Airstrike II: Gulf Thunder Review

Airstrike II: Gulf Thunder is a great $20 action game.

Airstrike II: Gulf Thunder is a classic overhead shooter in which you pilot one of three assault helicopters against an entrenched army of terrorists. The game's chock-full of bells and whistles, including many different types of cannons, missiles, and tertiary ordinances, a great variety of enemy craft, and boss fights. Dropping a tactical nuke on an enemy SAM site and then watching a couple of enemy pickups get crushed by the resulting pressure wave is sure to put a smile on your face. Furthermore, the game looks very sharp on its highest graphical settings, thanks to its smooth 3D models and various lighting effects. The sound effects, while generic, are varied enough to enhance the onscreen action. Your punitive military action is also accompanied by a couple of pulsating Euro-dance tracks.

Airstrike 2 boils the shooter genre down to its fundamentals--plenty of weapons, nimble aircraft, and lots of explosions. If you like action games, you'll find at least $20 worth of entertainment here.

The Good
Superb graphics
Great sound
Loads of weapons and enemies
Challenging on higher difficulty levels
The Bad
Can get a little repetitive
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  • First Released Feb 11, 2005
    • PC
    Airstrike II: Gulf Thunder is a 3D combat helicopter simulation with missions set in Iraq and the Middle East.
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    Developed by:
    Divo Games
    Published by:
    Toro-Publishing, Divo Games
    Flight, Simulation