Solid Nazi Killin

User Rating: 8 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
I went into RCW knowing that it was a classic. i had heard so much about it, and with the new Wolfenstein that just came out, i thought i might as well play the single player of RCW to get familiar with Nazi killing and the story before i go on to the sequel, Wolfenstein.

RCW is a very solid shooter. The weapons all sound great, and you can tell they do some real damage. This is mainly a very linear corridor crawler, but you can explore and find some secret areas to get some "treasure" that doesnt do anything to enhance the game expereince, but sometimes there is ammo or health with the treasure. Very solid shooting. The A.I. is also surprisingly good, as they will run away from grenades, climb ladders, and use cover as well.

The story in this game is pretty ridiculous to say the least, but its still fun without being way overly cheesy like a lot of games i have played. You are B.J. Blaskowitz, and you go to like 5 or so different places and attempt to thwart the Paranormal Division's plans. They are part of the Nazis and it leads up to the resurrection of An old German dude, but the end boss fight was overly hard at first, but then gets pretty easy, so the diffuculty in this game kinda spikes sometimes, but its what makes it fun.

Well, this game is from 2001, so the graphics look very dated, but the environments look pretty good actually, but everything else looks ok at best, except the gore and blood which are done very well and are pretty realistic.

All in all RCW is a fun shooter that just doesnt do anything that makes it stand out but its a very good game nonetheless, and im looking forward to playing Wolfenstein after playing this to find out more about the adventures of B.J. Blascowitz.