Adidas Power Soccer Review

Adidas Power Soccer rises high above the standard soccer fare.

Adidas Power Soccer provides two different modes of play in one package - a simulation mode, which is as slow and drawn out as real soccer, and an arcade mode, where added speed, fewer fouls, and a variety of special moves, kicks, and attacks make for fast and furious gameplay. With these two modes Adidas Power Soccer rises high above the standard soccer fare.

Power Soccer looks good. The detail of the field is as accurate as it gets on a 32-bit platform. The scrolling is great, and the obligatory Adidas shoe ads along the walls are always crisp and clear. The players are animated through the use of motion capture technology, which gives them very lifelike motion. The game also contains a multiple camera angle feature, and though only a few of the angles are actually useful, they do make the action feel as though it's broadcast live via satellite.

The usual stadium soccer sounds are represented here, but the game stays away from team-specific chants in favor of generic crowd noise. In this regard, FIFA Soccer on the 3DO is superior. The other sound effects are very realistic and Psygnosis authentically creates the stadium hysteria of a real soccer game. On the plus side, the commentary from a British TV personality is unobtrusive and doesn't get annoying.

With regard to gameplay, Power Soccer takes a little practice. Aside from the normal "kick, pass, shoot" controls, special moves can be activated by pressing two buttons simultaneously. On offense, players can use great-looking bicycle kicks, fancy footwork to avoid losing possession, or unleash the almost unfair "Predator Kick" (named after Adidas' soccer shoe). On defense, when slide tackles get boring, players can try taking the ball back with a shirt pull - or yank out all the stops and jump-kick the opposition in the back of the head. While this will probably result in a penalty, the sight of the opponent crumpled on the ground is worth it. The added moves make the game more enjoyable than most "run, steal, pass, shoot" soccer games.

All in all, Adidas Power Soccer is a fine soccer game. Soccer fans will love all the detail and options. And though non-fans won't get as much out of it, they may warm up to it after some play time.

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