Good bargain game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War XBOX
I'm a little late with a review on this game, because I was a little scared to buy this game. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but it was given to me as a gift so that eliminated the decision. So anyway, everyone knows the Wolfenstein series and what its about. This game isn't really any different. Its you, an Army Ranger vs. what it seems as the entire Nazi SS Paranormal Division teamed up with the Undead. Sounds normal right? Not a whole lot of originality, but thats most games these days. This game offers up single player, co-op, and XBL play. You can also unlock the original game, after you have beaten the campaign.

Ok, so the campaign mode is what I played first. Its pretty straightforward, nothing innovative at all. All ID games are like this and this is the same, running through linear levels to get to the end and blasting anyone or anything that gets in the way. I knew the game would be like so to keep it from being monotonous, I took my time. I think a lot of gamers got bored of the campaign because they just run through it as fast as they can, so they can also call it short when they are done. The game is relatively short, even if you take your time like I did, its short but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. The game does offer up a bunch of different enemies that act differently. All soldiers will do the usual duck and cover, but as you progress through the game you encounter better opposition. Their are body guards that are women that seem to have better accuracy along with paratoopers that if given the chance will mow you down if you don't see them first. Along with humans you will encounter the undead, who unlike the humans will just come for you as long as they can move. They don't duck and cover and there is usually a bunch of them trying to surround you as you nervously try to dispose of them all. Some will even pack ancient, knight like armor that makes for bringing them down a little harder. I think that all adds to the games excitement. The experimental X-creature and dogs are also added into the mix which are very aggravatingThere is also a fair amount of weapons in the game to use which I did like, but the ammo for almost all the guns was interchangeable, so you really only had like 2 maybe 3 guns you could really use when in fact you might have 10. Some weapons just dont have enough ammo and I found myself nearly running out of ammo for most of the latter part of the game. So thats a big disappointment in the game. I found that certain levels in the game did add to the excitement, like the streets. However, some levels were just plain annoying filled with booby traps, like the egyptian tombs level. Not to mention a few glitches here and there will leave you a little befuddled on what to do next.

The level design is ok, nothing real great. It includes outdoors, stereotypical of europe, the castle, streets, and facilities. The sound is mediocre, with the usual sound effects and people talking. The ambient music wasn't bad but its your standard action music.

Before Halo 2 came out this was the game for XBL mulitplayer. But nowadays, no one plays it, so I really couldnt tell you how it was. All I know is from what I read and heard it use to be THE XBL game to play.

Wolfenstein isn't a great FPS, but for a rental or a bargain game it isn't bad at all. There just isn't enough replay value anymore to make it a lasting game.