It's easy, it's linear, it's passable, really.

User Rating: 7 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
I had very high hopes for this game, I mean, this was the acclaimed launch title for the PS3 but I found this game to be very linear and pretty easy, and I'm not even a good FPS player. Well, it's a launch title, butthe graphics look a little too bland and the action really starts to pick up towards the end of the game. I was bored for the first half, even considering not playing it anymore but I'm not quite a quitter, it kinda paid off at the end.

Really uninspiring title, it remind me a lot of the xbox 360's "Prey", you know, a FPS and aliens, I might even say that Prey was a more enjoyable experience for me, but oh well.

I bought this game a while back, really, and was kinda saving it for a time where I would pop this title into my system and enjoy the hype. I also have "Resistance 2" collector's dition that it's still in the original packaging, not sure if this inspired me to try this game for a few years. I think I need to jump into a different kinda game, this genre it's quite too polluted for me.