Resistance: Fall of Man is Insomniac's first attempt at making an FPS and it is a success, as well as a great game.

User Rating: 8 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
When you first sit down to play Resistance: Fall of Man, you might think of it as just an another boring and cliche First Person Shooter. Once you get to the point when you've played enough of this game, you won't be able to stop. The story will gradually grab you and hook you in as you get further in the game. You will get to see more and more of crazy, twisted and angry enemies. You will come to love this game. But just what exactly is so great about it?

The first time you see Resistance, you won't be amazed by it's graphics, but you got to remember that this game came out back in 2007 and it still looks good! Anyway, let me get on to the story. A breed of monsters have invaded all of Europe. They came from Russia and they are called the Chimera. They have a faster metabolism, they are much stronger than humans and their technology is superior to ours. You will be playing as Nathan Hale, a soldier from the US, sent to the UK to help in the fight against the Chimera. You start off in York and... surprise, surprise, you'll eventually work your way up to London.

The story might not seem very original at first, but during your missions, you will find out loads about your enemies, their technology, your weapons, vehicles and loads more. This will just add to the story as it gets more original, complex and interesting. Once you've dug into the game far enough, you will just love the story and how they designed it along with the gloomy atmosphere. Yes, atmosphere. At first, the environments are quite repetitive and it's hard to get used to this atmosphere. After a few hours of playing, the environments will get more and more interesting, you will get to fight with more types of enemies and the atmosphere will feel familiar and it will suit the mood of the game totally.

Controls in Resistance are okay, Reload and Melee Attack buttons might feel a bit awkward at the start but the rest is easy to learn and these two will feel normal after an hour or two of playing. Even though for some people this might take some time getting used to, but in my opinion these controls are very handy and easy to remember.

Overall, this game has a good story, nice visuals and graphics, great gameplay, dark atmosphere, the enemies you will be fighting will knock you off your feet and the weapons you will be using will give you loads of fun. If only a few visual and gameplay improvements could have been fixed and even though the story is surprisingly good, they could have come up with something more original. This is Insomniac's first attempt at making a game of this type and it's great.