Tough to give a great review, but it does give some mildly fun feelings.

User Rating: 7 | Restricted Area (2005) PC
This is one of the harder games to review since it is a mix of older better games, but it still puts together an effort to be great. First off if you liked the first and second fallout, this would be a game for you. Same kind of overview, though the turn system isn't there. Besides it being like older games it had a few translation errors since this game was made in Germany and the main copy was in German. Some issues plagued such as the game running in windowed mode on the English copy which it shouldn't, and also some other bugs, for example when selecting any item in your inventory it freezes for 5-6seconds with weapons, and 2-3 seconds with any other item. No fix is available and the only thing to do is wait until it is finished. Also before cutscenes are about 20seconds of a black screen, and another pause in the gameplay for about 10seconds before a boss scene occurs.

Now for the good points this is a little bit of a con off of older games like fallout and diablo, but it includes a various amount of randomized missions based on reputation level. Infinite amount of weapon stats, more then just one type of weapon, 4 different characters to choose from (with possibility to rename them). Cybernetic pieces are able to enhance a wide variety of skills, and attributes including two skill tree's full of things to upgrade, 6 player stats which all cover different benefits.

A sequel would be great or even making this into a series, since a post-apocalyptic world can go a long way. Repetition may also bother most since it is mostly the same thing the entire game, running around killing mutants, assassinating targets, eliminating mutants, collecting items on a various amounts of the same looking bases, prisons, desert areas. This game was in 3D and not in first person which seems to be a great view for these types of games, so this being a game from 2005 it was an early time where this passed for a game and today more games focus on graphics and not story.

This game can be remade better but for a start this will pass for today's standards (mine anyways). Give it a try and see how you like it for yourself instead of reading someone else's review saying its bad.