Either online or off Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a must own for Xbox owners

User Rating: 9.1 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War XBOX
When I first bought this game I found it really fun and exciting. It just so happened that the day I bought it I went over to my friends house and I brought it over and we played co-op pretty much the whole time. I have to tell you I was a little bit nervous, hoping that this game would not be just a upgraded port of the original Wolfenstein 3D. It wasn't thank god. The game looks good, and so do the cutscenes. I liked the story, even though it is a little tough to follow sometimes. The game is not too hard and not too easy and if you plan on playing this game more than once there are lots of difficulty levels to play it on and the xbox live and co-op will keep you playing it for a while. I found though that once you got to the certian point in this game the levels and objecties became repetative and not as much fun as they were before. This game is kind of like you die once and then you see your problem and then you complete it. I know this is a World War Two game, but since you are fighting zombie's I wish that there are more weapons. This game is fun, but it is more fun with a friend. There is one problem though when you are playing with a friend, and that is the fact that you cannot save your game in co-op mode, this can get really frustrating so if you want to beat it with a friend start early in the day. Like I said before though towards the end this game got repetative kind of like the MOH games and the Call of Duty on the Xbox. There is more to life than following a linear path and shooting Nazi's. This game is kind of wierd that way though because you'll do something, they'll throw something new in, then you get bored of that, then they throw something new in and so forth.