One of my personal favorite games but it hasn't aged well and the multiplayer was made as a free download with ET.......

User Rating: 8.5 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
I'm going to give this game a high rating purely for my nostalgia and how great this game used to be back in 2001. Sure it's not a timeless classic like Half-Life but it did do some things much better. The multiplayer back in the day ws one of the firsts to have classes where you can choose what weapon you want within them and have medics too. Also the Multiplayer had a great airstrike feature which made the screen shake and it was all really kool back then. However they released ET a year or two after and the multiplayer suddenly died because you could now play it for free instead of buying the original. I must say though i didn't like ET and the original was much better for some reason, maybe because it had better maps and the weapons were just better.

So the single player is great and it's made up of a series of levels set in different areas. I would have prefered the Half-Life type way where its all one seemless thing but it was sill really fun. The weapons were great and as usual you get access to more powerful ones later on but one of my favorite weapons was the flamethrower because it had the best fire effects ever. I remember thinking "woah the little flame that sticks out of the end moves about when i move weapon" which was really kool at the time lol. It does have very hard bosses and the one at the end being REALLY hard and took me many attempts to kill him. Whats worse is the game is pretty scary when it wants to be with all the crazy Nazi undead inventions lol. Like when your in the catacombs and the undead just walk out of the walls and alot of newer scary games just don't have that like Doom 3.

The Single player will last about 10 hours which is of average length and it's a very very good game. What makes RTCW even better was the fantastic multiplayer for the time and just turns it into a good single player games to a all round amazing package with the multiplayer.

What was good about th emultiplayer is it did alot of new good stuff for the time and it's one of the first multiplayer FPS games i remember to have 64 players on a server. Also the maps were big and fantastic and had objectives you had to do to win the round which were very kool. All the classes and weapons were really good and i loved how you could be a medic or give ammo and help people. It was just one of the first games to bring it all together and make it very fun.

RTCW offers a great overall experience which hasn't aged well today because other multiplayer games have enhanced on it and ET made RTCW's multiplayer dead because it's free. Also the Single Player it's the best but still great.

So purely because it gave me such a great time back in 2001 and 2002 i'm going to have to rate it high.