Bejeweled Deluxe Review

Bejeweled Deluxe is an incredible puzzle game. It's easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Aside from good ol' Solitaire, there are few games that you can say have as much universal appeal as Bejeweled. The game relies on a simple concept of lining up colored gems into rows or columns of three or more. It's an incredibly easy game to play, and offers enough challenge that even skilled players can enjoy spending hours racking up high scores. However, with Bejeweled 2 now available, there is little reason to go back to the original. Even so, this game stands to show just how simple a game can be and still be a blast to play.

The Good
Easy to learn
Incredibly addictive
The Bad
Will get you into trouble at work
No point purchasing with Bejeweled 2 out
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  • First Released 2004
    • PC
    Bejeweled Deluxe is an upgraded and enhanced version of Bejeweled.
    Average Rating88 Rating(s)
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    Matching/Stacking, Puzzle
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