Wolfenstein is one of the best FPS shooter and it is the same case on the PS2 even without the multiplayer

User Rating: 7.5 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection PS2
Wolfenstein was one of the best multiplayer when it was released back in 2001. One of the game strongest aspects was the multiplayer which was fun and innovative. The single player campaing was also interesting but the main attraction was the multiplayer. Now the game has been brought to the playstation 2 and i have to say that this is a pretty good translation on the PS2. Many people will tell you that the greatest aspect of the game on the PC was the multiplayer but i would say it that this is not entirely truth. The single player campaing is also one good aspect of Wolfenstein and must be played. Also one of the best aspect of the game is its graphics. For a PS2 game that was published in 2003 the graphics is awesome. Also one thing i noticed when i played the game is that SOME of the levels are prolonged and changed. This is the case with the first level and also you have a couple of missions that are only in the PS2 and the XBOX version of the game. Finally if you like playing WW2 shooters maybe shooting some zombies her and there and play an awesome single player campaing this is the game for you.