Big Kahuna Reef Review

Bejeweled meets an aquarium simulation in this highly enjoyable puzzle game.

Big Kahuna Reef takes a lot of cues from Bejeweled, but the game offers a surprising amount of challenge and depth throughout its 100 levels to keep you engaged. Though the basic gameplay merely involves swapping marine-themed icons to match three in a row and clear them, the varying shapes of the playing boards as you move from level to level give the game great challenge. You'll find certain pieces that are "locked," requiring you to clear them two or more times before you can fill the rest of the board and beat the level. As you beat the levels, you'll unlock new species of fish that you can release into the background--the game even includes an aquarium mode where you can just stare at fish swimming about. The game's backgrounds resemble a coral reef, and you can choose from a few different types for your fish to swim around in. There's even a multiplayer mode where you can plug in a second mouse for competitive or cooperative play. Marrying an aquarium simulation to a puzzle game isn't the most conventional idea, but Big Kahuna Reef proves that it works.

The Good
Gameplay is engaging and challenging
Cooperative and competitive multiplayer
Looks great
About 100 levels in all
The Bad
Sounds can get monotonous
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Big Kahuna Reef

First Released Dec 15, 2004
  • Macintosh
  • PC

Big Kahuna Reef is a puzzle game where you must break boxes and free sea life by either making word combinations or by matching objects.


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