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User Rating: 7.5 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
This one had a lot to live up to, the original Wolfenstein that is. It does a good job with the graphics and the storyline is more occult, so that it borders a bit on horror. Games that include a bit of horror most likely will do well and it stimulates the gamer more, games such as Half Life and FEAR. The gameplay isn't anything new. Basically take your old Wolfenstein 3D and upgrade it to modern day, and there you have it. Because it doesn't introduce the ground-breaking material that the original introduced, it doesn't score high on the innovation scale. What it tries to do with the monsters come off as a bit fake though. Killing Nazis is one thing, but killing skeletons are another. It doesn't follow the original very well. For example, if the original had monsters, then I can understand but it didn't. Could've been much better.