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Devil May Cry 5 Review - From Zero To Nero

  • First Released Mar 7, 2019
  • Reviewed Mar 6, 2019
  • XONE

This party is still crazy.

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As you send demons flying across the screen in Devil May Cry 5, a strong sense of familiarity will hit you. This is "old school" Devil May Cry, a simplistic network of hallways and arenas where you humiliate demons with absurd weaponry as a thumping battle theme fuels the bliss of every well-executed combo. DMC5 marks a return to the previous series continuity, and everything you remember about how those games played has been resurrected and improved. It is a brilliant iteration of the series’ best qualities--but it innovates as much as it reiterates, balancing new and old with infectious confidence.

The majority of your time in DMC5 is spent killing demons. With an array of melee and projectile attacks, you inflict complex combo strings while performing split-second dodges to evade incoming attacks. An in-game ranking system continually judges your style, encouraging you to better your performance. Protagonists Nero, Dante, and newcomer V each offer their own unique playstyles that makes the simple objective of clearing rooms of enemies continually exhilarating. Combat is where the game most expresses itself, showcasing the nuances of its mechanical depth in a variety of creative ways.

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Nero is where new and old ideas come together. Replacing his lone Devil Bringer from DMC4 are new prosthetic arms called Devil Breakers. With them, you can pull enemies towards you, as well as tap into an assortment of special abilities depending on which Devil Breaker model you have equipped. For example, Overture can deliver a wide shock attack, while Punch Line shoots a rocket-powered fist that continuously damages enemies. Devil Breakers significantly evolve Nero’s playstyle by expanding his attacks, but what’s most curious is how switching between them requires you to discard your current one in order to equip the next down the line. At first, this seems like an arbitrary way to access each arm’s unique abilities--not to mention there’s little done to justify this rule in-game other than asserting that they’re simply "fragile."

However, this limitation introduces a thrilling spontaneity to combat that encourages you to be industrious and adaptable. You’re initially compelled to be frugal with Devil Breakers, but as you expand the number you can carry, you start hitting a rhythm expending them with strategic grace, flowing from one stylish combo to the next. But even with the best reflexes, an enemy can shatter a Devil Breaker mid-combo, which forces you to adjust your strategy on the fly. A persistent tension underlies using Nero’s Devil Breakers, melding high-consequence tactics with impulsive creativity. The gratifying free-flowing strategies that Devil Breakers inspire makes it easy to overlook any initial frustrations. They present a brilliant dichotomy that strengthens and amplifies the idiosyncrasies of Nero's more accessible playstyle.

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Where Nero brings new flair to classic mechanics, V is fresh and unexpected. Unlike his sword-touting brethren, V damages enemies from afar with his two familiars: a shape-shifting panther named Shadow and a demonic bird named Griffon (DMC1 fans should instantly recognize these creatures). The former inflicts melee attacks, while the latter shoots projectiles. Each have their own regenerating health bar and can be taken out of combat temporarily if you're not careful. V also has a third familiar named Nightmare. This giant golem acts as more as a Devil Trigger-like last resort who can inflict ridiculous damage all on his own for a short duration. In addition, it can be commandeered to inflict more direct assaults on enemies. An enemy cannot be killed by a familiar’s attacks alone, though; V himself must inflict the final blow. V requires a patience that goes against your general instinct to be confrontational. As a result, his more deliberate pace can be occasionally irritating, especially when your familiars have trouble focusing on the proper target during a hectic fight. It’s a bit disorienting due to the lack of feedback from hitting enemies with your familiars.

Despite this, V’s emphasis on space management and calculated movement is a fantastic change of pace. Cunningly avoiding attacks as you command your familiars to deliver complex juggles is a satisfying thrill. And it's made all the more rewarding by the impact of a final blow alongside V's brief poetic soliloquies. V demands restraint, a quality that defies the offensive strategies of previous characters. His abilities may not seem like much, but he reframes the way DMC is played, demonstrating that there's still room for original and refreshing ideas in combat. V's inventive playstyle is a superb addition that feels right at home alongside Nero and Dante.

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Old-timer Dante most maintains traditional mechanics, but he’s also where combat is most creative. Like his DMC4 counterpart, he’s able to seamlessly switch between four different fighting styles, each with their own unique maneuvers and setups. This time, though, he can equip up to four weapons and four guns. It’s a joy to perform combos with Dante‘s extensive arsenal; you're capable of rush-stabbing a demon, break-dance-fighting them while they’re down, and then propelling them into the air with a demonic motorcycle chainsaw.

While part of the fun is taking in the spectacle of a fight, playing as Dante is really about expressing yourself. There are so many attack combinations available that you can’t help but get sucked into learning the nuances of his every ability to achieve your desired style and flair. DMC historically excels when it’s continually motivating you to not only master its systems, but to execute upon them as elegantly and creatively as possible. Eventually, you get into a kind of flow with Dante, where combat is less about thinking than it is about feeling your way through it. Each character in DMC5 exemplifies this depth and intensity, but it’s with Dante’s open-ended combos where it feels most liberating and rewarding.

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With an abundance of fighting systems to learn, it helps that you’re gradually weaned into them. The campaign’s pacing is deliberate, starting you with the more accessible Nero, then switching you to strategic spacing of V before opening up combat entirely with Dante. But even as you grow accustomed to how everyone plays, new mechanics are constantly introduced, keeping you thoroughly engaged in the highs of DMC5's stylish combat.

There are plenty of foes that test your abilities, too. Bosses in particular offer the most rewarding trials, with different challenges to suit each character's playstyle. For instance, one pushes Dante's ability to maintain quick and effective damage, where another is tailored specifically to V's vulnerability at close-range, forcing you to frequently manage your spacing while keeping your familiars in play. There are a couple bosses tied to relatively anticlimactic set pieces, but these are few and far between. The challenges are kept consistent, supplying riveting duels and new layers of complexity that inspire you to improve. And even with repeated deaths, a lenient continue system keeps the action and drama moving.

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Speaking of drama, DMC5’s story is an engrossing, albeit predictable, saga with plenty of extravagant action to keep you thoroughly entertained. It has a non-linear structure that has you switching perspectives to get the full picture, which lends variety to the events unfolding before you. Set in the duration of a single day, you're notified of the passing of time at the start of every mission. The narrative benefits from this approach to storytelling, keeping you invested in what each mission has to contribute to your understanding of the timeline.

The return to familiar characters is perhaps the story’s most endearing quality. In fact, there are several loving nods to many of the series’ most iconic moments scattered throughout-- a particular instance involving Dante and a hat is a hilarious acknowledgement to the character's history. While some characters, like fan-favorites Trish and Lady, don’t have much to contribute, their presence at least brings a sense of camaraderie. However, a couple of nude scenes involving them come across as tasteless; with so many pleasing callbacks and references, moments like this awkwardly stand out. They feel cheap and unnecessary, hurting Trish and Lady's already minimal characterizations. It stands in stark contrast to the always delightful gunsmith Nico, who's established as headstrong, intelligent, and the reason why Nero is able to make short work of demons in the first place.

The story ties a nice bow on the classic continuity’s unanswered questions, allowing for satisfying conclusions for its major protagonists.

In spite of its more ambitious scale, DMC5's story leaves room for meaningful character development. It's by no means a nuanced study of its protagonists that digs deep into what makes them tick. But their motivations are always made abundantly clear, making for compelling melodrama whenever they clash against one another. You grow attached to their impassioned, if a bit simplistic, plights--if only to see how they'll overcome the harrowing challenges set before them. Ultimately, the story ties a nice bow on the classic continuity’s unanswered questions, allowing for satisfying conclusions for its major protagonists.

There is an effort to pull DMC5's more grandiose moments together on a mechanical level with the Cameo System, which adds a subtle online cooperative element to the formula. Some missions often include the presence of another character exploring a nearby area or even acting alongside you. By default these characters are AI controlled, but through the Cameo System they're controlled either by other players online or their respective ghost data. A cool concept on paper, the feature is largely underutilized with only one particularly exciting instance where you actually get to fight alongside another player. That said, seeing another player from afar does add a novel yet fleeting solidarity to your journey.

DMC5 thrives on the stylistic and mechanical prowess of its predecessors. It sticks to tradition above all else, pursuing a few ambitious new ideas along the way, but mostly maintaining the series’ focus on intricate fighting systems and campy bravado. Rarely does the game stumble, consistently leveraging its spectacle and mechanical depth to push aside any small frustrations. All the while, the story exudes a charismatic charm that keeps you constantly intrigued as you’re refining your skills. DMC5 proves the series can still be brilliant and imaginative without compromising its longest-held traditions.

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The Good
Combat system offers a satisfying blend of new and old ideas
V is a refreshing new addition to the DMC roster
Challenging boss fights provide fulfilling tests of skill
Consistently introduces new mechanics that keep combat varied and interesting
Storyline is packed with meaningful development and fan-pleasing spectacle
The Bad
Occasional unpredictability of V’s Familiars can be frustrating
A couple pandering fan-service moments
Cameo System is a bit underutilized
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Whenever Matt grabs a cardboard wrapping paper tube, he's constantly compelled to perform a Stinger. He played Devil May Cry V on Xbox One for roughly 25 hours, spending nearly half that time pursuing higher difficulty levels. Complimentary review code was provided by Capcom.
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Avatar image for bartix

Great review

Avatar image for captainwonton

I dont know who to trust gamespot gave DMC remastered a 9 as well, isnt this game like a returnbto form because people hated that last one? Are they both awesome? I dont know

Avatar image for salty101

@captainwonton: DMC, definitive edition at least, was a great game. People were just very vocal about not wanting a series reboot.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

What's this new review format? Instead of having one proper video review you guys are now doing a short gameplay video with floating commentary and one long video with the reviewers having a discussion about it? Since this is the second time I've seen a review like this on here for a big game I guess Gamespot's no good even for that anymore. You guys sure know how to destroy a once great site.

Avatar image for sergeyg

@Atzenkiller: Couldn't agree more.

The moment I had realized that it's the case, I stopped this video and watched IGN's review instead.

It seems like the video reviews are dead here, so besides checking the score and the good/bad lists, I watch reviews from different sources from now on.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sergeyg: Pretty much anything's been dead here for a long time now. The reviews were one of the last reasons left for coming here, but now they've even turned those to shit. The one decent thing left on this side amidst all the movie news and comic superhero garbage, and wrestling of course.

Avatar image for dante9006

When did fan-service become a bad thing? I liked it and I garantee so did other people. To put fan service as a con is just plain stupid and I garantee others agree too.

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

@dante9006: The interesting thing is that this game is rated "Mature" which means it's intended for ages 17 and up. To me everything adds up. Yet somehow that is a con as if Gamespot is warning parents to keep it away from their toddlers. I think this is a sign that we have serious parental issues worldwide.

Avatar image for justthetip

@dante9006: I would’ve let it slide, but you said it twice... It’s spelled, “guarantee.” I’m not making fun. Just trying to help out.

Avatar image for justthetip

I’m a few hours in. Playing as V is the worst. He’s the worst character in recent memory. I cannot express how much I hate playing as him.

Avatar image for wendopolis_bruh

@justthetip: Agreed. It really feels like filler to space out Nero/Dante type action. And I find his whole "goth" thing annoying.

Avatar image for aross2004

@justthetip: This! Why in the hell am I playing as more emo Kylo Ren in a DMC game?

Avatar image for justthetip

@aross2004: Yep. I can’t stand him.

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926


-Occasional unpredictability of V’s Familiars can be frustrating

-A couple pandering fan-service moments

-Cameo System is a bit underutilized

WTF is this? How is fanservice Bad? WHats this cameo system they speak of? V familar being unpredictable or rather You don t know how to control them in battle?

V is the easiest charater to control in the game but yes his pets can me a bit unpredictable Until you go to the VOID and Star practicing with him and realise that you can control them, but is a bit complex but you are going to need how to play V for Dante must die difficulty or Hell and Hell Difficulty.

Avatar image for wendopolis_bruh

@CRAPCOM1926: I could never fully understand the motions of the animals. Even then, combo's would decide when they wanted to work or not, even when I held the triangle button for the panther, it worked whenever it felt like working.

Avatar image for dynamotnt

the only reason they put microtransactions into this game. is so they could give true fans of dmc the game they really wanted..

think about it.. every dmc since the first, has basically been hit or miss, even the great ones weren't popular, all dmc has really done as a franchise is lose fans who loved the original game, sure it has garnered more but I gurantee its lost way more then it ever gained over the years.

now they can release 5, and go full bore triple a with it, release a fully complete game. and whilst not everyone will buy it, they can afford to go full out because a fair share of people will pay for in game things.

namely youtubers who wanna be first with video content. it's been stated that whilst you can buy in game currency with real cash, every item/ability is adequately priced like a normal dmc game, to the point where you never even need to farm levels just to get your abilities. you end up just having enough from your playthrough..

and that is exactly how microtransactions should be done in niche games like these, 100% optional. kudos to Capcom for actually being transparent with it at first, and not misleading anyone now.

I wasn't gunna buy this game, because dmc hasn't been my thing for a long time. But Im actually tempted now, and well if I ever finish the no way out dlc for RE2 I will buy it.

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

@dynamotnt: the game is very generous with red obs, so i guess the microtransactions are really OPTIONAL this time.

Avatar image for ecs33

Microtransactions are not a bad thing by themselves. Game designs that make one depend on microtransactions are unethical, not the mere presence of microtransactions.

That said, played for about an hour last night and am pleasantly surprised. Everything feels very high quality so far. Levels, model detail, cinematics, fluidity of controls - everything feels just right.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Got it a day early and I have to say I actually prefer playing as Nero and V. Wish there was more segments where you could fight alongside other online players who are playing as the characters you're not playing as though. There was one awesome moment where me and two other players were all fighting in the same place but I believe that's the only time all three can fight together.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

Reviewed on Xbox one or Xbox one X as on standard Xbox one as Digital Foundry just found , the performance is so poor it drags it down. They went as far as to say if you have the choice don't play on Xbox one or S. There is no way on a standard Xbox one X that this deserves a 9 until they at least lock the framerate to 30 fps instead of 60 and possibly lower the resolution from 1080p.

Xbox one X and Pro on the other hand and base PS4 are quite fantastic with a close to locked 60 fps . X is 2160p , Pro 1800p(possibly reconstruction at work on X and Pro) and PS4 Native 1080p respectively. Base PS4 downsamples to 1080p even in 1080p mode so as they noted there is no performance gain on Pro in 1080p mode for this title.

Oddly there is about 11 second load times to upgrade equipment and use menus etc though which is weird.

For those that care the Pro is roughly 1 fps faster on average than Xbox one X with less resolution on offer.

Other than that it appears to be the usual differences with cross platform where X has slightly better shadows , Bloom effects etc. Then Pro is next then PS4 then Xbox one/s respectively.

Anyway that is all i can remember from watching it so here is the link

I have both the Pro and X myself so i am not trying to be Biased either way but people only with base Xbox one deserve the option to lock the game at 30 fps so it is consistent and not a wildly fluctuating mess like it currently is.

Avatar image for vs_shield

Ok but I'm a fan....Don't I want "fan-service"?...

Avatar image for deactivated-5c9cbf62c19be

@vs_shield: !FAN lol

Are we watching some star artist from movie XD

Avatar image for deactivated-5c9cbf62c19be

So there's no multi player!, to join on story line for scenario boss fight

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

Lol, look at this white-knight male reviewer COMPLAINING about a little bit of fanservice in an action game that will most likely ostensibly be played by guys, and calling it a NEGATIVE trait rather than a positive one. LMAO. It's one thing when women complain about this kind of stuff. It's annoying to have to listen to, but at least it's understandable, since they obviously can't appreciate that kind of thing unless they are into other women or something. But when MEN write complaints like this in reviews..Genuinely, I really have to wonder why the heck they would complain about such a thing, unless of course they're gay or whatever. It makes absolutely no sense to me, truly. It's like, I get a "are you sure you're a real man?" kind of reaction. It's a strange world (and time) we live in...

Avatar image for Ronny411

@TeslaCoi1: Its just further hillarious too if people complain about "fan service" (about a girl) in a game about a invincible stud who dosent like wearing clothes and is often half naked who like basically breathe swag and perfection. Even if they tried, if you wanna go down that road, they cant even catch up sexualizing women in DMC as much as they have sexualized men in it for decades. And that is okay, nothing wrong with like an ideal fantasy male character or however you wanna put it, is nothing wrong with a girl showing a little skin either. But says it all how screwed up society have gotten when if they even dare to do the same towards women its something to be offended by, kinda shows how sexsist society is towards men. Its never okay to be a man in any shape or form.

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@Ronny411: I know right? The world has gone to shit.

Avatar image for warriorsq

@TeslaCoi1: As a parent, your all I'd pray my kids never come into contact with! With those sexist attitudes honestly stay single and away from any females!

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@warriorsq: Right, because the fact that I don't mind a bit of fanservice in videogames means I'm sexist. That makes perfect sense. Lol. Is your head not working properly? Also, even aside from that, if you'd bothered to read my other comments and responses further down in this thread, you'd know I'm anything but sexist. Far from it. You'd also notice from the likes and comments that a lot of people in this thread are having the same reaction to this review that I'm having.

Avatar image for skippert

@TeslaCoi1: Im also not so sure what disliking fan-service has to do with men, women and their preferred sexuality. Very odd comment indeed.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@TeslaCoi1: And the biggest rant against feminism and political correctness, all due to the reviewer not linking the fanservice in a particular game, is a newly created account with an anime avatar.

Of course it is...

Guy doesn't like fanservice, that's it, don't get so butthurt because of it.

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@Warlord_Irochi: Um, newly created account? I've been registered at Gamespot since 2004. That's 15 years. Are you stupid or something? Did you just assume, for no reason, that I'm new here, without even checking before writing your post? Also, who's butthurt? I made fun of the reviewer because I thought that particular point in his review was silly. I have no idea why that makes you think I'm offended or annoyed. His review made me chuckle, it sure as hell didn't make me angry lol. That's two dumb assumptions in one post. Try to use your head before you post, or you'll just end up making a huge fool of yourself like you did just now.

Avatar image for aross2004

@TeslaCoi1: Seems like maybe you don't know what a "real man" is.

I guess in your world, any man who isn't down with the oversexualization of women is automatically gay, or not a "real man".

And while I am stating no personal opinion either way of how women are portrayed in certain games, I can say that your mother must be proud of the "real man" that she raised.

What a joke...

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@aross2004: My mother is very proud of me indeed, since I've always treated pretty much every woman I've ever spoken too with respect, and I would also never cheat on any woman I might be with. I also do plenty of housework, and I've studied and worked hard for many years of my life. I'll have you know I take equality pretty seriously in almost all areas. So nice try, but the fact that I enjoy a healthy dose of tits does not mean I'm sexist or treat women in general like objects only. Only caring about looks is good if you're just in a mutually fun one-night stand or something, but for a girlfriend you obviously want someone with a good head on their shoulders who you can have intelligent and entertaining conversations with. And such a girl is not likely to put up with too much shit from you any more than you are likely to put up with too much shit from her. In the same way, fantazies about a world and/or society that is only catered to male desire is fun and all, but I obviously wouldn't actually want that in the real world, because that would be boring as hell, as that would mean women would have no real personality or opinions of their own, and we'd have no interesting female characters in games or movies etc either. It would just suck.

Also, "oversexualization" would imply that there's too much sexualization. I kind of doubt that the sexy stuff in DMC 5 is too much. As a sidenote btw, it only takes one look at the number of likes on my comment to see that most people are in agreement with me rather than you or Bipson etc, so...*shrug*

Avatar image for aross2004

@TeslaCoi1: Where did I call you sexist exactly? I called you out on your BS comment about a Male either being gay or "not a real man" because he calls out how women are portrayed as sexual objects in some games. That doesn't make you sexist, it makes you insecure in your own manhood.

I should think a "real man" like you would know the difference.

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@aross2004: You said "I can say that your mother must be proud of the 'real man' that she raised.". You're sarcastically implying that I'm not a real man, and that my Mom would be disappointed in me. Based on that and your comment about women's portrayal in videogames, one would naturally assume that what you're trying to say is that my Mom is probably disappointed in me because I have a skewed view of women (I don't), i.e I'm sexist. That's what your comment implies. That's how people would read it. If you can't see that, then that's your own fucking problem. It doesn't matter that that's not what you meant (if that's even true). That's what you implied.

Also, my manhood is just fine, lol. I think the reviewer's complaint is kind of silly (and so do a lot of other people, clearly), so I made fun of it. And I was serious when I said I genuinely don't get why any man would have a problem with a little bit of fanservice in a videogame, unless they're gay (in which case it would make perfect sense to me. This does not mean I have a problem with gay people. I don't). You're the one who then decided to be annoyed enough by this that you felt the need to imply that my mother must be disappointed in me. You sound more like the insecure one to me.

Avatar image for bipson101

@TeslaCoi1: it's his opinion. He's just as entitled to it as you. Personally i'm sick of gamergaters who can't handle ANY criticism of their medium embarrassing the community like this.

The fan service is a part of the DMC franchise, but it is not to everyone's taste.

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@bipson101: Oh, I can handle plenty of criticism of most games or other things I like. It usually won't make me bat an eyelash. There is also no shortage of criticism I agree with. That doesn't mean I can't call it out when I read something I just find silly and weird. Because last time I checked, freedom of speech is still a thing.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@TeslaCoi1: I think think their balls shriveled up and crawled back inside. So girls aren't supposed to look sexy anymore, and there has to be a gay, bi, and trans character selection for it to be satisfactory to the shill media.

I'm not for men being neutered, so sick of this ridiculousness every time it pops up.

Avatar image for bipson101

@Vodoo: utterly pathetic comment

Avatar image for Vodoo

@bipson101: "Utterly?" Thank you. I always strive for an "utterly."

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@Vodoo: So true lol. Preach it bro!

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

@TeslaCoi1: Strange? Scary more like. Very, very scary. However, Japan still seem to be on the healthy side of things at least judging by this game.

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@ChrisAnetkaC: Yeah, Japan is our last, real remaining savior from the west's political correctness, third-wave feminism nonsense. I just hope they can keep holding the line long-term...If Japan becomes like the US one day, then I'm not sure I want to live anymore...

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@TeslaCoi1: Currently Japan is the country with the heaviest censoring in videogames, even more than Germany (and that is something)

Hate to break it to you; but in Japan there are no mechas in the street, girls do not have crazy blue hair and don't run around screaming "desu desu desu", and people don't sit all day to play videogames with their waifus.

Japan is not the anime that you fantasize with. It's a very demanding society that almost never gives you second chances, one that would not see with good eyes the lack of respect, maturity and self pride that you are showing here with your mindless rant.

Grow up.

Avatar image for TeslaCoi1

@Warlord_Irochi: Oh boy, you really fucked up this time. See, here's the thing, smartass: I live in Tokyo. Got that? I fucking live in Japan. So I'm pretty sure I know more about Japan then you do, because I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you don't live in Japan, and know jack-shit, based on your stupid comments. And if you do, then you really need to check yourself, because your posts are full of dumb and immature accusations and baseless assumptions. I'm not a "weaboo" with ridiculous delusions, which you are oh so "elegantly" choosing to imply based on nothing but the fact that I have an anime avatar (real classy), but since you brought it up: Japan has tons of porn mags (both normal ones and manga ones) in plain view right next to normal and kiddie magazines, in the regular, normal department stores, which are everywhere. How about you let that sink in for a little bit. So yes, certainly Japan is a demanding country, where people work their butts off, and respect and politeness is very important (this last aspect is part of what I like about the country). But my point about them not being big on political correctness and dumb third-wave feminism (feminism in the past used to bring up important issues, and stood for something. It was necessary. Feminism these days is usually just retarded) still stands as valid. They are less keen on violence than the West, yeah. But the West is way less okay with anything sexual compared to Japan, so I figure it evens out.

Also, your comment about me not being mature, and needing to "grow up", is just plain hilarious, since you:

1. Called me a "newly created account", even though I've been registered at Gamespot for 15 years (since 2004). Maybe take a few seconds to check someone's account next time, before making a dumb and baseless comment like that. It would save you some embarrassment.

2. Calling me "butthurt", even though nothing about my post suggested I was even slightly annoyed about anything to begin with. Like I said in my other post, the reviewer's point about the fanservice made me laugh, it did not make me angry. I was making fun of him. That's way different from throwing a fit and yelling at him. I think maybe you just fail at reading comprehension.

3. Implied I'm a clueless and completely delusional weaboo, which of course you're basing on nothing except the fact that I have an anime avatar.

Yes. Right. I'm the immature one. LMAO. Try harder.

Avatar image for Lord_Sesshy

"tasteless fan-service". Don't let him know about anime lol.

When did we have to act so high and mighty every time a female character shows skin in a video game. Just enjoy the view.

Avatar image for pookeynoodle2019


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