6 years on from release, still a great, great game.

User Rating: 8 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
I recently decided it was time to take a look at a few of the PS3 Exclusives I had missed, and the Resistance series sat at the top of my list. I picked up all 3 games on the cheap, and immediately threw this into the PlayStation on arrival, hoping to get a nice introduction into the series.

First impressions are obvious-you can immediately tell that this is a game nearly 6 years old-the menus are a bit dodgy and the controls can be extremely frustrating at times (Circle to throw grenade, Hold to crouch etc). But surprisingly, the graphics and character modelling seems to be solid, something I definitely wasn't really expecting, and the introductory cut-scene to the game is fantastic at immediately throwing you into the chaotic wasteland that now is Great Britain.The story in this game is really something more recent shooters should take note of (Yes, I'm looking at you Call of Duty), and despite the game-play being essentially the same throughout, it rarely gets dull, as you are occasionally thrown in a tough part to die repeatedly on or a tank to absolutely destroy everything in your path.

I still of course have a few complaints, although after starting Resistance 2 today I have found the majority have been sorted out. The checkpoint system is not great, sometimes you can have 3-4 checkpoints in a small area, and then 2 throughout a whole level, which can be very frustrating on higher difficulties. One other smaller issue I have is just how feeble your teammates (who rarely help you, ever) are. At quite a few points in the game I'd be told I had a squad to back me up, and within minutes every single one of them had been killed by a couple of hybrids. Quite frustrating, but one of few negatives I found throughout this game.

The story progresses and the plot thickens quickly, as you, Hale, are developing Chimeran qualities and can heal your wounds just as they do. The locations you execute your missions in are also wild and varied, from snowy half-destroyed London to Cheddar Gorge (My favourite line came from this area, as an overly-British commander says "Before you ask yes, this is where Cheddar originates from".)
You are slowly given more and more weapons, with each having a "special function", like the Carbine, which has a rocket launcher attached, and the Auger, which can shoot through walls and cover. In some area's I was constantly on edge, there is a quite a few deliberate jumpscares thrown in just to catch you out ( I have to say I jumped more at this than every Dead Space combined).

Overall, you simply can't go wrong with this game, for the cheap price and a great story, despite a few nagging issues, it definitely deserves a solid 8 rating

-Great story
-Good introduction to series
-Gameplay doesn't get stale
-Quite tense and scary at times

-Bad checkpoint system
-Useless feeble teammates
-Dodgy menu's