The only problem with this game is that it was released very close to FFXIII.

User Rating: 9.5 | Resonance of Fate PS3
Let me start off by saying I bought FFXIII and RoF at the same time. I played both, and concluded that I was going to put FFXIII on hold.

RoF is revolutionary in many ways. It combines amazing old school aspects, with a fantastic new map progression system and battle system. The gun fights are frantic, fun, and acrobatic. RoF takes a long time to master, and is quite complex, but once you learn the combat system the game is incredible.

The one downside to the game is the exact thing that FFXIII (and many others in the series) excel at - Character progression. Chances are you won't care too much about the characters from RoF. They're quite bland, and aren't explained (back story wise) in much detail. Other characters (Pater in particular) are just lame, and seem rather embarassing on behalf of the game.

Never-the-less. Resonance of Fate is an exciting new-style JRPG and will have you feeling nostalgia, and a sense of new discovery all from the same package.