a quite enjoyable shooter,,first class in just about everything ;) ,,.,,

User Rating: 10 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC

Return to the castle Soldiers,,As thE Title Says ;PP ,,kidding anyway ,,

return to caslte wolfenstein,,where amazing when ifirst saw it

and when i first played it i fell in love instantly,,it was so addictive,,fun and engaging exploring ,,what to do next,,what the nazi soldiers,,where going to say next or yell it,,it was quite fun and quite amazing at the same time,,and was something unique i had never seen before ever,,except from the war,,,anyway :lets continue ;,,fro mthe singelplayer to all the stuffu could to in this game,,

from the Awesome Campaign Mode ,,to ,from the nice dialogs chat,,the char in between,,the stellar story-mode ,,the castle and all levels,,superb=),,the awesome custimazations,,multiplayer was ablast ,,also the mod was ,,Enemy Territory,,the multiplayer was perfect in every way,,so was the singel-player campaing,,i mean what more can u ask for=) ,,

from clever art design to how the weapons shoot and feel,,like recoil for say=) ,,to all the photos u could look at,,alle the news flyers scattered around=),,

how awesome it was to just throw a singel hand grenade,,or a molotov;) ;p,,game had so much going for it ,,still has,,mupltiplayer had many maps to play on=) ,,,,,,

Options and menues,,Quite Nice =i,,;)

highly and addivtive ,,first class game ;)

many waepons,,tons of action ;)) superb,,stellar game=),,,

weapons sounds awesome,,just enough sound in game,,just enough sounds and voices =) ,,

Recoil:spiler Alert ;P ,,alert alert,,red flag ,,red ,,

tons of arsenal goodie stuff ;) ,,hf=),,they shoot and feel right;) ,gl solider=) ,,

ten / ten =)

enjoy=) ,,stellar;) ,,jawoll,nein ,, ;p , ja