Fun, fun, FUN! Great graphics, sound, gameplay, great, great, GREAT!

User Rating: 10 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
Resistance is made by the creators of Ratchet and Clank, Insomniac. All of the joy of shooting stuff is dragged into this action packed first person shooter
This game is one of my favorite games ever for 5 reasons:

GRAPHICS: 9/10 The graphics in this game are REALLY good but not amazing. The characters are super smooth and beautifully modeled but some of the environments are a bit polygonal. The textures on the environments make up for that. You see the little divots and scratches in the metal.

SOUND: 9/10 The sound effects in the game are amazing and super realistic you know when a guy is shooting from behind due to surround sound, and the bullets make different noises for the different surfaces that they hit. BUT there isn't always super exciting music playing. Usually the music is quiet or not there. Sometimes this is useful to hear when and where people are shooting at you from. It does bring up the suspense though.

GAMEPLAY: 11/10 This game is the most fun game ever created for the PS3. I bought the PS3 just so i could have games like this. This is NOT your average shooter. It has amazing weapons that come in handy all of the time. Theres a gun where you can shoot a tag onto someone, hide behind a corner and shoot out from behind it while your bullets curve around and hit the tag, theres a gun that shoots through walls. Theres all of the interesting weapons that you'd want and all of the human weapons too.

REPLAY: 9.5/10 The way that this game is set up is you can complete the campain then once a level is beaten you can go back to it anytime via the level select menu. This is handy especially for unlocking intelligence and achieving Skill Points.

MULTIPLAYER OFFLINE: 10/10 You can play a coop 2 player campaign separate from your campaign and still find intel and all of that too. You can also challenge up to 3 of your friends to a battle or a team challenge with about 20 maps to choose from with different game modes like capture the flag and Meltdown (control nodes and take over the enemy base).

MULTIPLAYER ONLINE: 10/10 to play online you can start right away with no wait at all because it automatically finds a starting game and joins you into it. Or if you want to choose from the different games people are setting up, you can do that too. Online you can do a free for all, team deathmatch, or a team objective.

If you are trying decide whether or not to get this game, i say GET IT!