Another PS3 exclusive FPS,good story n graphics + a variety of enemies(Chimerians) make it worth playing!!!!!!

User Rating: 8 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
Resistance takes into account the journey of Nathan Hale,a US soldier(1940's) on a rescue mission to Britain(n rest of Europe) and to investigate the cause of all despair that actually started from Russia,,,n woops,u come 2 know pretty early that it's some form of alien invasion,called by the locals(Brits) as the "Chimera",,,,,who with their fancy weapons and machinery are way beyond the reach of humans,,,now hale must resist these ruthless forces and uncover the plot behind their emergence and look for weaknesses 2 destroy 'em!!!!!!!!
Pretty decent graphics(for a 2006 released game) and a great story + a strong protagonist and multiple weapons make it a game worth playing,,,and as the plot reveals itself,,interests grows even more!!!!!!!!!!
Though quite a large campaign + some glitches,resistance offers much to d player which makes for all it's weaknesses,,,n d character design is also noteworthy!!!!!!!!