Adventures of Lomax Review

Even though The Adventures of Lomax is not state-of-the-art, it is a genuinely fun ride.

The Adventures of Lomax is a spin-off of Psygnosis popular Lemmings series, with Lomax the Lemming making his way through an entertaining, if less than innovative, side-scolling game. If you like classic side-scrolling platform games like Mario and Sonic, you'll find The Adventures of Lomax to be an enjoyable, challenging, good-looking title. If you're more interested in new ideas or technology, look elsewhere.

The warm, fuzzy crayola look of the game is right out of Rayman, one of the first Playstation titles (and still one of the best among few 32-Bit side-scrolling titles). Take three parts Rayman, add one part Lemmings, and you've got Lomax. The result: one heck of a good game.

The controls are very sharp and responsive, a must for a good platform game, and the rules and feel of Lomax and his world are instantly accessible. The cute little guy has a bunch of abilities and powers (picked up along the way) that help him through each level. The game's other characters are smoothly animated and move nicely around the screen, and each is blessed with a good dose of charisma. As for Lomax himself - he may not quite have the personality of Sonic, but he'll do for a couple dozen hours in this platform adventure.

The Adventures of Lomax's most notable feature is its incredible sound. The game boasts special Q Sound technology that creates crisp, clear, and enjoyable music. In addition, the sound effects are suitably magical and the characters' voices are warm and cute.

This is a perfect gift for that younger gamer whose is not suited for the violence and gore of Mortal Kombat-style games. And even though The Adventures of Lomax is not state-of-the-art, it is a genuinely fun ride.

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