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  1. Command Codes

    During gameplay, press ~ and enter the following commands.

    Effect Effect
    /cg_FOV <number> Change Field of View
    /notarget Disable Enemy A.I.
    /mapname Display Current Map Name
    /quit Exit Game
    /give ammo pack get an ammo pack
    /give x health get x health
    /god God Mode
    /kill Instantly kills your player.
    /playdead Makes you appear dead to trick enemies; re-enter to wake back up.
    /giveammo Receive Full Ammo for all Current Weapons
    /reconnect Reconnect To Last-Played Server
    /givestamina Refill Stamina
    /cmdlist Show All Available Command Codes
    /serverinfo Show Server Information
    /toggle cg_drawtimer Show Time Remaining
    /autoscreenshot Take a Screenshot
    /cg_thirdperson 1 Third Person View
    /toggle r_fullscreen Toggle Between Window and Full Game Screen
    /toggle cg_drawcompass Toggle Compass Display
    /toggle cg_drawfps Toggle Frame Rate Display
    /toggle cg_gibs Toggle Gibs
    /toggle cg_draw2d Toggle HUD Display
    /cg_uselessnostalgia <0 or 1> Toggle Old Wolfenstein HUD
    /toggle cg_drawteamoverlay Toggle Team Overlays
    /nofatigue Unlimited Stamina
    /throwknife When holding a knife, enter to throw your knives.

    Contributed by: Liu Domi, Ghostie12332 

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