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BreakQuest takes the classic brick-breaking formula and packs it with enough manic effects and crazy power-ups to satisfy even the most discerning twitch gamers.

BreakQuest is a superfast, over-the-top brick-breaking game in the vein of classics like Arkanoid and Breakout. Nurium Games has injected the old formula with heavy doses of adrenaline by adding dozens of crazy power-ups, cranking the speed to the max, and throwing it all in your face.

You can choose from several different ships, each with a bumper on top that deflects a bouncy ball toward intricately arranged blocks onscreen. Each ship is equipped with a gravitron, which pulls the ball down toward the bottom of the screen. This is an integral part of the strategy, as it gives you fairly precise control over the trajectory of the ball. The stages range from weird to weirder, and the properties of the blocks vary wildly between levels. As you break the blocks, power capsules fall from the sky. Some power capsules will speed up your ship or give you weapons, and others will slow down or change the shape of the ball. There are nine weapons and more than 20 power-ups in the game. If you like fast-paced twitch gameplay that never lets up, you should definitely give BreakQuest a try.

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    The Good
    Intense arcade-style gameplay
    Dozens of power-ups with crazy effects
    100 unique levels
    Arcade mode lets you tweak all the settings to customize your game
    Excellent music from Maniacs of Noise
    The Bad
    At times it's nearly impossible to see the ball amid all the craziness onscreen
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  • First Released Nov 15, 2004
    • PC
    • PSP
    BreakQuest is a new concept break-out-style game, featuring vibrant graphics, sparkling visual effects, and funky sound.
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    Developed by:
    Nurium Games, Beatshapers
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    Oberon Media, Beatshapers
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