User Rating: 9.3 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
Rtcw is a fps which is a class of its own.
It succeeds Wolf 3D which was not really a 3D game. But still good for its time. Descent.
Rtcw has come a long way from Wolf 3D. Its a really cool game full of perfect blend of violence and gore. Really not intended for younger viewers. Loads of guns you can use to kill the badguys.
After I complete a game I always like playing it again [ except if its some crappy game ] with cheats. The problem with Rtcw is that you have to create a backup file of the game [ just like all other id games ]. And sometimes even after you create the backup folder the game still chews up your computer.
If you buy the game make sure that you buy Enemy Territory.
Its worth the money.