The Legacy Continues

User Rating: 8.9 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War XBOX
When I bought my very first PC it had the orginal Wolfenstien 3D installed. I had hours upon hours of fun with that game; so when I went to the game store and saw that they had created a version of the classic for the XBox; well curosity got the best of me. Not only was I not disappointed; I got suprise after suprise from this game. Then came the ultimate suprise; I beat the game and there was my old favorite-Wolfenstein 3D just as it was oh so many years ago. After having hours of fun with the new version; I got to have hours more with the game that turned me on to FPS's There is much the new version has in common with the classic: You still kill lots of Nazis; find secret areas; and gather treasure. But, in the original you where confined to the walls of Castle Wolfenstein. In this version, you start off in Egypt; end up at Castle Wolfenstein and then begin hoping all over Europe gathering clues as to what "Operation Resurrection" is. Along the way Zombies, Cyborgs Men (and Dogs), and big old Boss Nazis do all that they can to prevent you from finding the secret to what they plan to unleash upon the world. You have to be very heads up in this game. There is danger at every turn, and mysteries waiting to be uncoverd. It's highly addictive; even though the beginning of the game reveals what the Nazis are up to; the storyline drags you in anyways and makes you want to know how it all turns out in the end.