The great Nazi killer B.J Blankowicz is back

User Rating: 9.3 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
RTCW is a great fun WWII shooter. Not all the weapons are accurate like the Tesla gun and Venom chaingun, but they are very cool. There is amny great sites and you deal with the occult in this game, something that you don't deal with in Medal of Honor or Call of Duty. the occult is neat because the zombies are nasty and its a bit freaky in the dark catacombs. Also fighting robot soldiers mounted with chainguns and rocket launchers isn't quite realistic in 1942, but the Nazis did make some advanced stuff. In RTCW you play a mute hero that takes orders and kicks ass. You shoot Nazis. You're alone always on suicide missions outnumber 100- 200 to 1. Well you wish you could go to the OSA HQ and shoot them. The enemy AI is well done and react well with sounds. The stealth is done well for the missions. Everyone says multiplayer is great. It's probably true but I never played one bit of multiplayer.

It's a great addition to all of the WW2 shooters out there.