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Bespelled is certainly entertaining and addictive, but there's no significant addition that makes getting this deluxe version necessary.

In Bespelled, you attain high scores by creating words on a screen full of tiled letters. Like in Boggle, you can connect only the letters that are adjacent to each other, but this game is unique in that as you make words, those letters disappear and are filled in by falling letters from the top. There are also bonus tiles that will multiply your score and burning tiles that will eat through other letters on the board.

The two modes are classic and action. The only difference is that action throws a lot more burning tiles in the mix, requiring you to make words much more quickly than in classic mode. The appearance of the game is certainly effective, but it doesn't go beyond what would be expected from this type of the game. The graphics are easy on the eyes and fully descriptive. The sound effects are cute, but they might begin to sound as repetitive (and annoying) as circus music if you play the game for too long. Overall the experience you get with Bespelled is enjoyable, but the game is not different enough from other available games to recommend making a hefty financial investment.

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    The Good
    Good version of this gameplay
    Can last forever
    The graphics are good
    The Bad
    Doesn't make any big changes
    The music can get annoying
    No real difference between modes
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  • First Released Q4 2005
    • PC
    Score points by creating words on a screen full of tiled letters.
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