Killing nazis and zombies has never been this fun!

User Rating: 8 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
I remember playing this on xbox when it came out, but since its been quite some time, I decided to replay it on pc before trying out the newest game of the series.

The single player campaign consists of 7 levels (1 less than the xbox version), each separated into around 4 acts. The length is just under 10 hours, which is fine for a first person shooter. Gameplay is fairly challenging, and the weapons are very fun to use!

I found the silenced SMG to be most used, as it makes enemies stagger and is also stealthy, which is important in many missions. The trick is to fire in bursts of 2 or 3 shots at a time, or else it will overheat and you'll be a sitting duck.

The flamethrower was most useful at taking out tough undead creatures with shields. As soon as you light an enemy on fire, just sprint out of the way and wait until they burn themselves up. Helps save your bullets.

The venom chain gun is my main anti-boss weapon. Just circle strafe bosses while unloading the 500 bullet mag. Be careful to watch the heat metre, as it can overheat. The tesla coil or rocket launcher are good alternates to switch to while letting the venom cool down. The venom chain gun has pretty bad accuracy, so it is only useful for tough enemies, and only at point blank range.

The bolt action sniper is the most powerful gun in the game. If you backpedal corners, you can easily take out uber soldiers with half a clip of headshots.

The weapons of Wolfenstein are what make the game. I've listed the most memorable ones for me, but left out most of the arsenal. My one qualm was the absence of a shotgun. There is no weapon that causes massive close range damage aside from the venom, which has to long of a warm-up time to be useful against normal foes. The graphics do not hold up today, but I would still recommend this game for FPS fans.