I enjoy better the mindless fun of Wolf-3D over the realism of this one.

User Rating: 7.5 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
Return to Castle Wolfenstein-it sounds Great & it is Great but i don't dig it.First of all, i'm not at all with Multi-Player, i ignore it 100% in each shooter i play.2nd of all, the Single-Player is too hard & therefor it gets boring.I have to quick-save/quick-load the game at every 20-30 seconds.Wth?I played the game on Easy difficulty & it's still hard.Something is not right, they've screwed up the difficulties, i don't know...& i'm not a noob as i've played tons of shooters in my life.I wasn't able to get past the 3rd mission, the one in the forest-at every 15-20 seconds the alarm sounded & the mission was failed.It pissed me of & i've quit the game-i'm not going to play it again-mission 3, end of the line for me.
This is the first sequel to the first shooter ever created-wow, what an honour & it deserves the title but this time around, there is no more mindless fun, no more "video-game pureness" but it's the same protagonist-B.J. Blazkovitz.The game is very serious, it has a serious story, it has cut-scenes & real environments & the action takes place in the 2nd World War as usual.The influence of games like Goldeneye 007 & Medal of Honor can be seen throughout the game but it's far away from having the kind of fun that Goldeneye 007 has provided.When you fire the weapons you can swear that you're actually playing Goldeneye 007 & the environments are quite similar.
From the begining & untill Mission 2-part 2 or 3 everything is from the real dimension, but after that signs of necromancy appear-skeletons & scary stuff once you descend into the crypt & ultimately you destroy Helga von Burow & her wicked plans.From there Mission 3 begins, the one that has put an end to me:|The graphics are decent nowadays & the music is not notable at all.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a lost fish in the Endless Fps Ocean-absolutely nothing revolutionary or innovative about it just has the honor to be the sequel to Wolf3D.