Over the top, innovative turn based combat. Refreshingly different RPG experience.

User Rating: 9 | Resonance of Fate PS3
I have been a bit bored of RPG games for a while. This has been for a couple of reasons, content and difficulty.

Difficulty wise ROF is a game that has addresed this problem by exacting boss battles and deep combat. Not only are you punished for dying but also the game forces you to position your own save points. This means you can invest a good couple of hours of play and then get trapped in a fight that yopu cant escape. Personally I LOVE this.

The combat system of ROF is very clever, it basically involves the use of several types of damage and well timed use of special skills to bring down and enemy. Winning a fight will often involve having a long term strategy and also the requirement of tactical decisions as the battle evolves. It is very refreshing that you are fighting on a combat surface where everyone moves in relation to everyone else. This means you can be flanked, hedged in or otherwise outmanouevered in many ways.

Content wise, there is some very funny and enjoyable dialogue. Characters are well thought out and interestingly written. World design is bizzare and excellent. Best of all this game allows you to enjoy the original japanese audio with subtitles - no more terrible dubbing. Hooray!

The overall presentation of the game is the only place I can take a mark away from ROF. Graphics are occasionally mediocre and the environments change little. This too is forgiveable as it does import a "style" to the game. It's good that the desgniers havent tried to please everyone with a "space bit", "desert bit" and a "woodland bit".

I could go on about this game forever. I'm 40 hours in and still loving it. I'd recommend to anyone who likes tactical/strategy rpgs. In summary I'd say that this game is like an interesting tactical version of a modern final fantasy game.