Wolfenstein is back and better than ever.

User Rating: 9.5 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War XBOX
The good: graphics are really nice, co-op, online mode is good, smart AI

The bad: lag in co-op and online play,

lets start out by saying this game is better the the pc version released a few years ago (before this game was released anyway) with improved graphics and AI puut these together and you have your self a very good worthwhile shooter.

The single player is of course fictional and you play the role of B.J. blazkowicz as you try and stop the nazis in world war 2 from defeating the allies by using a army of the undead.

So himmler has sent some of his top men and women to get the secrets from the tomb to awaken the dead and create a undead army but of course this fails since there is a "curse" on the tomb that if any human ever opened the tomb they would be cursed and since the people himmler sent them to open the tomb, they did and the dead become the undead so now instead of just nazis you now have to fight against zombie like creatures on your way to finding himmler and defeating him.

And as if that was not enough later on in the game while the nazis attempted to create "super soldiers"
something goes wrong and now you have to battle against these experiments gone wrong, nazis and zombie like creatures so there are plenty of enemies to fight against during the games 30 missions.

While there may be 30 missions quite a few of them only last about 5-15 minutes depending the level of difficulty and even on the hardest level of difficulty i found it sorta easy since the objectives are basically the same each time like get these documents or destroy a radio which you will be doing a lot of in the game, but as you progress in the game the missions tend to get harder and longer and they even have some puzzles involved in them.

So the campaign should last about 4-7 hours and then there is co-op so you can play with one of your friends on splitscreen through all the missions found in the single player campaign although one disappointing thing about the co-op is that in co-op you could play through the entire game in one sit down but it does not save your progress the only way to a certain mission is to complete it in the singleplayer campaign.
One more thing about the campaign is that after you have beaten the singleplayer campaign once you can unlock the original wolfenstein in 8-bit or whatever it was.

The multiplayer is the next to best part about the game (co-op being in first, to me anyway)
There are a few different game modes like deathmatch, team deathmatch but the best is an objective based game mode where one team has to either destroy something capture somthing and take it back to their base or any other number of things, so basically whatever map has been picked it varys if you are attacking or defending all based on what side you pick (allies or axis).

There are also character classes to pick from like soldier, medic and engineer and they each have their own different task and weapons they start with.

The few bad things about the multiplayer is the maps are quite large and can make it hard to find your objective, there is lots of lag if you are in a bad server but if you can find a good server then you should not have to worry about the lag.

The gameplay is very good and very basic most of the time, there are your basic WWII weapons to choose from such as the tommy gun, colt 45. Mp40 and some others but the one very inrealistic weapon is the TESLA which a weapon that is basically an electricity gun useful in killing enemies easily there are also grenades(without em it cant be a shooter).
There are some things in the in world game that are destructible like barrels, nazi flags, pots and other stuff.
One cool thing about the gameplay is that in each mission there are secret areas and treasures to find adding replay value since you might want to go back and find them or just play the missions over again since i found them quite fun especially in co-op.

The graphics are very nice and i have seen very few games with this good graphics from this long ago (2003 since it is now 2008)
but it does suffer from lots of lag in online matches although its mainly because of a bad server but in campaign and co-op there is lag and no reason for it.

the sound is good not great the weapons sound nice, but the character acting is quite well... its just not that good the germans speak in english with bad german accents, you would think they would have it in german and just have subtitles so you can understand them which would have been a nice touch.
The in game music is much like the first games music the sort of horror music adds for tense moments.

While the game may have its weaknesses in the lag department and campaign is good but short the fun co-op and multiplayer can make up for it.

Multiplayer: 9.2/10
Graphics: 9.0/10
sound: 9.5/10
gameplay: 9.4/10
Tilt: 9.2/10
Replay value: 9.0/10
co-op: 9.1/10
Plot: 9.6/10
Funnessfactor: 9.6/10
overall score: 9.4/10 (this is the score i would have given the game had gamespot not gotten rid of its old rating system)