it's made, then there's no way to fix if. At least games like halo and driveclub were only knocked for server issues ("broken" games on all other consoles, nintendo fans will tell you) that were eventually fixed. But a game that's just designed bad will always be bad, no updates or patches can fix iut.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@jcrame10: Your point?

Avatar image for baszzer

Well considering we've just received a frickin' 10 out of 10 for Phantom Pain I see this as nice change of pace don't ya think?

Avatar image for superbuuman

@baszzer: lol *like*

Avatar image for 40mdf0

@baszzer: lol

Avatar image for punchdude453

"Free-to-play elements in a full-price game" Wait minute. . . . . Games like MK10 have MTs and yet you give it a good review. Somebody is d*ck riding Sony and M$. The reason why I don't game reviews seriously.

"Comical and inventive multiplayer modes" So the MP is good? So there is a reason why people should check out this game?

Avatar image for veryDERPY

@punchdude453: mk10 as in mortal combat??? how much do i pay for dmg boost and 1 button combos?

kill yourself...

Avatar image for eshtebala

@veryDERPY: Oh GOSH it's Mortal KOMBAT, please kill urselph.

Avatar image for jecomans

After watching a whole lot of single-player stuff and seeing the awful performance, clunky controls, broken mechanics and shonky graphics, and then watching a 15 minute video of the multiplayer, I was left wondering what Famitsu possibly saw that they awarded the game an 8.5? Now I wonder even more.

Avatar image for 40mdf0

@jecomans: Famitsu is heavily biased to Japanese games with rare exception (they gave a western game like The Witcher 3 high marks, for instance). They're not really a good source for reviews.

Avatar image for sylveon128

@40mdf0: we can't really trust any review can we because gamespot has a problem with Nintendo and ign favor western games more than Japanese games so we can't trust no reviews.

Avatar image for rarerichz

3!??! see that is why i dont take gamespot reviews seriously this game could not possibly be that bad.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

*comments section*

*random guy- "Damn Nintendo doesn't have any good mature games"


SHUT THE HELL UP, WE GET IT ALREADY, Bayonetta 2 is good.

Avatar image for Kasaioni

If this game was made by Platinum Games, without any changes of course, people would eat it up.

Avatar image for abHS4L88


Because sales of their games have always been amazing right???? =____=

Avatar image for drumjod

@Kasaioni: But we'll never know that for sure will we? Do you think Platinum Games are as bad as this one? Have you played either?

Avatar image for 40mdf0

Thank God this isn't coming to PC. Bless the Gaben for keeping our platform clean.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@40mdf0: Clearly you've paid no attention to the heaping mounds of garbage games on Steam. They'll let anything on there these days.

Avatar image for Arkhalipso

@40mdf0: Clean? Lol.

Avatar image for 40mdf0

@Arkhalipso: GABEN VULT

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@40mdf0: O its coming.

Avatar image for 40mdf0

@mesome713: Nope. Definitely going to be playing The Phantom Pain though :)

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@40mdf0: Me also, but ill be playing Devils Third on PC too.

Avatar image for Dari23

@mesome713: AFAIK only the multiplayer, we don't get the singleplayer campaign.

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