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Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Review

  • First Released Sep 6, 2017
  • Reviewed Dec 11, 2017
  • PS4

Light on content.

If you simply ran out of things to do in vanilla Destiny 2, its first DLC expansion, Curse of Osiris, adds a few new activities for you to take on. It introduces a new setting in Mercury, a short campaign, new weapons and gear, Strikes, Crucible maps, Adventures, among smaller things. But aside from the brief but fun Raid Lair, the new stuff in Curse of Osiris doesn't add anything substantial or interesting to Destiny 2 to make it worth revisiting.

Curse of Osiris picks up right after the end of the base game's campaign, as far as your level goes. You could go directly from the end of the Red War story to Curse of Osiris' campaign, which requires a power level of 200 to 220, without having to grind much in between. For newcomers or PC players who've had less time with the game, it's a comfortable bridge for leveling up between the lower-level vanilla content and the high-level endgame activities like the Nightfall. (Those endgame activities are a different story, but we'll get to that in a bit.)

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As a result, though, Curse of Osiris' story missions feel like filler. The campaign sets up an enormous undertaking against the Vex, with infinite timelines and computer simulations and the mysterious Warlock Osiris mixed up in it all. But with a two-or-so-hour runtime, the missions rush through the interesting concepts and usher you into a simple final battle that is essentially scripted. It's not enough time to fully understand Osiris as a character, which is disappointing considering he's only ever been mentioned in Destiny lore before now.

The beautiful and varied Infinite Forest, a Vex creation designed to simulate timelines and their infinite permutations, is the most interesting addition in the expansion. Within the Forest, you can travel to a simulation of the past, a much more vibrant and lush version of Mercury that's stunning to look at. But even then, the story doesn't task you with exploring it or any other location in the Forest, instead shepherding you through areas to find codes and things that smarter NPCs can use to pinpoint your next destination for you. The lack of callbacks to Vault of Glass from Destiny 1, another time-bending Vex creation, is also a letdown.

Other than the Infinite Forest, the new destination, Mercury, is simply uninteresting to explore. It's a small circular map with one new Public Event, a new vendor, and a handful of chests and Lost Sectors. The foundation of exploration established in the base game is still good here--having a variety of options to choose from does make things feel less repetitive--but it feels like busywork with little to do at the highest level. That extends to the new Strikes, which are almost direct copies of two of the story missions, nothing more than another way to kill time.

The biggest problem with Curse of Osiris is that it locks certain high-level activities, including the Prestige Nightfall, behind its new power level cap. The recommended power for the Prestige Nightfall in particular is 330, which you can't reach if you don't have the Curse of Osiris DLC. So if you don't get the DLC, you suddenly don't have access to something you used to be able to do. It's also frustrating if you do get Curse of Osiris, because the higher level requirement doesn't fundamentally change these activities.

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New Heroic Adventures add Nightfall-style modifiers to the Adventures on Mercury, but those missions aren't begging to be replayed. The main incentive to do them at all is to unlock a Lost Prophecy quest from the NPC Brother Vance, which is one of most tedious fetch quests in all of Destiny 2. If you do manage to gather 10 of the necessary item (through repeating Public Events and finding chests), you unlock the Forge, where you can craft Legendary Vex weapons. But for anyone besides the most dedicated players, there's no compelling reason to do all this unless you want to redo old missions on harder difficulties in order to get loot to use when you do them again.

While some of the new loot is worth collecting--my favorites so far include the Legendary automatic scout rifle Metronome-52 and the broken but ridiculously fun Prometheus Lens Exotic--you'll likely get a lot of duplicates before you get anything you actually want to use. Because the main reward for everything you do is shiny new loot, the frustratingly high drop rate of duplicates makes grinding more disappointing than satisfying. The gunplay feels as great as ever, though, so it can be fun to experiment with new weapons, but it's not enough to sustain an expansion that adds little outside of extra busywork.

The excellent gunplay is not enough to sustain an expansion that adds little outside extra busywork.

The Raid Lair, while shorter than a typical Destiny Raid, is the one late-game addition that's worth trying. Eater of Worlds is set on Leviathan, the setting of Destiny 2's first Raid, but with a different boss and separate areas to explore. It features a mix of Destiny-style puzzles, including a platforming sequence and fun with orbs, but in a less time-consuming package that's a welcome alternative to the full Leviathan Raid. Using careful teamwork to solve puzzles is rewarding in ways that the story and simple Strikes aren't, and combining that with the right loadout and strong shooting skills shows what Destiny can be when it leaves the filler behind and makes the most out of its best mechanics.

But in almost every respect, Curse of Osiris doesn't elevate Destiny 2 beyond what it was at launch. Especially for lapsed players, the same old activities reskinned for an unremarkable new setting make them feel more like chores than ever, and the interesting ideas in the Infinite Forest aren't at all used to their potential. There's still some fun to be had in finding new weapons and maybe tackling the Raid Lair, but reaching that point is so tedious that it hardly feels worth doing.

Editor's note: When we first published our Curse of Osiris review, both the Prestige Nightfall and the Prestige Raid were set at the 330 power requirement. In a recent post, Bungie revealed plans for a hotfix that will reduce the Prestige Raid requirement to 300, making it accessible to all players. The Prestige Nightfall will remain at 330. The review text has been updated to reflect this change.

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The Good
The Infinite Forest is an interesting concept with some gorgeous location designs
Experimenting with new loot shows off Destiny's fantastic gunplay
The Raid Lair is a fun challenge to take on with a Fireteam
The Bad
Locks you out of the hardest content if you only have the base game, and that content isn't fundamentally different from before
The campaign rushes through a high-stakes story and feels half-baked as a result
Mercury's activities feel like busywork with no compelling incentive to do them
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Kallie played 15 hours of Curse of Osiris and had the most fun with the very broken Prometheus Lens. She played on PS4 using a copy of Destiny 2 provided by Bungie.
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Somehow they made Destiny 2 worse than the first game. Impressive.

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Just completed this and it is very underwhelming. All the effort seems to go into the locations and they didn't ring my bell at all, complicated for the sake of being complicated. For an expansion this is light on content. Doesn't feel like an expansion, almost a story arc that was just left out of the game and bolted back in.

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For all of you reading this. There are paid people to "pose" as SJWs all over the internet. People are paid to "offend" you in a comment you made because that's how they make a living. A REAL living these days... rather it be protesting, staging an event, commenting on a post, ..etc it's all setup. Morals are no longer a thing alongside dignity for a human being. Gamespot's moderators must be paid to allow these pricks to keep doing what they do.

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Great game! I am having a blast closing to 300 hours mark :)

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I've never played any COD game (post 3), Destiny, Battlefield or the new Battlefronts. And I mean, never. It's like smoking: it might look cool, but in the end, it's bad for your health.

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Destiny 2 is a lot like Star Wars The Last Jedi - total SJW trash!

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O really fun game play! but I simply quit it after this bullshit expansion

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Bungie 2018: You could upgrade that weapon tomorrow at the blacksmith or pay $19.99 for 100 gems and do the enhancement now.

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It must be so daunting to be a developer these days.

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The reviewer finally admits things that were obvious to most when we hit lvl 20 in the base game. Those complaints should have been in the main review. This dlc finally offers some nice looking weapons & armor to strive for, as that was sorely missing before, to me at least.

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I literally bought this shit game a week before this dlc, and all they succeeded in doing with the horrendous excuse of a dlc is making me uninstall and wish I could refund.

PC players won't tolerate this kind of shit. Game was also boring and 100% completed after a week...

bungie is on my shitlist. i guess i should have learned from their SJW tweets..

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@k2g6y7: You're right. Gamespot is the same SJW/DIVERS(H)ity way. Paid by a under the table foundation to further it's agenda like everything you see everywhere nowadays. Where did all these black characters come from? Where did all these gay characters come from? In the past 10 years all you see is this crap everywhere. Why is that? There such a small percentage of the population... 13% and maybe 1% but yet they are in every show, movie, song, no matter the circumstances. (While Spike Lee is allowed to keep making racial white movies about how whites are so stupid and the white people keep them down). Everywhere! Everything!!!!! THEY TURNED A WHITE GUY INTO KILLING HIS OWN KIND!(last mass shooting). THE BRAINWASHING IS REAL!!!!!!!!!! I've noticed more and more people are now catching on to this and their will be an uprising against it!!!!


CRACKA POWA!!!!!! lol

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@k2g6y7: D2 is a satanic game. The Eye of Horus is everywhere. Uninstalled and I put Bungie on ignore list.

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@spartanro: Satire?

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It never ceases to amaze me how low they go.

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Well... what I read I don't like. Guess I'm done with Destiny 2.
Hope the next expansions bring better stuff to the table.

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@Warlord_Irochi: bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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@pozexisss: You really just made an account just to comment that?

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@Warlord_Irochi: Shh.. Just let him feel better about himself and his choices..

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How to Turn "Could Be One of the Greatest Games Ever" into "Only Wants to Be Greatest Cash Grab Ever" for Dummies.

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@esqueejy: LOL you must be talking about Battlefront 2

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@Torvar72: You could apply it to alot of games. Whichever one I chose to say that about, there would be someone who'd complain.

The POINT, though, is that the developers' and publishers' ASPIRATIONS are fucked up. When they should be trying to make the best game ever, they're instead trying to make the best cash-grab ever. The game, its content, its substance, its gameplay, mechanics, etc., have all become SECONDARY concerns. The only reason "fun" even enters their calculus is to the extent making a fun game will mean that people stick around to spend money on the microtransactions for a little longer. It's an afterthought, not the prime directive.

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@esqueejy: Agreed, the incesant monetization is ruining videogames development each product at a time from the ground up.

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*sigh* Bungie!! Once made Halo with an amazing story.. Now riding MP games for cash...

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@Sindroid: The Halo story wasn't that good to begin with. The Joe Staten Destiny story had potential, but was destroyed by retards who ousted Joe Staten and Martin O'Donnell and butchered the game and put it together backwards. Smith and Unworthy never put Humpty together again.

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@Sindroid: Halo had the role to prepare people to accept robots like Sophia in real life. To make weak minds to see A.I. as the only way for the future.

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Destiny will continue to make money regardless of how crappy a game design it is because people are easily addicted to grind games that feel like work / chore and they don't realize they can be playing much better more fun focused games.

Glad to see the reviewers are starting to get tired of these chore game designs since reviewers have benefit of playing much more fun games in between having to play these game themed online casino offerings.

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Despite the errors they didn't fix (anteater, weasel and buffalo), I forgot to mention how ridiculous the online mode (CRISOL) became. It feels like 8 players on CS GO using SCAR-20 every round. Everyone got the same laser weapon. We got tons of weapons but they are useless compared to laser, this is so senseless Bungie.

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@inmycontrol: That's because the laser weapon has a bug that makes it crazy OP in Crucible. They're fixing it.

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@Mogan: Would be nice if they would just separate the two game modes from each other, but THAT will never happen.

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@xscrapzx: I wish. They're hurting PvE by trying to balance everything for PvP.

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I really like the first Destiny, but the 2nd...I dont, even with the DLC...its always the same reskined things, same boring events, finding gears, finding gears and you know what, finding gears...ZZzzzz

One word ***Pathetic***

Game Over

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Meanwhile in the Destiny world:

"Error weasel", "Error buffalo", "Error buffalo", "Error buffalo", "Error buffalo", "Error buffalo";
"Error anteater", "Error weasel", "Error buffalo", "Error weasel", "Error buffalo"

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@halure: Lmao thanks for the comment I needed a good laugh

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Bungie throw a holed net in the sea and hoped to get some fishes... again

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@altairdarius: You do realize that nets have holes in them, right? If they didn't, they'd just be called bags.

The bigger the holes in the net, the bigger the fish your hope to catch. The balancing act is defining how big of a hole you want in order to net the biggest fish without abandoning too many small catches.

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