A good choice for killing time during breaks or spending hours testing your mind against scores of puzzles.

User Rating: 7.5 | Return of the Incredible Machine Contraptions PC
Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions is a mixed bag of old and new levels from the Incredible Machine puzzle series. The concept of the game is to use a variety of different objects to make them interact with each other to attain a certain outcome like getting a ball in a basket or popping a balloon. The visuals aren't all that impressive but they don't really need to be for a game like this. All the objects for the most part are still images though some have limited animation when they are activated or bumped into. The sound design is also somewhat lacking though again the point gets across and there is some decent musical loops (some with humorous lyrical content about playing the game). Despite the lack of audio and visual quality, this game manages to be a both fun and addicting experience with a simple concept and a vast variety of scenarios that give the game a rich complexity. In each scenario you are given a toolbox of objects and you must arrange them in a fashion that will net the goal result. The beginning levels serve as a tutorial rife with hints and explanations of the different contraptions and their uses and how they interact with other things. Some objects are balls that can be dropped on things or used to flip switches and others interact with pulley systems. Still others create electricity and turn on various other contraptions and many, many more. Most of the scenarios have you creating chain reactions with the devices and each are very satisfying to complete. Though if you are every stuck on a puzzle you cannot skip it and the fact that there is no level select can bring the addictive nature of completing one more before getting back to your day, to a frustrating halt. I think that the game could have used a return later feature or a scenario checklist for the completion of the game. This is a fun puzzle game for gamers of any age who have a desire to tease their brain.