Chameleon Twist Review

Chameleon Twist isn't worth ragging on too badly because it's not outwardly offensive in any way.

Sure, you've seen it all before. It's a standard 3D N64 platform game, but this time it has a "chameleon twist." This means you use your tongue to snag objects and pull yourself about, to gobble up enemies and shoot them at others, and to basically solve any other problem that might come up. So, it's "Yoshi-meets-Mario" in a Bomberman 64-like perspective. If you don't mind excessive lack of originality, then you'll be prepared to find exactly what you'd expect from this equation: a game with its share of problems, though one that can be fun at times, too.

As one of four different chameleon characters, you must make your way through up to seven different worlds collecting crowns and hearts, jumping from platform to platform, and vanquishing foes along the way. There's definitely a children's book theme at work here, from the Alice in Wonderland story (your character chases a white rabbit from stage to stage) to the food-inspired or Jim Henson-like designs of the enemies (you'll never forget the first time you're attacked by an ice cream sandwich with eyes) - though that seems appropriate, since if you're over ten, you'll probably find the game incredibly easy.

The game's puzzles and bosses are sometimes pretty fun, but figuring out how to beat them is almost always totally obvious right from the start. This, coupled with the fact you only have to run through four of the title's stages before getting to the main boss, makes for a pretty quick game. Health bonuses are also extremely easy to acquire, making it so that you're more likely to simply give up before you run out of lives. Also somewhat simple is the game's multiplayer mode, which consists of picking up objects and shooting them at your friends to knock them off platforms - played in either a timed-trial style or a "once you're out, you're out of the competition" style. Neither way is particularly interesting, whether you've got two, three, or four people in the mix.

Jumping from the gameplay to the visuals, the graphics aren't as bad as the similar-looking Bomberman 64, though the rampant use of textures may start to make your eyes bleed after a while. The game camera can be slightly adjusted in a few different directions, though, as in all 3D titles with perspectives like this, not as much as you'd like. Of course, there are a few instances where this is a problem, but overall, it's not a major frustration.

But all of this aside, Chameleon Twist isn't worth ragging on too badly because it's not outwardly offensive in any way; it's just obviously aimed at a young audience. Really, it's a pretty innocuous little game and probably worth a rental if you have an itch for another 3D N64 platformer. You won't likely entertain any thoughts of buying it afterwards, except possibly as a present for a younger relative. Kids though, they'll eat it up.

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