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Battlefield 4 Review

  • First Released Oct 29, 2013
  • Reviewed Oct 28, 2013
  • X360
  • PS3
  • PC
  • PS4
  • XONE
Aaron Sampson on Google+

Have a field day.

Now that the review embargo for the Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 has lifted and I've spent significant time playing both single- and multiplayer, this update confirms that the below review text and score apply to the Xbox One version as well, with a few notes. Firstly, the textures, lighting, and color saturation are all slightly worse than on the PlayStation 4 version, but still much better than Xbox 360/PS3. Secondly, though there occasional connectivity issues with the online multiplayer, the majority of our play time was issue-free and full of the immense, chaotic excitement that makes this game shine. - CTW, 12/2/2013, 17:00 PST

There's something evergreen about Battlefield's brand of online warfare. The combination of breakneck infantry fighting and explosive vehicular warfare breeds conflicts that are exciting, tense, and, perhaps most importantly, diverse. With weapons, gadgets, and upgrades tailored to create a wealth of combat roles, it can often seem like there's no end to the gratifying ways you can contribute to the war effort. This variety has enticed players into Battlefield games for years, and in Battlefield 4, it's alive and well. The online multiplayer is an absolute blast.

But Battlefield is about more than just multiplayer these days, and the single-player campaign in BF4 also has some exciting moments. These are sequences that channel the freedom and variety of multiplayer; the levels spent mostly in corridors and in close-quarters combat are more frequent, however, and not nearly as enjoyable. The characters that drive the story show flashes of appealing personality, but these are drowned out by cliche relationships and boilerplate dialogue. Though BF4 outdoes its predecessor, the series has a long way to go before the campaign is more than a sideshow diversion.

No landlubber is safe from my naval wrath!
No landlubber is safe from my naval wrath!

Fortunately, the online stage is expertly set for some exhilarating moments. One of the best new things about BF4 is Obliteration mode, in which two teams fight to gain control of a bomb and use it to blow up three enemy positions. Unlike returning standby Conquest mode, in which the battle ebbs and flows between a handful of set positions, Obliteration boasts conflict zones that can change in a flash with the timely use of land, air, and sea vehicles. Motorized transport has always been a pillar of combat in the Battlefield series, and Obliteration mode makes mobility more important than ever. (Thank goodness for the new test range that allows you to practice piloting every vehicle!) A skilled helicopter pilot can swoop in to pick up the bomb carrier and then zip off to an objective point, leaving enemy infantry in the dust. Escaping the chaos to grab a personal watercraft can turn the tide, but perhaps it's better to blow it up so your enemies don't grab it for themselves. Plotting your own dramatic maneuvers while defending against the enemies' is a lively challenge that takes on new urgency in Obliteration.

Matches without vehicles, however, have a different pace. Victory comes from solid squad support and sharp shooting. Battling for bomb possession in winding prison tunnels is a brutal close-quarters affair, and well-balanced matches run the risk of devolving into lengthy scrums in which neither team can make headway. Keeping your squad alive is crucial here, not just as mobile spawn points but also to preserve your field upgrades. These are new attribute bonuses that you gain through squad-related actions, bestowing you with resistance to suppressing fire or better flak protection, for example.

Being able to shoot a little straighter or survive a nearby grenade blast can make a difference in these fast-paced, infantry-heavy matches of Obliteration, as well as in small, speedy matches of Domination (small-scale Conquest) and Team Deathmatch. The other new mode also involves bomb-carrying, but because it has bite-size maps and no respawning, Defuse demands a more careful kind of infantry combat. Weapon choice and enemy detection are key in these short, fraught encounters, and while the heightened tension can result in some very satisfying wins, smaller arenas are not where Battlefield 4 is at its best.

No Caption Provided

The standout action comes in large-scale conflicts that take advantage of the 10 large, well-designed maps. Richer color saturation makes them a pleasure to look at, from the lush alpine fields surrounding a massive satellite dish to the sparkling neon lights of a coastal city. Buildings frequently have stairs or elevators that allow access to upper stories, giving snipers long sight lines and providing parachutists with jumping-off points to better traverse the map. This increased verticality adds some strategic options, but the bigger change is the greater prevalence of water. Marine combat is a much bigger factor in Battlefield 4, whether you're zipping down the narrow canals of a seaside resort while your passenger mows down infantry or patrolling the lanes of a small archipelago and shooting helicopters out of the sky with a fully crewed attack boat.

Naval dominance can help you control a match, but water-based mobility is another huge consideration, as anyone who has trudged across a large empty field instead of hitching a ride knows. Swimming leaves you vulnerable, though you can at least pull out your sidearm, so it's best to secure transport when you can. This much is obvious when fighting in a stormy island chain, but until someone blows the levee on the slightly waterlogged urban map, you can do just fine scurrying around on foot. When the water does rush in, the whole place gets submerged beneath ten feet of water and things change significantly. If you don't stick to the rooftops or hop in one of the newly spawned boats, you're in trouble.

This deluge is the most drastic of the marquee environmental events that you can trigger on each map. Some of these occurrences bring significant change, like the destruction of a skyscraper, while others are more subtle, like closing jail doors to shut off a hallway or raising bollards to block a road. These special events are complemented by the wide range of destructible structures and deformable terrain. Blown-out walls and collapsed buildings have a hard time hiding enemies, and roads pitted by bomb craters are more difficult to navigate smoothly. Destructibility has been amped up from Battlefield 3, and being able to blast your way through certain obstructions is a liberating and empowering experience.

No Caption Provided

In most cases, you must supply the ordnance to take advantage of this destructibility (some maps have large triggered bombs that do the job on their own). Among the weapons and gadgets for each class are a number of explosive options tailored to take down threats on land, at sea, and in the sky. There are also items that support your allies in a variety of ways, from keeping them alive to alerting them to nearby enemies. Thanks to some loadout shuffling and the presence of weapon classes that unlock for every soldier type, there are more ways than ever to customize the four basic archetypes to fill a multitude of combat roles. Of particular note is the new ability to zero your scope, a trick that lets you quickly set the distance at which your bullet will hit the center of your sight, providing a valuable aid for long-range sniping.

Between vehicle and soldier customization, there are a ton of ways to be effective on the battlefield and rack up the points that increase your rank and unlock new stuff. You can intermittently earn battlepacks that provide small rewards, and new map-specific battle pickups like sniper rifles, automatic shotguns, and grenade launchers give you powerful ways to adapt your strategy on the fly. If you prefer to take a broader strategic view, you can join a match as a commander once you hit the requisite level. With a bird's-eye view and a chat line to every squad leader, this mode lets you set objectives for troops, scan for enemies, and reinforce your team in a few other ways. Vehicle and supply drops can conceivably be a great boon to your grunts, but the tools that become available to you depend largely on how well those grunts accept and follow your orders. Oblivious players can make Commander mode drag, so it's a hit-or-miss experience.

The single-player campaign has its ups and downs as well, though alas, more of the latter than the former. It's good when you're fighting your way through a village, using scattered weapons and the odd vehicle to carve a path to your allies. Sections like these approximate the combat diversity of multiplayer and are genuinely fun, while other sequences aren't as successful. Fighting through streets and buildings evokes nothing more than the dozens of other shooter campaigns in the same mold, and though the gunplay is competent, it lacks a spark to sustain it. A difficult tank battle and some dramatic moments might manage to get your blood pumping, but on the whole, the action feels lifeless.

Though the plot chronicles a high-stakes conflict, Battlefield 4 invests its storytelling energy in its characters. Unfortunately, they all-too-often act as soldiers who have character, rather than characters who are soldiers.

The characters in your squad could have enhanced the experience, as they did in the excellent Bad Company 2. Indeed, your squad's idle discussion of fortune cookie messages and the prospect of eating pigeon channel some of the great character writing from that game, but these highlights are few and far between. Most of the character development focuses on cliche roles such as "gruff dude who doesn't trust newcomers" and "earnest guy who follows orders." Though the plot chronicles a high-stakes conflict, Battlefield 4 invests its storytelling energy in its characters. Unfortunately, they all-too-often act as soldiers who have character, rather than characters who are soldiers. And the results are drab.

No Caption Provided

So with five versions of the game spread across two generations of consoles, which is the best Battlefield? Unsurprisingly, the PC version remains on top with excellent visuals and sprawling 64-player matches that make the most of the great maps and incredible combat diversity. The PlayStation 4 version joins the PC in the top tier, with comparable visuals and 64-player matches to boot. The Xbox One version, however, remains under review embargo for another two weeks, so we can't evaluate it until then. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions still deliver solid visuals and exciting online play, but with matches limited to 24 players at the most, current gen already feels like last gen. Texture pop-in delays are much more noticeable in the PS3 version, making it the least appealing of the bunch.

Regardless of platform, Battlefield 4 multiplayer is a blast and definitely the best reason to return to this hallowed franchise or dive in for the first time. Though the campaign makes strides in the right direction, it remains a sideshow to the main event. Expansive and exciting, challenging and empowering, Battlefield 4 multiplayer is a thrilling endeavor in this generation or the next.

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The Good
Obliteration mode sets an exciting new pace
Great maps set the stage beautifully
Tons of ways to make an impact
Destruction is empowering
The Bad
Campaign doesn't embrace series strengths
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Chris Watters has spent hundreds of hours in Battlefields past and still can't fly a jet very well. For this review, he played the PlayStation 4 and PC versions at a multi-day review event at EA, then went on to play PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions at home with copies provided by EA.
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Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

Why are there 'X' hit markers in campaign mode, and you can't turn them off? Every game I play lately, BF4, black ops2, Bioshock 3, GTAV, etc...all have hit markers in campaign mode. When are developers going to go back to using blood effects and enemy hit reactions as hit markers? Seeing an 'X' or any form of hit indicator destroys much immersion and fun in modern games.

Avatar image for sir_swaggington

As of late, I've played BF4 a ton nowadays. The bugs? Gone. Singleplayer, I admit, is a bit sloppy but the multiplayer makes up for it so much. Complete rewrite of the Frostbite 2 engine with FB3 - it's titanically better. The campaign, however, does give you three choices. In multiplayer, it's also nice to see a lot more customization in 4.

I'll admit I'm a bit of a BF4 fanboy and hate CoD with a passion, but honestly? This game focuses on teamwork. Infantry-combat, vehicle combat and aerial combat. In CoD, you don't have that. You have quick-scopers who can defy all real-life military terminology such as "the Corealis Effect" (google helps if you don't know the term), but it's basically the wind-distance effecting the bullet's travel toward the target.

BF4 does many things right where CoD f*cks up drastically. I give this game a 8.9.

Avatar image for loafofgame

@sir_swaggington I have no experience with CoD or online shooters at all, since I'm not good at them, but some friends recently got me into buying BF4 and I like how it gives you options to be valuable without being a good shot. Several times I felt I changed the course of battles a bit by sneaking behind the enemy and creating a squad spawn point there. It worked particularly well in Rush mode. I like how you can earn points by helping others out.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Recently ended the campaign. I have to admit I was almost blown away with some of the most dramatic set pieces. I think I enjoyed it mostly because I expected nothing and didn't know how much it improved over the previous game SP. What they say about the story and characters is true, but they're very well performed and when you're and action nut, you can be forgiving with story.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@santinegrete the campaign sucks. It even has the trendy, lame 'x' hit markers.

Avatar image for brunod_f

Too bad the campaign mode is really weak.The characters and their language are full of cliches and are very boring, and i just couldn't get excited with the story at all... its just another America's army go and save the world stuff. I'll try the multiplayer mode soon and well... i hope it makes my money on this be well worth it.

Avatar image for watchdogsrules

battlefield 4 looks like a great game, i just hope that the campaign isn't like BF3's campaign: short, predictable, and boring

Avatar image for adit_man

Game is running a lot better now with all the changes they have been making. I have played 2 weeks straight with ZERO lag or rubber banding. The game is really starting to become awesome again. Lots of people say that this game is broken and that there is no hope to play this game, they are wrong. Not sure if they know... But Battlefield 3 was broken for the first few months as well, but look at how it turned out! Battlefield is a revolutionary FPS game and is getting a lot of the wrong criticism. They DEVS are working hard to improve it constantly and I applaud them for that. Even though the game was broken, looks like a turning point is slowly approaching.

Avatar image for BlindHorse

Battlefield 4... so after all the hype, the Single Player contains all of five missions (and I seem to recall spending a LOT of that time running about some huge military warship largely filled with friendlies and sitting through the painfully bad dialogue that is supposed to add to my immersion in the game), the Multiplayer is essentially the same as the previous instalment with the exception of new arenas in which to do the exact same thing, and there seem to be very few attempts at introducing a single interesting innovation that deviates from standard FPS orthodoxy. To me, this feels like a COD, but just better graphics and much more awkward and less smooth combat mechanics.

Not that I'm defending the COD franchise, mind you. The last truly "new" COD game was probably Modern Warfare, which at the time was a hugely innovative and benchmark-setting game. I feel like since then, COD has been trying to sell me new maps for what is essentially exactly the same game, while all the while trying to pass it off as a brand new game.

So to any players trying to decide between the two fresh contenders vying for the top spot in the "totally bland, unimaginative, challengeless garbage" category, choose neither. Save your money and get a game that doesn't insult your intelligence instead. ...if you can find one.

Avatar image for waldaz

what for did i paid? when mp on this game will be fixed??? it takes too long so far... each time new bf is released its getting worth and worth

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

battlefield 4 top game on gamespot. take that cod and titanfall fanboys :).

xbox one's future looks bleaker every day lol. first ryse sucks, now titanfall sucks (ignore the good reviews, everyone who actually played it longer than a week is saying it sucks).

Avatar image for kenundrum7

@Aaronp2k Is that because the Battlefield 4 fan boys are on a campaign to keep it on top?

I played it, and it was OK. It looked great. Multiplayer is boring for my taste.

I removed it for Titanfall. I liked Titanfall better, but even that got stale pretty quick.

Avatar image for mrkushman23

@kenundrum7 @Aaronp2k Sounds like shooters aren't for you then

Avatar image for m_dorian

Gamespot: " We have to score this game high because we are dependent of EA's advertisong money."

Avatar image for spliced-up

Great game but I found it too short.

Avatar image for bimmyzz

BF4 gets a 8? really? have you even tried playing online before it was patched?

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

how this got the same score as cod I will never know. It took everything good from battlefield 2 and 3 and improved on that. Yeah sure, it still plays the similar and you don't notice that much difference. But the same can be said for a lot of games (cod especially). If it's not broken you can't fix it.

Yeah there are plenty of bugs, but they will soon be fixed (and they aren't game breaking bugs either). Can play around them for now, I have really enjoyed my experience on bf4 anyway.

The graphics, physics and realism in this game make cod look like a sheer joke (and so did bf3). And 64 player conquest and 32 player in the other modes still beats 12 player cod where everyone lone wolf's and doesn't work as a team.

I don't mind a bit of cod now and then, but I am not about to spend over £40 on it when I can get much better for the same price. So at least put the score of cod down considering it is not as good a game as this. All you are doing is supporting activision's yearly recycling of the same game, and giving cod fanboys something to brag about which the game quite clearly does not deserve.

Literally the only bad thing gamespot had to say about this game was the campaign. And about 90 percent of people who buy bf4 don't even care about the campaign anyway. I still enjoyed the campaign and I think people are over exaggerating how bad it is. It was entertaining at the least.

This should have an 8.5 and cod should have a 7. simple as that.

Avatar image for d-man

@Aaronp2k You forgot one thing. CoD does a better job at what it sets out to do than Battlefield ever could.

Your argument is invalid. Now, please, stop whining about number scores and read the damn review.

Avatar image for SNESNOSTALGIA2

How's the online now? Still a broken POS? Was just wondering..I usually never return games but I returned this after literally a week of pure glitchy bull shyte. I find it hilarious that this series has such an ardent fanbase. I mean - I get it - dudebros want a more legitimate shooter than COD so BF fills that gap. Can't wait till Titanfall comes out and outright destroys two series in one swoop that have been around for way too long and one that is criminally broken. How did this broken game get 8-9s from every review site?

$$$$$$$ that's how lol

Avatar image for deactivated-5ad5af79a96e8

Game should be re-evaluated and scored down. Lost my campaign save today, for no reason. Multiplayer crashes, progress is lost, wrong game mode is selected, loadouts lost, freezes ... The game is a right bag of bolts. Nice when it works, I am signed up Premium and all that, but no way should it be scored the same as COD Ghosts. COD Ghosts is a slick production in comparison, next to no issues. Only problems so far have been weapon balance which is always a problem in these sorts of games.

BF4 as it stands should not be scored an 8/10 in anybodies wildest imagination... in my mind things are so bad at the moment the game score should be revised. Some sort of mention to all the problems should be noted, and not just in the comments from the users.

Avatar image for 23Jarek23

@Fallenlords69 I had so many issues with the game including losing my save file 3 times that I eventually traded it in while it still had decent value. I might pick it back up when it's in the bargain bin for $10 but only if by then the issues are sorted. But for a game to have launched 3 months ago to still be as broken as it is, it should definitely be re-evaluated. It shouldn't have been rated so high to begin with because in my opinion, bugs aside it's the worst in the series, easily.

Same goes for Batman Arkham Origins. The online, which no one wanted is a complete mess. You spend just as much time in loading screens because of disconnects as you do playing the game.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ad5af79a96e8

@23Jarek23 I think you did the right thing with BF4. Recent update has polished things, but it's like polishing a turd. I was doing reasonably OK with multiplayer, but not since the update. Matches start with music, but no sound. No sound... like out of those two things which is more important? Reload a few times, it might ... I say might ... resolve itself ... not found any pattern to it at all. The game overall is a right bag of bolts, nice when it works but more often than not there is some sort of an issue.

Avatar image for bossygaber

@Fallenlords69 @23Jarek23 ffffffffffffffffffff

Avatar image for john181818

@Fallenlords69 @23Jarek23 It is now uinplayed and has been for months. I have communicated to EA that I will not be pre-buying their games and will be letting other people pay to do their alpha and beta testing in the future.

This game should be rated a 3. BF3 was a much better experience.

Avatar image for Tommi88

So far my experience with this game has been really great, im playing it on Xbox One, i havent experienced any of the bugs that people are talking about yet, and i have had it for about a month

Avatar image for raheel134

WHEN THIS GAME WILL BE FIXED??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Avatar image for zeca04

@raheel134 Putting a lot of "?" won't help it to be fixed and makes you look like retarded.

Avatar image for SNESNOSTALGIA2

I would give it a solid 7.5 I can't give this game higher than that after playing it. Not only are the bugs ridiculous but the game itself is very overrated in a variety of departments even if it didn't have all the bugs. I can't play conquest, it boots me out of servers a majority of the time and it will switch game modes on me after matches end. And then they're are the random in game bugs like textures not loading for example. In game its smaller but it adds up over time in terms of frustration and ease of play. IMO this is inexcusable if you want to be considered a marquee franchise. Otherwise, when it works its moderately fun - but it doesn't reinvent the wheel so lets not say its something its not. Its Battlefield 3.5. The big draw was us PS4/Xbox one players would finally be getting a PC like experience and I gotta say: it's not all its cracked up to be. But if you aren't having these same problems as me then you will obviously have a less frustrating experience. Still, I have played numerous COD and Battlefield games and they're both overrated, stagnating series with insane production values except cod gets the edge because its not a buggy pos like BF is. You shouldnt release games this buggy that are marketed as AAA titles!!!! But they had to compete with cod - couldn't delay it like 6 months? Lol

Avatar image for The_Gaming_Baby

This game should have recieved a second review a long time ago

Avatar image for mikahc

znaci gluplju igru nisam odigrao,SRAMOTA.ocena -1

Avatar image for Serbiansword

Šta, već si 110 lvl i otključao si sve klase, sva oružja i sve alatke? Linkuj profil da se svi divimo :)

Avatar image for andmcq

And this game still has some of the day 1 bugs in it.

Avatar image for iamcj007

Mislead MUCH?

Avatar image for Tommi88

Honestly, who buys Battlefield 4 and cares about the singleplayer?

Avatar image for LtReviews


The same people who go to a strip club because they enjoy the food there :P

Avatar image for Serbiansword

@LtReviews @Tommi88
Hahaha, this comment really sums up this whole single player complaints thing :D

Avatar image for SirFiddler

i think this review score is mostly based on the multiplayer part of the game, almost the whole review is about it. From that point of view, fair enough I think. Maybe in the future they should have two scores, 1 for the multiplayer part and one for the offline / story mode part. That way, if you're not into multiplayer you know to keep your hands off this game. I expect more from titles like that than finishing the game within ten hours on normal difficulty. Without crashing all the time i probably could have finished faster. And I suck at ego shooters so those of you familiar with the genre probably will breeze through this and be even more disappointed. The multiplayer modes look interesting but again, i am terrible at those so there's no fun in it for me. I will know better next time :-)

Avatar image for Revelstone

They gave this buggy p.o.s. the same score as The last of Us.......really?!?!?!?!

Avatar image for LtReviews


So, when gamespot reviews a game, they need to go back and look at thousands of scores to make sure every game is scored according to a clear hierarchy?

Avatar image for nameaprice

cod also gets an 8? i find that laughable, ha ha, hahaha, hahahahahha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson

CoD: Ghosts had a much better campaign. BF3's campaign was stale too. This one was better than BF3, but still severely lacking. I can say some of the scenarios were pretty epic, but they didn't feel nearly as big and world class as Call of Duty. I think EA should save the campaigns for other games and just let Battlefield be straight multiplayer in the future. Many other games will be around to show off Frostbite to the world. The campaign is so insignificant no one would miss it, just put more time in for bug fixing and such and maybe drop the cost of Premium by $20.

Avatar image for DrDobalina

@Kryptonbornson Well really the campaigns in CoD and BF are there as training modes for new players. Nothing wrong with that, and you don't have to play them of course. Also adding the scripting for the short campaigns doesn't take anywhere near 30% of the development budget, so why would they knock off $20?! That's like going into a car dealership, looking at a $50k car and asking if you can have it for $25k if they keep one of the wheels. You'd be laughed out of the place!

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson


Battlefield seems to make it's levels for multiplayer first, but with Call of Duty I'm not so sure that at least the earlier games, the maps seemed to be made for single player first. It really doesn't matter I suppose. Once the level is built, you can do whatever you want to do with it. And it shouldn't take too much more money except for explosions, voice acting, 3d video rendering etc.

Avatar image for easykillzgaming

The campaign on this game was lacking big time. I was hoping for a good long drawn out story that would at least last me 5 hours. Instead you get a short, dull story line. the multiplayer is amazing when it works, if it works, when it wants to work. With all the things going on with the launch and EA being sued this game could end up being alot worse then it should be. Hopefully EA gets it together and listens to the players and fixes what they said they would. Otherwise the game is right on point and has potential to be GOTY shooter.

For more Battlefield 4,gameplay and reviews check EKG on facebook and youtube!

Avatar image for syler4815162342

I'm playing both CoD Ghost and Battlefield 4 on my Xbox360 the Campaign for Battlefield 4 is so shallow! and it looks like a alpha game! it's like Medal of Honor the Pacific Rim with better graphic! nothing to compare with Crysis 3 the Xbox360 version! in terms of graphic even story! and I think CoD Ghost is more stable game they did a better job for Xbox 360 version!

Avatar image for lost2bfound

An 8? I don't know maybe 3 years ago.. When will games like BF4 and COD start to get lower grades just based on the repetitive nature of the releases? I play BF4 and COD because I like that type of game.. But im not going "wow this is an 8 game-play for sure!!" But then Ryse gets a 4 score, but when I played it I really liked it and it felt refreshing to me, something different... Guess I just don't understand reviews...

Avatar image for DrDobalina

@lost2bfound If it's a game you spend a lot of time playing, and enjoy, then it's worth the high score. The fact that it will sell millions of copies, and make back far more money than it cost to make, makes it a "good game". So it's deserving of the score. Some people like random games - hell, maybe someone even likes "Big Rigs over the Road Racing", but that doesn't mean it deserves a 10...

Avatar image for conorhat

Read the news ON THIS SITE it even said BF4 is broken and the developer has identified 22 game breaking bugs, out of thousands they left in the game. Yet they give this trash a score of 4/5 stars or 8/10?? WHAT?!?! Are you reviewers mentally ill or something? What gives??? I thought you were going to protect the consumer, not sell them out to the highest bidders. I HATE THIS SITE NOW, SUCH LIARS.

Avatar image for dillon2007

The storyline to this game was god awful, but the multiplayer is amazing

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