This game rocks!

User Rating: 9.2 | Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
Nostalgia remains engraved in my mind from back in 1992. When Castle Wolfenstein debued, it rose to eminence as a classic game. The genre had not seen anything like it. It was depicted as a violent/gory title with an enormous change of pace. Before that time, people had been involved into such Action titles such as, Double Dragon, Battle Toads, Ninja Turtles and Super Mario. Before long, Castle Wolfenstein was released as a Pc title, and people were shocked. The violence level was outrageously high, and people adored it. Though it wasn't released in Germany, everyone else but, had a chance to play the highly anticipated game. It was a realistic aspect of violence and gore produced into a small diskette. Probably the most distinct memory I have of Castle Wolfenstein, is the German outfits and the crackly sound of yells coming from my speakers as the German soldiers were shot. Don't take any offense from what I just said. Castle Wolfenstein was highly acclaimed as the best Action title at its time (1992). I agree. Some of the gameplay is mesmerizing as well disturbing. Taken into mind, disturbing as in shooting human soldiers that were once included in World War becomes into a percentage of realism.

People had become in thirst of another Castle Wolfenstein. People assumed they would never be able to relive the day when the first Castle Wolfenstein was released. But it would in fact happen once again. In early 2001, the company by the name of "Gray Matter", had revealed that the next Caste Wolfenstein was being under production and would be made under the name of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". They had released some screenshots to go along with it, and they looked gorgeous. I for one, was amazed to see another Castle Wolfenstein was being constructed and therefore, I was definately interested. By the time Christmas came around, Castle Wolfenstein was on everyones Christmas list. Mine as well. I have had the pleasure of playing it since the day I recieved the game, and have played it at a full extent, by concluding that its worth the time and money as much as its predecessor.

Very realistic sounds pull you into the game and make you feel that you really are in WWII. The sound of airplane propellars sputtering and speeding overtop your head while dropping a bomb that makes a screaming noise and makes your heart start to beat faster. The sound of dirt flying in all directions and the rapid fire sound of bullets exiting the barrels of the guns. The thumping noises made by your army boots running along hard surfaces and the sound of rippling water as you cross a dugout. Sounds of flesh being torn as you agressively slice with your knife. The German accents and language itself, makes you wonder as of what their speaking of.

As you can see, the game trys to provide us with as much sound effetcs as possible. Explosive sounds, guns being shot, screams from bombs and sputters from an airplane engine all at once would for surely get you a little scared and try to run from it as far as possible. It all sounds very crisp and very well designed, and sounds like it came right from WWII. VERY well done, and will get your heart pumping and it won't stop.

RTCW is set at the time of havoc. The apocalyptic battle of WWII. SS head Himmler has Hitlers full approval to tiwst science and create a new breed of soldiers capable of annihilating the Allies. Your deed is to stop Himmler - or die trying. You play the role of "B.J. Blazkowicz", a one man army destined to pierce the Third Reich and to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and uncover the schemes that Himmler has produced, and defeat the evil he has provided.

Powered by the Quake III Arena engine, RTCW is rich in detail, environmental effects, realism and masterful level design, and it will surely not disappoint. RTCW begins with a cutscene providing info on the jail you are imprisoned in. After the explanation, it puts the game into your hands. Thats when you begin your first task. To flee the prison you are held in and to survive trying. RTCW is provided with a vast number of missions, all ranging in difficulty and length. Some of the boss battles are ferocious. They will tear you up in seconds, and minutes is what it sometimes takes to defeat them. So you need great skill and patience to overcome some of the enemies. Speaking of enemies, some of them come in a great deal of originality. They aren't your typical enemy soldiers you would expect to see in any other war related game. There are soldiers but, some of them are zombified. It will take a great deal of ammo to resist the zombified enemies from approaching you. Some of them evin summon ghostly spirits that will take a great deal of health from you, so beware. They may even be provided with a shield and axe, and bullets will deflect off the shield and hit you, so bombs are better used in this case instead of ammunition.

Many missions will be held in different areas. Some may include you having to sneak around a base camp without having being spotted. Others will have you enter a crypt with a platoon of zombies. The missions provide a realistic
feeling to them, very real. It will hold onto you and will not let go. The depth of the game is very deep. The story is driven in well directions, with a few twists and frightening moments, its definate that RTCW will draw you in.

The A.I (Artificial Intelligence) is well forumlated. The enemies are as well intelligent as they are powerful. They will track your every move and will not have second thoughts on shooting you. No remorse. Shooting from a far distance is no problem for them, they fire at will. Sometimes they will spot you and sound an alarm, so you need to be quick and sleek. Various types of weapons can be retrieved throughout RTCW such as, Thompsons, Rocket Launcher, Snooper Rifle, Grenades, a Venom and much more. Kicking your enemy is an option thats also included.

The multi-player feature is a complex attribute. It consists of Allies Vs. Axis in an all out bloody brawl. Many different maps are included for you to wage war against your opponent. Medics are included, as well as Soldiers, Engineers and Lieutenants. Medics are used to heal the wounded or the dead. Soldiers can pick from a variety of weapons, and Lieutenants can provide ammo to the Medics, Engineers and Soldiers. Engineers are used to plant dynamite to break apart stone walls to enter the opponents base, and to defuse opponents dynamite as well reload the sand bad machine guns. Airplanes will even drop bombs over the battle grounds, so watch out! Barb wire and sand bag machine guns are included as well.

Overall, I suggest you buy this ASAP. You really are missing out on a classic, and it comes with a pretty cheap price tag to.