Bookworm Deluxe Review

Whether you're a vocab virtuoso or a remedial reader, you'll find a suitable challenge in Bookworm Deluxe.

Bookworm is a word jumble game similar to the Parker Brothers tabletop classic Boggle. You are given a board filled with lettered tiles, and you have to string them together to form words, at which point the tiles disappear and new ones drop from above. You get points for each word, and longer words are worth more points. There are special tiles too, including score bonuses and the dreaded burning tiles. The red tiles burn through the tile below after each turn. If a red tile reaches the bottom of the grid, you lose the game.

The premise is super simple, and the game plays quickly if you just keep making small words like "dog" or "cart." But, you can spend a lot of time hunting for the elusive "ravioli" or "heliotropism" as well. There's also an action mode here, which makes the red tiles burn constantly, so you have only a few seconds to make each word. No matter how you play, Bookworm Deluxe is a fun and easy vocabulary game that will please everyone from word wizards to the barely literate. The only problem is that it doesn't offer much more than the free Web version of Bookworm.

The Good
Easy to learn and fun to play
Multiple game modes offer different challenges
Tons of words to learn, some with definitions
Game keeps track of your longest and highest-scoring words
The Bad
Not much different from the free Web-based version
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Bookworm Deluxe

First Released Mar 15, 2006
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This puzzle game has you stringing together as many words as possible from a screen of jumbled letter tiles. The bigger the word you make, the more points you get.


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